Jayantabhai Ki Musical Sameekshaa

Nobody expected anything from the film Jyantabhai Ki Love Story but everyone waited for its soundtrack as Sachin-Jigar have become stars after their biggest hit ABCD. Assisting Pritam many years, has made them expert in making the kind of songs which this album wanted. So let’s start the Musical Sameekshaa.

Music: Sachin-Jigar
1.Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan – Singer: Atif Aslam; Lyrics: Priya Panchal
The song starts with a haunting tune and soon Atif with his strong and magnificent vocals takes away the song with him. The song has a brilliant rhythm and quite good instrumentation. Priya Panchal has unexpectedly written good lyrics using quite soothing words. The main attention to this song is none other than Atif who has sung his heart out!

2.Thoda Thoda – Singers: Sachin Sanghvi, Shreya Ghoshal; Lyrics: Priya Panchal
That’s called a perfect Hindi Romantic Song which has traditional rhythm, sweet and cute composition and the voices complete the work. It’s a very beautiful pritam-ish melody because as you would listen to it, you would start remembering “is this love” from Kismat Konnection as it has the same rhythm style and also quite similar arrangements. Shreya Ghoshal is all perfect and Sachin has a beautiful soft romantic voice which he should use in every album. The song starts with a mesmerizing piano and mild vocals end the song smoothly. Surely it is the best in the album and gets “WELCOME”.

3.Dil Na Jaane Kyun – Singers: Atif Aslam, Anushka Manchanda; Lyrics: Priya Panchal
It’s a romantic club song with an excellent use of rhythm again, now with a guitar. It is made in a western pop style and have already created a vibe among the youths. Atif is nice again, Anushka is surprisingly sounding different but in a good way. She sounds cute and that itself tells that she sang awesome!

4.Hai Na – Singers: Atif Aslam, Priya Panchal; Lyrics: Mayur Puri
This time Sachin-Jigar have used some classic western instruments and tried to make it look like a modern pop-ish romantic track. They somewhat are successful in doing that but the the tune is damn straight and blatant. It’s only a one-time listen as the tune and rhythm both has done no good and after two Atif songs, you would feel boring listening to this. However Priya has tried to save it by singing the last portion of the song but it was too late and it gets a “GET OUT”.

Jayantabhai if not good in his love story but it’s ravishing soundtrack would surely help the film to do some business. Sachin-Jigar has again impressed with this album and we they have proved now that they are the most promising composer of Post-Pritam generation. As it is a love story the album had all love, love and love but no variety.
The Final Verdict:

Next: Kai Poche!

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