A Mug of Cafe with Shantanu (Madras Cafe – Music Review)





Eight tracks come together to form the album of director Shoojit Sircars’s political thriller “Madras Cafe”. Composer Shantanu Moitra presents every emotion through the music. Out of eight tracks, four have singers crooning to the lyrics, while the rest are pure instrumental pieces.


Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Music Label: T Series


1. Sun Le Re – Singer: Papon;  Lyrics: Ali Hayat Rizvi

Sung by Papon, the song is introspective and brooding. But despite the depth of feeling, the lyrics (Ali Hayat) are simple, light and immerse you in the solemnity of the character’s situation. The beats and the electric guitar merge with the distinctly Indian vocals. The end product is a very moving number. There is also a reprised version of the song. It shows there is more music in this one than the previous version and the singer has more freedom to bring out emotions.


2. Ajnabee – Singer: Zeb; Lyrics: Zeb

Next one is “Ajnabi” that introduces the soothing voice of Zebunissa Bangash. The lyrics are romantic, beautiful and have a story to tell. It maintains the slow pace throughout the song and the musical gaps in between are a delight. Gradually the other instruments also make their presence felt even though the song is not too long.


3. Khud Se – Singer: Papon;  Lyrics: Manoj Tapadia

Papon’s voice in the next track “Khud se” can be described in just one word – ‘wow’. The piano music begins the score. It’s a sad song and the variations in singer’s voice are commendable. The beauty of the track lies in the perfect tuning between the singer and the composition. It seems the music has its own voice.


4. Madras Cafe Theme – Singer: Monali Thakur

“Madras Cafe Theme” track is pure music – different instruments like the sitar and the drums come together and build an undefinable kind of anticipation in the listener’s mind. It has a grand approach as the story builds around the music.


All the songs are appealing. Even though there is no item number, or a sugar-coated track, the music is just as perfect as it can be. It might not find a place in your play list forever, but surely it cannot go unnoticed.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY


Next:  Satyagraha


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