Haldipur Brothers Ko Buri Aatma Ka Saaya…

Here Indian Film Industry come again with its new horror flick Aatma. After composing for Murder 2 songs, Haldipur Brothers didn’t get much work thought they were being appreciated throughout the country for their song “Aa Zara”. After a long wait, they got their first solo soundtrack i.e Aatma.

Music: Sangeet Haldipur and Siddharth Haldipur
Lyrics: Kumaar

1.Aaja Nindiya / Koi Jaagi Aankhein – Singer: Sangeet Haldipur / Anahita Irani
The soundtrack starts with a soulful melody with a mesmerizing voice of Sangeet Haldipur. The melody has a haunted sound which gives a mindblowing effect and you would actually feel awesome. The whistle and the piano look apt for this film. Composers deserve a pat for this. It’s a “WELCOME” song.
Koi Jaagi Aankhein is a sheer disappointment and wastage of the lyrics. The new singer has irritating vocals which surely would not please any listener.

2.Jee Le Zyada – Singers: Alyssa Mendonsa, Anusha Mani, Apeksha Dandekar
Your mood is suddenly turned off when you listen to this one. A staid and stale composition with three useless female singers with out-of-theme lyrics certainly makes it a “GET OUT”. Another version of this crap is sung by Barfi! fame Nikhil Paul George which is even worse than the former. A poor effort by the composers.

3.Teri Khatir – Singer: Suraj Jagan
One of the heart-throbs of Indie Music gets this rock song to sing but he sadly fails to impress the listeners. The composition is again not so good and the arrangements are even worse. Kumaar has written an un-Kumaar lyrics which has meaningful words and nothing else.

4.The Aatma Theme – Instrumental
The same haunting tune which they used in Aaja Nindiya and Koi Jaagi Aankhein has been repeated by them in the theme track too. Besides the tune, it has nothing to offer and it is too short to give its review.

Haldipur Brothers got their first solo album and they messed it big. Except Aaja Nindiya we didn’t find anything interesting in this soundtrack. They have to prove us wrong in their next album otherwise they would be having a very tough time in the industry.

The Final Verdict: NOT A PROBLEM

Next: Himmatwala

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