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When the makers who make Rom-Com, suddenly bring you a Zom-Com, it’s definitely surprising. Produced by Saif Ali Khan and Dinesh Vijan, this time they planned to rope Sachin-Jigar in their weird project. These talented composers, after showing their talents in ABCD, are ready to rock and shock one more time. This time they had to deal with Zombies but in a comic way. Let’s check out how the deal went with Zombies.


Music: Sachin-Jigar;  Lyrics: Priya Panchal;  Music Label: Sony Music



1. Slowly Slowly – Singers: Jigar Saraiya, Talia Benston

The song starts with an electronic beat which is damn addictive and somewhat crazy. Awesome beats with Talia’s vocals would make you groove. Some great electronic instruments are used which make this song a worth listen! The hook line is damn catchy. The lyrics play a vital role having the words n phrases which the youths like the most. A perfect party song of the year!



2. Khoon Choosle – Singers: Arjun Kanungo, Suraj Jagan, Priya Panchal;

This ani-Monday anthem has all the qualities to become a rage. The vocals are great. The lazy style singing of Priya is applauding. Again a very perfect and intelligent use of electro sounds with a catchy tune work here too. Priya has written it excellently. Monday is a problem for everyone in this world and Priya has awesomely described the whole emotion through perfect lyrics. In the stanza, the drums are well managed with electronic beats. This song is a story of all so everyone can easily get connected to it.



3. Babaji Ki Booti – Singers: Anand Tiwari, Kunal Khemu, Raj Nidimoru, Krishna Dk, Bornalee Deuri

A hilarious track filled with humorous dialogues that you would land out laughing. The hook line is again catchy. In the rest of the song there’s not much role of composition. Lyrics is the USP of this track that would make this track memorable and unforgettable. The beats are really good. The way the actors said the dialogues, it is simply incredible! It’s a total laugh riot! Enjoy! A worth listen.



4. Khushamdeed – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

A very pleasant song starting with mild guitars would take you somewhere different from the album. It’s a soft and beautiful composition. The noticable thing is the coordination of the composers and lyricist. The way they have composed by separating a word into two, is awesome. Lyrics are full of life and enjoyable. The best about the song is Shreya Ghoshal who owns this song in her own way sounding damn fresh and pure. It’s a “WELCOME” track.



5. I Keel Ded Peepul (Boris Mix) – Singers: Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Anand Tiwari

It’s made as a theme track for this Zombie oriented album. Brilliant use of electronic beats and machines by the two masterminds. They have kept the tempo of all the songs in this one. The dialogues which we had seen in the trailer, is playfully put in the track. A fun to hear.



Go Goa Gone has wacky soundtrack with too quirky lyrics to digest. A party is given by Sachin-Jigar and Priya in Slowly Slowly in which all listeners are invited. They also connected to the youth and understand their problem in the song Khoon Choos Le. They presented a laugh riot in Babaji Ki Booti and atlast they told that they love their listeners by saying “Dil Se Mera Khushamdeed”. This team surely rocked again.


The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE



Next: Gippi



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