12 Songs, 9 Composers, 9 Lyricists; That’s David!

A soundtrack which has 15 songs, 2 versions of 3 songs make it to 15, cannot be easily recommended or called ordinary and when you have 9 composers composing their individual songs, it becomes dicey to review it as part of single album. David did that very beautifully and we should credit Bejoy, the director who applied this unique idea to his film.

1.Ghum Huye – Singer: Siddharth Basrur; Music: Bramfatura; Lyrics: Ankur Tiwari

It’s called the theme of David but it’s much more than that! The haunting + breezing tune from where the song starts, it takes you somewhere. It moves you, and somewhat make you feel for the song. One of the best theme song ever it is! Siddharth’s vocals are perfectly suited for the song. As the song starts ending, it loses the effect on the listener but it’s too late as you already would have marked it in your “good song” list.

2.Mast Kalandar – Singers: Rekha Bhardwaj; Music: Mikey McCleary
This song has so many versions in film albums but each one of them is unique and sounds different. This version is ruled by Rekha’s vocals. Composer has put some beautiful interludes which makes it new and fresh. The use of tabla, matka and all the indian instruments makes it a worth listen. It has another version “Vengeance Mix” in which Mikey is teamed up with Gaurav Godkhindi. It’s totally different from the previous one but the beats and arrangements are so well potrayed that it leaves a smile in both the versions.

3.Tore Matware Naina – Singers: Nirali Karthik, Joyshanti; Music: Maatibani; Lyrics: Maatibani, Joyshanti
When it starts, it gives a weird look and you would feel annoyed listening to Joyshanti’s vocals and the lyrics in an undefined language but after few minutes, you would be having a great time when this all weird looking song suddenly turns to classical and there you would enjoy listening Nirali Karthik’s vocals who owns this song very effectively. Quirky music, weird lyrics and creative singing makes it a worth listen!

4.Maria Pitache – Singer: Remo Fernandes; Music: Remo Fernandes; Lyrics: Remo Fernandes, Abhijeet Deshpande
An African-based Rock song with full entertaining vocals as well as lyrics made it a big hit on all the charts. Remo has created a fresh sound and a unique identity for himself with this track. Remo’s vocals are so effective that it leaves a mark in the ears. Intelligent use of African beats along with mumbaiyaa lyrics make it too a worth listen!

5.Tere Mere Pyaar Ki – Singers: Naresh Iyer, Shweta Pandit;
Music; Prashant Pillai, Lyrics; Gopal Dutt
The song starts with a cute and catchy whistle and enters in a very safe mode because the composition is cute and beautiful and a little bit of Rehmaan-ish. Vocals of Naresh and Shweta are damn cute, soft and well suited for the track. It’s a regular romantic track filled with cuteness all over.

6.Bandhay – Singer: Modern Mafia; Music; Modern Mafia; Lyrics: Ankur Tewari
A simple rock song which offers nothing special. Effective use of drums and guitars greatly accompanied by the composer’s vocals surely deserve a one-time listen. Lyrics are of not much use and are dominated by the hard rock instruments.

7.Yuh Hi Re – Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Shweta Mohan; Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Anirudh, the Kolaveri Di fame has composed and sung this track along with Sheta Mohan. The song starts with a thunder of clouds and then a dedicated flute which creates a dramatic effect and as the song moves forward you would just love the voice of shweta. Anirudh, as a singer, has not much role but he sings the hook line Yun Hi Re, and there he created a beautiful sound for his vocals. The mukhra is cute and beautiful and the stanza is admirable. This song deserves a “WELCOME” as it is the best song from the album. Anirudh deserves thousands applaud for composing such a beautiful track.

8.Rab Di – Singer: Prashant Pillai; Music: Prashant Pillai (feat. Tao Issaro)
When you listen to the songs of David in the correct sequence you would feel annoyed because the quality was just increasing from 1st to 7th and then this track comes, it completely destroys your mood. Singing and Music by Prashant, who worked with the director on Shaitan too, is here a total disappointment. He experimented with the composition and instruments out of the limit that it feels irritated and also pain to ears. The electronic instruments are so blatantly arranged that one can’t clap for his unique composition. The song which is so annoying has unfortunately another version “Rab Step Version” which is remixed by Dub Sharma is somehow better than the previous. It is sung by Karthik who has better vocals. This song surely deserves “GET OUT”.

9.Out Of Control – Singers: Nikhil D’Souza, Preeti Pillai; Music: Mikey McCleary; Lyrics: Mikey McCleary, Preeti Pillai
Out of Control is a song which people are not too familiar with but it’s a great composition not by instruments but by notes. Nikhil has sung so brilliantly and same with Preeti. A cute romantic track with full English lyrics gives you a Western feel. Another version is there “Choir Version” which sounds even better than this. This track would be in the playlist of all those who would have listened to this amazing number.

10. Ya Husain – Singer: Lucky Ali; Music: Mikey McCleary
It’s a religious song dedicated to Muslim God which is perfectly suited vocals of Lucky Ali. The sound of claps in the whole song is worth a mark. The song creates a feeling that you are actually reading a Namaaz which makes it a worth listen at least one-time.
11. Three Kills – Singer: Surabh Roy; Music; Saurabh Roy
It’s again a song which has English Lyrics and portrayed in a western style only. The song doesn’t offer much but the music lovers should give at least a try as it has many different sounds that are not used generally. Saurabh Roy has sung expressing each word quite beautifully.

12. Light House Symphony – Singer: Instrumental; Music: Remo Fernandes
Remo is the highlight of David as he composed another one, an instrumental piece offers peaceful listening. The use of violin and the symphony sound is again a clap-able moment for him.

David is pure, realistic, some kind of dramatic too but overall it engages you to listen to all 15 tracks without a break. Yes, that’s what I did! Bejoy Nambiar’s unconventional idea of putting 9 composers is of no waste and David is surely one of the best soundtracks of 2013.
The Final Verdict:
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