Murder 3 : The Mystery of “Guest Composer”

When it comes to sequels, Vishesh Films is always at the top. They have made sequels of almost every successful film they have. This time, they’ve come up with the third installment of Murder. What’s the mystery in the story this time, we’ll surely come to know when the film releases but a mystery before the release is worth solving.
Murder 3 has four songs, three of them are composed by their favorite Pritam and one by a Pakistani Band Roxen. So logically, Pritam is the “Composer” of the film and Roxen Band is the “Guest Composer”. But no! Here Bhatts are trying to tell us they don’t only make mysterious films, but their music albums are also full of mysteries. You check it yourself now!

Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

1.Teri Jhuki Nazar – Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali, Music: Pritam
After the extreme success of Tu Hi Mera, Pritam has now another dependable singer. The song is a regular romantic piece where guitars are used in a compressive way at the starting of the song. Shafqat’s voice rules here. His brilliant base vocals don’t need any instrument. After listening to it for some days, you would found yourself attached to the song.

2.Mat Aazma Re – Singer: KK; Music: Pritam
After listening to this one, you would surely forget the former one. This song is a typical Vishesh-Pritam combo track but the tune of Pritam simply rocks. Starting with addictive Piano tune, KK holds this song’s grip and sings soulfully. As the second stanza arrives, you would feel blessed to listen to it. That tune is totally extra ordinary. It is the “WELCOME” song.

3.Jaata Hai Tujh Tak – Singer: Nikhil D’Souza; Music: Pritam
It’s romantic club song. Actually, a Pritam special song, a type of genre which no one in this industry dares to touch. It has some beautiful arrangements and it’s recorded very well. Nikhil has too made a little change in his vocals. The hook line is again addictive. The backing vocals are perfect. But since, it’s a kind of song which would make place in the hearts of very few people because this genre is still unknown to many. So I have to force this song to make it in the “GET OUT” list.

4.Hum Jee Lenge – Singer: Mustafa Zahid; Music: Roxen(Band)
It’s a good romantic track but they did nothing great as they extended and changed their own album track and made it into this one. Mustafa has got fabulous vocals and the beats are superb too.

As you saw the album with mystery that the composer who got three out of four songs is given the name as “guest composer” but neither Pritam nor any crew from Murder 3 has come to us to explain anything about this. Murder 3 is a regular romantic album which has nothing special but the beautiful and addictive tunes of Pritam. Happy Listening!

The Final Verdict : “OKAY”

Next : Kai Poche!

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