That’s called something Excellent! (Raanjhana – Music review)


Anand L Rai had extracted some amazing tunes from the newcomer Krsna who later didn’t perform well. He has come with the biggie Rahman this time in hi s second Romantic Comedy Raanjhana.

A.R. Rahman who is always in full form (Rockstar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan), has again set the mood for his listeners, this time impressing everyone (unlike in the case of JTHJ). As a tribute to Ustaad Bismillah Khan, he has used Shehnai in some songs as the movie has been mainly shot in Varanasi, Ustaad Bismillah Khan’s home town. Irshad Kamil again joined Rahman with his literary lyrics after the super hit Rockstar.



Music: A.R. Rahman;   Lyrics: Irshad Kamil;   Music Label: Sony Music



1. Raanjhana – Singers: Shiraz Uppal, Jaswinder Singh

When a soundtrack starts with something like this, you would surely feel blessed to listen to it. This song belongs to the genre called ‘Classy n Massy’. It’s a kind of song that would make the listeners as well as the critic happy. Shiraz starts with a short alaap and soon the Djembe, Dholak and Nagada starts the magic which would leave you spell bound. Special mention to the Santoor being played before the second antara. It’s outstanding. A Magnificent tune with beautiful lyrics and amazing singing with high energy along with a cute romance hidden inside surely made this song a worth listen. The title track is our WELCOME song.



2. Banarasiya – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Since the story and the characters are Varanasi based, Irshad Kamil drives his pen into the streets of Varanasi. A very beautifully written song with a good tune. Irshad Kamil beautifully played with words and made the lyrics quirky and literary at the same time. Thinking of a phrase like Rang mein Bhang ya Bhang mein Rang, Sang mein Jung ya Jung mein sang has beautifully describes the qualities of people of Varanasi. Song starts with Esraj gives a countryside feeling and then the flute completes it all. Shreya’s voice is too filmy but grows on you on multiple listen. It’s an amazing treat to all Varanasi people from Anand and his team.



3. Tum Tak – Singers: Javed Ali, Keerthi Sagathia

Kudos to Javed Ali for this one! He owns the track. The use of Shehnai, Mrindangam and many other indian instruments is awesome. Irshad Kamil wrote one of the most romantic lyrics. All the things in this world is limited to you or stops at you. Everything is Tum Tak. Beautiful! A.R. Rahman picked up those two words Tum Tak and made what we call ‘extraordinary’. Another hidden name Pooja Av, the female voice in this song should be given a special mention. She sang her lines beautifully. Keerthi is another poignant name in making this song a success. He too sang awesomely. The strange pint in this song when you are unable to tell when the antara is about to start. You actually do not know when it started and when it ended up. That’s the beauty of this music legend.



4. Piya Milenge – Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Kmmc Sufi Ensemble

We all know Rahman is expert in composing a Sufi track. This one too proved that. A beautiful rendition in the Sufi-ish voice of Sukhwinder Singh along with a Sufi club members (the real Sufi singers) who sang the chorus part. I bet this would touch your heart. A quite serious composition with awesome elements of Sufi. The antara is more touching and has great arrangements. Sukhwinder’s singing is amazing and suits the song very well. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are worth noticing. A must listen.



5. Ay Sakhi – Singers: Madhushree, Chinmayi, Aanchal Sethi, Additional Vocals: Vaishali

Starting with sargam, this semi classical song is sweet and has cute lyrics. The song would not impress you in the first listening but grows on you when you get attach with the characters after watching the movie. A melody with purity, lyrics with sanity. Though the singers are not up to the mark as Madhushree’s voice does not at all suit in this song. After you listen to it many times, you would love it.



6. Nazar Laaye – Singers: Neeti Mohan, Rashid Ali

This is a typical romantic Rahman-ish melody having a beautiful rhythm and sweet acoustic guitar riff at the starting. The arrangements are awesome in both the antara. Lyrics are typical romantic but very well written and catchy. Neeti Mohan again impressed her listeners and delivered her voice’s sootheness. Rahman’s favorite Rashid’s voice is not up to the mark. It’s a song which most of the listeners would love.



7. Aise Na Dekho – Singer: A.R. Rahman

In the last song of the soundtrack, Rahman takes the mic and sings in his typical vocals which at times interesting but soon gets boring. The arrangements are nice but the tune is odd and gets repetitive. The lyrics are really good and cute too. It’s a treat to all the romantics.



Raanjhana is one of the best works of A.R. Rahman. He is still a music legend and assures us that he will be among the top musicians for more years to come. Anand Rai has again extracted extraordinary tunes from his composer. Soundtrack has the essence of UP state and Varanasi city. The soundtrack has a lot of variety and is also one of the best albums of 2013. After Rockstar, Rahman-Irshad Jodi again strike the chord with the listeners.



The Final Verdict: AGREE




Next: Ghanchakkar








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