Vishal Ki Music Ka Mann Dola


matru-ki-bijlee-ka-mandola-2aThe first BIG album of 2013 has arrived! Vishal is a composer for whom people waits for a year to listen and praise him. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola had been in news for a year and since the music is released, people are excited to know what magic Vishal has done this time. It’s quite an imaginative soundtrack with four mini songs and five main songs.

Music Director: Vishal Bharadwaj, Lyrics: Gulzar

  1. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola – Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Ranjit Barot

The soundtrack starts with this crazy title track having some quirky lyrics and arrangements. The tune is quite catchy and you would just start moving with it. It starts with Ranjit’s backing vocals which is the best in the song. Sukhwinder has sung it so well, expressing every sound beautifully. This song should have been a one-stanza song. The two stanzas just won’t work. It somewhat bores you and the tune repetition was not meant for the song like this.

2.  Oye Boy Charlie – Singers: Rekha Bharadwaj, Shankar Mahadevan, Mohit Chauhan

This song is so beautifully made that you would clearly see the cuteness filled in this. Shankar has sung it with great feelings and expressions. Gulzar’s lyrics is quirky, catchy and beautiful. On multiple listening, it just spreads the magic in you. The use of tabla makes this song a worth listening. It leaves you with a smile when it ends.

3.  Khamakha – Singers: Vishal Bharadwaj, Prem Dehati

It’s a song which makes you remember “Bekaraan hai” from “7 Khoon Maaf”. It’s a very well arranged romantic track and it soothes your whole body just within the minute it starts. Vishal’s soft and full of expression singing makes you listen to it in a loop. It is well mixed with African music. It suddenly changes into a devotional track as Prem Dehati enters. The lyrics are sweet and pure.

4.  Lootnewale – Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Master Saleem

The same Sukhwinder who made you dance, would annoy you in this rebellion track when he collaborates with Master Saleem. The tune is a full irritation to the ears one would easily decide never to play this song again. Vishal could have composed much better track on this situation. This song is a complete disappointment so it deserves a “GET OUT”. The thing which is the most annoying is that this track has also a Reprise version.

5. Badal Uthiya – Singers: Rekha Bharadwaj

As you start listening to it, you would feel as if you are listening to a pure classical song. But since it has no aaroh or avroh, it’s alight semi-classical song which Vishal has composed so beautifully and his wife has sung it amazingly. It makes you feel happy when it starts with Prem Dehati’s backing vocals and very soon you find yourself comfortable with this song. Rekha’s voice totally suits this one and it’s the best in the album so it gets a “WELCOME”. It has a reprise version which has Prem Dehati as the main singer. He sings in his own style but somehow Rekha’s version is more beautiful.

Now we are left with the four mini songs.

  1. Shara-Rara-Ra  – Singers: Prem Dehati

It’s quite an irritating song though the tune is quite diferent n interesting but somehow it won’t feel anyway to listen it twice.

2. Chaar Dina Ki – Pankaj Kapoor, Imran Khan, Prem Dehati

That one is damn interesting and catchy. It starts with a hard voice of Pankaj Kapoor then an immature voice of Imran Khan then finally Prem Dehati manages this three-minute song very well and leaves us with multiple listen.

3.  Chor Police – Singers: Pankaj Kapoor

Music has not much role here. Lyrics are the important part of this so-called song. It’s so small that you can tolerate it quite well.

4.  Nomvula – African Umoja

This is a must listen for every listener. It’s completely an African folk song and a very interesting track with African lyrics.

Here, we complete with this big but interesting and imaginative soundtrack. African music has a big role in this album. By seeing these mini songs, it seems like there would be some kind of competition in the village. Whatever it is, it’s good to see that Vishal hasn’t made these tracks into a full song. It describes the intelligence and alertness of the composer. A strange but interesting album gets a


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