Yeh Jawaani Hai Pritam Tunes Ki Deewani!!


“The Most Awaited Soundtrack of the Year” – This was the title given to this album when the film was just announced. The title was so apt. Reasons – Ranbir-Deepika – Dharma Productions – Pritam – The Amazing Combo – First time on the screen. So, truly it was the most awaited soundtrack of the year. Directed by Ayan Mukerjee (Wake Up Sid fame), it’s trailer looked promising and after short samples of Badtameez Dil and Balam Pichkari, we got more excited to hear some interesting melodies from Genius Pritam. Ending the previous year which marked the best year for the composer’s life, somehow, this year didn’t start so well for him. After making everyone addictive in Lat Lag Gayee, he is back in his favorite genre, Romantic-Comedy. As we had expected from the soundtrack of Cocktail to have some beautiful romantic Pritam-ish melodies, he had given us a huge surprise by composing experimental songs like Luttna, now again in the same genre, Pritam is all set for the experiments.



Music: Pritam;  Music Label: T Series



1. Badtameez Dil – Singers: Benny Dayal, Shefali Alvares;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Creating a Heady addictive massy track in almost every album, is Pritam’s ultimate habit and we all love it. After Tumhi Ho Bandhu and Lat Lag Gayee, here’s again a trumpet-ized track which has all the elements to attract the listeners. Starting with a lazy saxophone sound, it picks up the rhythm in just few seconds which totally brings a “full-of-life” atmosphere. Benny’s vocals on a high energy rap are just incredible. The use of trumpet in the interlude just before Shefali starts, is awesome. The lyrics make no sense but that’s what the song needed – the mad energy. A perfect powerhouse performances by Pritam, Benny, Shefali and Amitabh. The chartbusting track!



2. Balam Pichkari – Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shalmali Kholgade;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Want to know how the arrangements beautify the songs? Well, this is the perfect example for you all. A very intelligent starting, using a sample of that folk melody from which the hook line is inspired. As the sample finishes of, the beauty of the arrangements starts. A beautiful lovely guitar riff along with the sweet shehnai, yes it is one of the few arrangements that is said to be unique and brilliant. Shalmali begins the song with her sexy vocals and Vishal grabs it and makes this song a highly addictive tune. The interlude before the 1st antara gets standing ovation. Th use of banjo and violin is extremely a genius attempt. After tolerating “Do Me A Favor, Let’s Play Holi” for many years, it’s time for us to rejoice to this brand new Holi song which contains beautiful singing, brilliant composition, quirky lyrics and some of the finest arrangements. It is surely the best of the abum. The “WELCOME” song.



3. Ilahi/Ilahi(Reprise) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Mohit Chauhan;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Starting abruptly with great guitaring, this one is quite weird giving feelings of Country Music. So, Talor Swift fans would like it? No, definitely not. It has a very little effect of Country Music which Pritam has completely indianized in his own way. It sounds as a Rahman track more. Arijit’s vocals are superb. The background chorus of children sounds beautiful. Arrangements are little poor but the use of  Banjo and Guitar are worth mentioning.

Mohit Chauhan’s version has all the same arrangements and lyrics. It’s all same just the change of voice. Mohit’s version would make you remember “Phir Se Ud Chala” from Rockstar. It is the hatke song from the whole album. It has a lot of variations in the instruments and arrangements. What lacks is the tune. The tune sounds a little odd and boring. If you are a true music lover and open to all kinds of music, this one is surely a surprise package from Pritam.



4. Dilliwaali Girlfriend – Singers: Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan;  Lyrics: Kumaar

A DDD (Dharma Desi Dance) track which gives you an uninteresting and “same-old-package” feeling but as you attempt multiple listen, you would feel addictive and grooved. Like Radha, every DDD track works, no matter how stale and stodgy feelings it gives, but after multiple attempts it becomes your daily routine. The dhol and techno beats are superb. The Mukhra is a typical Pritam-ish but as I said you would start liking in the very second attempt. Arijit shows how versatile he is. After Tumhi Ho being a big hit, he breaks his romantic boundaries and wore a desi sound in his vocals. Sunidhi is perfect as always. The techno tune which starts the song, ends the song and supports the song is an imaginative creation from the composer. The rap by Arijit is the best from the track. A must listen!



5. Kabira/Kabira(Encore) – Singers: Rekha Bharadwaj, Tochi Raina / Arijit Singh, Harshdeep Kaur

Starting from Rekha’s version, the tune is filled with sadness and brings a sad atmosphere as soon as it starts. A beautiful melody which offers some amazing freshness. The arrangements are basically on base guitars which doesn’t sound that good. The best part is when Rekha finishes her line and the notes which link the Mukhra to the hook line is highly applauding. Tochi Raina is sounding great with his nasal singing.

Then comes Kabira (Encore) whose Mukhra is totally different from the former. This version is surely better which provides sweet and soft vocals of Harshdeep. The song sounds as a Bidaai track and ensures its beauty to the listeners. The arrangements are better using dholak and tabla. Arijit is superb in the Antara as well as in the hook line. His voice is a great offering to the music lovers. Harshdeep’s part is beautifully made and written and would make the Banno songs list bigger. The song ends with Shehnai which makes me remember of Kal Ho Naa Ho sad version and Pritam ends the song playing the Harmonium creatively. This one is a worth listen!



6. Subhanallah – Singer: Sreeram, Shilpa Rao;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

The typical Dharma romance, this song would surely bring you the smile which always comes when you listen to a romantic song. The song creates a lovely atmosphere making remember of Snow and cute Romance. Sreeram’s vocals are lovely and would make you play on loop. The intro is dull and not what always Pritam offers in his romance. The hook line is pure and sounds like Vishal-Shekhar melody. Sreeram in some places, sounded like KK and made me think “why KK didn’t get the song?” but it’s always nice to encourage young talents like Sreeram. Waiting to listen to him more in the future.



7. Ghagra – Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Rekha Bharadwaj;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

A song with a humorous lyrics – that’s the specialty of Amitabh. Rekha’s vocals sounded old, dull and in some places irritating too. Vishal is totally perfect and sings with mad energy. The tabla in the starting is quite an interesting element to listen. The tune is not fresh and listening to it many times, would make you feel that Pritam could have made it a little better. The Antara brings cheerfulness as it shows the interesting chemistry between Vishal and Rekha. The song is quite good and decent and makes it’s own identity of not being a typical irritating item song. the tune could have been better and the arrangements could have been a little interesting as Pritam has already showed his creativity in Dil Mera Muft Ka.



So, the most awaited soundtrack of the year does bring you a smile and cheer you in the Pritam style. It’s a soundtrack which has a lot of variety and lot of flavors just like Cocktail. Though it lacked some creativity but since it’s Dharma Productions album, you can’t expect more creativity and variety than this. Balam Pichkari is the most interesting track as it impresses the critics and grooves the masses. A lovely and energetic album by Pritam as expected but since he has done so much of awesomeness in the past so we always expect more from him. The album has some flaws and defects but some tracks have done some applauding woeks that it deserves the verdict –


The Final Verdict: AGREE


Verdict Order: Disagree < Not A Problem < Okay < Possible < Agree


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