A Total Shit!! (Grand Masti – Music Review)





After the successful Masti which was released years back, the producers thought of tasting another success without much hard work, so here’s Grand Masti for you. It’s hard to comment anything about the movie but the soundtrack does not have one fourth of the quality that its prequel had had. There are only three songs which are not composed efficiently.


Music Label:  T Series


1. Grand Masti – Singers: Sanjeev, Darshan, Payal Dev;  Music: Sanjeev, Darshan;  Lyrics: Kumaar

We were not so much over with Himesh’s latest Pe Pe Pe Pe from Shortcut Romeo and Sanjeev and Darshan once more made a Pe Pe track. When nothing comes in your mind while composing or writing the lyrics, just put a Pe Pe anywhere in the hook line and your producers will be amazed at how well you performed. The song is a whole techno based. Beats are nice but gives the feeling of torture after some time.


2. Zulmi Zulmi – Singer: Mika Singh;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Manoj Darpan

Listening to this track makes me wonder why the hell Anand Raj Anand made such a futile song which has a meaningless pointless point. This track is given high energy nagada sounds but all that energy is a waste as it doesn’t even move the listener. Lyrics have simply no meaning. Mukhda has no relation with hook line. A tiresome effort.


3. Tu Bhi Mood Mein – Singer: Wajid Khan, Ritu Pathak;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Kumaar

A fire of abrupt Nagadas. Run! Run! Your ears are in a very dangerous situation. Ngadas are the tyrants here. A typical Anand Raj Anand track. It is one of his cheap track in which he uses only Wajid’s voice to sound even cheaper and disgusting.  Kumaar has totally betrayed his fans. His lyrics are so damn cheap and nursery rhym-ish that one can easily start hating it as soon as he listens to the Mukhda. Wajid, Ritu, Anand, Kumaar they all might be in great mood, but what about our mood? It gets highly disturbed.


Grand Masti is one of those few albums which can be categorized as worst albums of the year. It is definitely one of the worst albums of 2013. Masti had a decent title track which is played even today in marriage ceremonies and people start twisting and humming its sweet lyrics. It also had a song which is still Anand Raj Anand’s best Dil De Diya Hai. Yes, it is  an immortal melody which no body can forget and everybody can relate themselves to the lyrics. Grand Masti was a total shit! A disappointment! A quantity less and a quality less album.


The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE




Next:  Zanjeer


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