Party On My Mind :)

It was some days ago when the famous website Saavn had announced that they are gonna release Multi-starer Race 2 1st song on net on 20th November. After Race 2 Trailer released everyone was excited when they came to know that man behind it’s music is none other than Pritam. After a huge album like Barfi!, expectations from Pritam were at the highest level. But I guess he is the man who never disappoints.

After a ย placid album like Barfi! where each and every instrument was handy ones, the sudden change in the album like Race 2 where without electronic beats, the song can’t be a worth listening, Pritam did a pleasant job in it’s first song. His speciality of choosing the right singers was flatly seen in this song.

Pritam has many times mentioned that his inspiration is R.D. Burman, but first time he applied it to his composition.

The song starts with a guitar riff which is a typical R.D. Burman style of playing. As the chords complete their task, Shefali Alvares enters with a heaven-like catchy tune which has a western touch. That’s the moment you know why TIPS were praising so much about the song. As Shefali reiterates the word “mind mind mind mind”, and you start feeling annoyed, K.K. for his perfect high pitched line robs away the song from the new one. Choosing K.K. is one of the best things Pritam has ever done.

Time comes, enters the third singer Honey Singh who sings his own written rap which is fully based on bass effects and machine works. Pritam has used his old style of using techno beats and went well with it. The song is released as a ‘single’ in the album and it’s gonna create a huge impact on the whole album.

So, This Christmas and New Year, get ready to hear this party number on every street. Let’s wait for the whole album, because i guess, Pritam has planned to shake even a 80 year old person with his catchy tunes which i guess comes directly from the heaven.


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