Musical Commando




Commando trailer looked awesome with some desi dialogues and and action. The music director came out to be a stranger one. His name is Mannan Shah. He is a Pritam assistant and Commando is the debut movie for him. So let’s see how well this newcomer has done.


Music: Mannan Shah;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri


1. Lutt Jawaan – Singer: Dhruv Sangari

When the songs starts, a sound comes, which you would definitely not like. After all the weird sounds of Koyal and all, finally when it comes to the hook line, you would definitely be glad that you listened to it. The beats are superb! In fact I have never listened to these kind of beats ever. The new singer Dhruv is amazing with his energetic vocals. The composer has done excellent drumming in a full desi mood and it sounds groovy. The stanza is a little bit stodgy but overall, it sounds like a worth listen!


2. Saawan Bairi – Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali khan

Now after a long time when you read a song name like Saawan Bairi and you read the name Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, there is definitely no doubt in not attempting it. A perfect classical fusion melody with excellent vocals by Rahat sir. Based on a Raag, it also consists of drums and some great beats which shows it’s versatility. Mannan Shah shows he can be good competitor in the future. In the stanza Rahat is incredible. The way he crosses the bridge from the stanza and lands to the hook line, is beautiful. The lyrics are pure and lovely. The words are also written in a classical way. The arrangement is a little weak but the composition covers all of that.  This is a “WELCOME” song.


3. Mungada – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

It is made to sound like an item song but it doesn’t. It sounds way better than that. Sunidhi’s vocals suit this song beautifully. The arrangements are nice and lyrics are decent. The song could be more groovy and catchy. This folk-ish track is a must listen!


4. Lena dena – Daler Mehndi

The song is a typical Daler mehndi track but Mannan Shah is forced to compose this one, it seems so. The composer is not comfortable with such punjabi tracks, I guess. He could have used more sounds for it, could have improvised more but he didn’t. Lyrics here have also nothing new. Vocals of Daler mehndi are nice but the composition as well as arrangements needed more support. It’s a “GET OUT”.


Commando marks the debut of Mannan Shah who seems to be good in composing fusion and love tracks. He needs to improve his arrangements and sounds. In his first album he really showed that he is an assistant of a great composer Pritam. Saawan Bairi is a track which is rare to listen these days and would also be remembered for very long by us.


The Final Verdict: OKAY


Next: Ek Thi Daayan


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