Kreem-y Soundtrack for Special 26 !

Special 26 is a Neeraj Pandey film in which he chose M.M. Kreem to compose the music. Besides M.M. Kreem, one song is composed by Himesh Reshammiya. The film is releasing on 8th February 2013. M.M. Kreem is a south composer but when he composes for Hindi films, he certainly leaves his mark till his next project comes.

1.Tujh Sang Lagee – Singers: K.K., M.M. Kreem; Music: M.M. Kreem; Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
This song has a sufiyana touch in the endearing voice of K.K. who is brilliantly supported by M.M. Kreem. It’s a very strange fact that the whole song is so beautiful but the hook line “tujh sang lagee” is not at all admirable. The use of violin is perfect and melody is great.

2.Gore Mukhde Pe Zulfaan Di Chavaan – Singers: Aman Trikha, Shreya Ghoshal; Music: Himesh Reshammiya; Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Surprisingly, it’s a beautiful composition by Himesh. It’s a simple soft-cute but bhangra Punjabi song in which there’s excellent use of Dhol and percussion wherever they were need to be. Shreya is as usual perfect and the lines she got in the song, is superb! Aman Trikha is also fair in his work.

3.Kaun Mera – Singers: Chaitra Ambadipudi; Music: M.M. Kreem; Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
This is the track which moves you. A perfect soft romantic composition or I shall say the typical M.M. Kreem melody has all the perfect elements blended in it to make it loveable for the true music lovers. Chaitra is a south indian singer, but it’s a good start for her in the Hindi Film Industry. Her voice gives a slight resemblance to Shreya Ghoshal but she sang beautifully. Irshad has written great and meaningful lyrics.
This song has also two other versions. Kaun Mera (male) is sung by Papon in which he takes the melody to a slight rock mode with his voice but he is soothing. Kaun Mera (female) is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan who is nowadays, singing most number of romantic songs and she is all perfect and owns this song in her version. It is the best in the album and gets “WELCOME”.

4.Mujh Mein Tu – Singer: Keerthi Sgathia; Music: M.M. Kreem; Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
M.M. Kreem maintains his standard melody with this track which is not a typical romantic track but it has all different and unique elements. Great use of Violin is another clap-able moment for M.M. Kreem. Irshad’s lyrics are the best in this song showing his Phd degree in Hindi Poetry. It has another version which is sung by M.M. Kreem himself. He has great vocals but Keerthi is made for this track and it definitely didn’t need any other version.

5.Dharpakad – Singer: Bappi Lahiri; Music: M.M. Kreem; Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Thanks to Bappi Lahiri for signing to sing this song as this song offers nothing to listen except Bappi Lahiri’s vocals. He owns this song and is perfectly suited for this song. Since the song has no definite composition and the hook line is too flat and blatant to hear therefore it gets a “GET OUT”.

Special 26 had a good soundtrack overall. Himesh has done his work very well by composing his only song and M.M. Kreem has made this ‘music-unfriendly’ film into a great outing for the music lovers. M.M. Kreem doesn’t compose much in Hindi films, but by listening to his every soundtrack, we feel that he should compose more.
Special 26 has classic Kaun Mera and also has a stale track Dharpakad, but since the soundtrack is all good surprising,
The Final Verdict : OKAY!

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