I, Me Aur Main – An Orthodox Soundtrack!

There was news that Pritam had been roped to compose the music for this album but as the film’s trailer released, the news came out to be a false one. If not Pritam, his students Sachin-Jigar are made to compose along with Raghav Sachar, Gourov Dasgupta and Falak Shabir.

1.Meri Jaaniye – Singers: Shaan, Monali Thakur; Music: Gourov Dasgupta; Lyrics: Manthan
The song is a regular romantic track with some typical Bollywood arrangements. Shaan is good in his own style while Monali rules as she sings the hook line “meri jaaniye”. The hook line is a bit catchy and also the saviour of the whole track and makes it a multiple listen. Gourov with only one song in his pocket manages the tune well but it is somewhat sounded old and uninteresting.

2.Nasha Nasha – Neha Bhasin; Music: Raghav Sachar
Nasha Nasha is a bit nasheela but its addictiveness stays not much longer on your mind and you would soon start feeling bored. Neha has sung it brilliantly but the composition is like 2004-05 old Pritam-ish track or a Vishal-Shekhar track when they are in a bad form. Neither Raghav is appealing nor the lyrics, the notable thing is only the singing.

3.Naa Jaane (Remixed by DJ Sushi) – Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Anushka Manchanda; Music: Sachin-Jigar; Lyrics: Kausar Munir
The old super hit Chaalbaaz song Naa Jaane is recreated and Kausar with his plane and boring lyrics, has changed the gender to the male from “Aayi hai” to “Aaya hai”. Sachin-Jigar with DJ Sushi tried a lot to make it a bit interesting. They somewhat succeeded too but couldn’t help it as the lyrics is the devil here. Neeraj Shridhar is also seemed not much interested or not in his full mood as his vocals, this time, were not at all appealing and exciting.

4.Saajna- Singer: Falak Shabir; Music: Falak Shabir; Lyrics: Kumaar
This is the heart purifier of this album. A beautiful melody with great use of drums played too softly. Falak’s splendid vocals and composition make him the winner of all the composers in this album. The song is blatantly inspired from “ke bin tere jeena nahin” from the movie “Aggar” but the lyrics here takes away all the credits. Kumaar’s lyrics are too great to describe as it travels through some deep meaningful words which are higly appreciable. It’s a “WELCOME” song and Kumaar is the leading star. The unplugged version is also equally enjoyable which has more use of acoustic guitars.

5.Capuchino – Singer: Abhishek Nailwal; Music: Sachin-Jigar; Lyrics: Neelesh Mishra
The song is being made to connect with the youth but after some minutes of listening, no one can guarantee that. The song is so carelessly made that the sound, the tune is aweful and surely disconnects with the youth. The lyrics of Neelesh Mishra is unexpectedly uninteresting and has nothing fresh in it. Though Abhishek tried saving it but couldn’t help it. It is a “GET OUT”.

6.Darbadar – Singers: Monali Thakur, Harshit Chouhan, Altamash; Music: Sachin-Jigar; Lyrics: Mayur Puri
A beautiful romantic melody with an intelligent sufi flavor makes it a worth listen. Sachin-Jigar does not disappoint as they chose Monali as the leading singer. Monali is sounding so different from her usual singing. She rules the song with her beautiful heart-touching vocals. She has tried something new this time leaving her own genre and has made herself settled comfortably in this track. The backing vocals of Altamash is awesome. Sachin-Jigar deserves a pat for composing it so wonderfully.

I, Me Aur Main, the soundtrack was made for connecting with the youth but it surely fails in doing so as it has some ordinary songs which resembles the early 2000’s songs. Sachin-Jigar was good and so was Falak but the lyricists Kumaar is the hero of the whole album.

The Final Verdict: OKAY

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