Mithoon Comes to the Rescue with 3G Speed!

It seemed that the month of March was not adorable for the music but then suddenly Mithoon comes and we all started expecting something great from this album. The songs of The Train and Murder 3 are still on people’s minds and we all wanted to hear more melody from Mithoon and when he actually came after a long wait, let’s see what happened.

1.Kaise Bataaoon – Singers: KK, Sonal Chauhan; Music: Mithoon; Lyrics: Mithoon
No matter how many songs are made, we always wait for this kind of songs. It is one of the best singings by KK as he sang his heart out, actually felt the soul and set a wonderful environment for all of us. His voice is so adorable and with brilliant song recording, it has turned out to be a remarkable one. When you see the name Sonal Chauhan as the singer, the excitement level of listening to her voice increases more. She is presented beautifully with only two lines to her credit but she actually sang like a real singer. A beautiful melody by Mithoon and good lyrics make it a worth listen. When you listen to it first time, you can’t help resisting and you would listen to it so many times. The way KK says “Baahon” is adorable and sexy.
There’s also another version Kaise Bataaoon (Cantabile) which is sung by Abhishek Nailwal is applaudable too. It is actually made in a cantabile style and if not massy, it has some great technical arrangements.

2.Khalbali – Singers: Shilpa Rao, Arijit Singh, Tochi Raina; Music: Mithoon; Lyrics: Shelle
The song starts with a beautiful guitar piece and then Shilpa’s voice gives a soothing start to the song. soothing, comfortable and natural beats with velvety vocals of Arijit Singh. Musically as well as technically Mithoon has created a magic and made all of us addictive. The backing vocals by Tochi Raina are awesome. The notes from the first line of the 1st antara has addictiveness in its core and when it merges with Shilpa’s vocals, the music lovers would be feeling blessed to hear that. Only the ending notes “Khalbali Hai” by Tochi have created a little irritation. The simple ending would have done a lot better. There’s another version Khalbali (Punjabi) in which Tochi comes to lead and controls the song responsibly with no complaints. The same notes, instruments, Arrangements are there just the singer and lyrics change. The praise for this marvelous piece would never end so it’s better to say that it is a “WELCOME”.

3.Bulbulliya – Singers: Adnan Sami, Gajendra Verma; Music: Mithoon; Lyrics: Mithoon
The listeners must have heard Adnan Sami after a long time in films. But as the song starts he clenches it so well that the listeners would be lost in his voice. He completely mesmerizes in the melody by Mithoon along with the Mann Mere fame Gajendra Verma in the backing vocals. The hook line Bulbuliya is adorable. Great arrangements, amazing beats and ofcourse a superb melody make it too worthy to listen.

4.3G Theme – Singer: Instrumental; Music: Amar Mohile
It’s a too short theme track for 3G which has some great Ambience sounds. With this track you would realize that it’s a horror movie soundtrack. But it seems no reason hiring Amar Mohile for a single theme track which ends as it starts. It’s a “GET OUT”.

3G is a high on melody, high on novelty and superb in the sound having some brilliant song recordings. After getting films with multiple composers, finally he got a soundtrack of his own identity. He is successful in making his listeners happy. We surely expect more melodies from the Mithoon Factory.

The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE

Next: Jolly LLB

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