Roadside Music Ride! (Shortcut Romeo – Music Review)






After becoming Khiladi 786 a massive hit, Himesh got back in his previous world i.e composing. After some multi composers albums, he got a solo one and let’s see whether he impressed the listeners as he did in Khiladi.



Music: Himesh Reshammiya;  Music Label: T Series



1. Pe Pe Pe – Singer: Himesh Reshammiya;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav

What you must have listened in 90’s roadside songs, the same sound would be heard by you in this ornomatopoeian song. A cheaply written lyrics with a typical Himesh-ly composed song would definitely not liked by you.



2. Khali Salam Dua – Singer: Mohit Chauhan;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

Starting with a mild piano, Mohit’s voice mesmerizes the song very well and helps creating a beautiful melody which has slight 90’s touch but it surely brings the romantics mood and Shabbir Ahmed’s sets the mood more with his catchy lyrics. Violin is the main attraction as it was in Saari Saari Raat (Khiladi 786). Not so well but quite good when compared to other songs in the soundtrack. It’s a WELCOME song.



3. Ishq Gangster – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh;  Lyrics: Sameer

The Techno tune and beats are really very good but the composition sucks. The tune is irritating and creates a kerfuffle in mind. Vineet sang quite well thought it hadn’t had any scope of singing. Lyrics are too bad to mention. A passable song.



4. Shortcut Romeo / Shortcut Romeo (Reprise) – Singer: Ash King / Aman Trikha;  Lyrics: Sanjay Masoom

This is how a song sounds when it is composed forcefully. Lack of tune, lack of melody, lack of rhythm and drought for lyrics. Simply an awful track with disgusting arrangements and Ash King’s voice does not at all suit this song.

The reprise version sung by Aman Trikha sounds a little better as his voice suits this song. But overall, the song is nothing but a music disaster. Don’t attempt to listen.



5. Jave Saari Duniya – Singer: Mika Singh;  Lyrics: Sameer

When you keep on adding bad songs on an already bad soundtrack, the situation gets worse and out of control for a music reviewer like me. It’s another awful track having beats with no use and has abrupt ending as well as the intro. Mika gets wasted in this track.



Shortcut Romeo should have been a short soundtrack so that the listeners could have attempted it quite happily but sadly it has worsen the quality of music. Khiladi 786 and few songs of Himesh’s in 2013 had made a hope of something great from him but he badly disappointed in this one.


The Final Verdict: NOT A PROBLEM




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2 thoughts on “Roadside Music Ride! (Shortcut Romeo – Music Review)

  1. This is the most ghastly repulsive pungent macabre soundtrack I’ve heard in recent times. Not even bothered to hear it but the song promos were enough to compell me to burn my LCD and shove up its remains up Himesh’s arse so that the next he shits, it’ll still be better than Roadside Romeo.


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