Music No. 21

Table No. 21 - Front

Gajendra Verma might be famous for his music in few singles but it was this time when he came into the full highlight by composing the songs for the movie “Table No. 21”. It’s a thriller which has a very short but interesting soundtrack. One song by Sachin Gupta is also there.

1.O Sajna – Singers: Gajendra Verma, Puja Thaker; Music: Gajendra Verma, Lyrics: Aseem Ahmed Abbasee & Gajendra verma
A cute romantic number with soulful lyrics mixture of Hindi and English. A new singer Puja Thaker has lent her voice with the much feeling that was needed in this track. She has beautiful vocals which might help her building her career. The vocals of Gajendra Verma are incomparable. It’s a song which would not be much in the news but one should intentionally go and buy this song for sure.

2.Mann Mera – Singers: Ganjendra Verma; Music: Gajendra Verma;
Lyrics: Aseem Ahmed Abbasee
This is a sure chartbuster romantic number. It has a sound and essence of the soundtracks of Vishesh Films. Here the vocals of Gajendra Verma need much more applaud and the way he composed this song is so damn beautiful. Correct use violin and a cute and catchy tune makes this song the “WELCOME” song in this album. It’s must listen. If you don’t listen to it, you are gonna miss something.
3.If You Lie You Die – Singers: Neeraj Shridhar & Jaspreet Jazz;
Music: Sachin Gupta; Lyrics: Sheershak Anand
It’s a passable song with too passable lyrics. The composer seems not much interested to compose it. The lyrics are full-on Nursery rhyme and the composition too. First stanza is tolerable then a quite irritating rap and as the second stanza arrives you are more likely to press the stop button. Neeraj Shridhar has done his job fairly but he had nothing to contribute to this song. Sachin Gupta disappoints composing only one song which stands nowhere when it is compared to the other two. It surely deserves a “GET OUT”.
It’s good that the director has put only 3 songs as the film doesn’t require more. Ganjendra Verma’s Mann Mera and O Sajna are the worth listening and Sachin Gupta’s Title Track is not even a one- time listen. As the movie is Table No. 21, I am sure it’s songs would not go far and most probably would be no. 21 or no. 22 in the countdown.
The Final Verdict: “OKAY”


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