Retirement Ki Ghanti for Lalit! (Besharam – Music Review)


Anurag’s brother Abhinav Kashyap who debuted with the blockbuster Dabangg, got less credit due to dominance of Salman. It became a Salman movie instead of an Abhinav movie. He alongwith Ranbir looked promising this time with its first trailer which was fantastic! Though the soundtrack of Dabangg had Sajid-Wajid as the prime composers and Lalit was the guest composer, but because Munni Badnaam became a rage, he roped Lalit as the main composer this time. After separation from Jatin (his brother), he was not seen much active. Infact, after Fanaa (the last album of Jatin-Lalit as a duo), it’s Lalit’s first full album.


Music Label:  T Series


1. Besharam – Singers: Ishq Bector, Shree D;  Music: Ishq Bector, Shree D, Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Himanshu Kishan Mehra

This song is so damn apt for the intro of the protagonist of this movie. If someone doesn’t know anything about this film and he listens to this track, he would be all aware of what kind of movie it would be. It’s a kind of song that describes the movie and the characters. The lyrics are very well written. The tune is damn catchy and has a very nice groove with perfect beats. The techno sound is highly used and well managed. Ishq and Shree D have great coordination. An awesome grooving track that sets the mood. It is the WELCOME song.


2. Tere Mohalle – Singers: Mamta Sharma, Aishwarya Nigam;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Nikhat Khan

Starting with horns, this song takes you no where. Its arrangements are awful. Lyrics add some more awfulness to it. It’s not a Mamta Sharma kind of song. There should have been some other singer because the song is not an item number, it is more of a traditional desi dance number and her voice is only apt for item songs. The rhythm is nice. It has been recorded well (that’s why you are able to attempt full song, though only once). The male voice resembles Shaan but quite soon Aishwarya’s vocals show the reality. A passable track!


3. Love Ki Ghanti – Singers: Sujeet Shetty, Ranbir Kapoor, Amitosh Nagpal;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Rajeev Barnwal

Lalit has tried making it a Kishore Kumar-ish comic template and mixing it with the 90s humorous sound. A well mixture I would say. This song sounds quite lame but it grows and starts sounding an okay track. Sujeet has sung well. His voice resembles Vinod Rathore a lot. His voice has also a 90s texture which suits the song very well. Lalit has made an efficient use of him, Sounds of accordion in small hooks or rather in vacant instrumental spaces available, gives a 70s essence and the arrangements are in the direction of 90s music. Lyrics are also 90s oriented using the words like “rapat” rhyming with “salat”. The concept of tune change is nice. It ends with a Jatin Lalit styled guitar. An okay attempt.


4. Dil Ka Jo Haal Hai – Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Abhijeet;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Rajeev Barnwal

This song goes deep in the world of Jatin-Lalit. A high resemblance of the Ghulam song Jo Haal Dil Ka, makes us remember one of the finest duos in the industry. That song was an immortal melody. Sounds fresh even today. That specific rhythm which supports the whole mukhra is exactly the same. It also does tell that Lalit has now nothing much in his music library. Feels good to listen to Abhijeet after a long time. Jo Haal Dil Ka still sounds a fresh melody, but Dil Ka Jo Haal Hai sounds stale even in the first listen. The so called hook line which in mukhda is like this “Dil jo tumhara hai kaisa bechara hai, maane na besharam, bilkul khatara hai” sounds exactly the similar to the Awarapan song which has the line “Tera yakeen kyun maine kiya nahi, mujhse raha kyun juda“. So basically it’s a bloody mixture of many old tunes, rhythms, arrangements. Just to see a slight vision of the Jatin-Lalit era, one can attempt it.


5. Tu Hai / Tu Hai (Unplugged) – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Nikhat Khan

This is a typical Jatin-Lait melody. Lalit has sprinted all the essence and flavor of his era. Though the rhythm is not a typical one. Jatin-Lalit never used this kind of rhythm. The mukhda has a fresh sound though the antara faces too much typicality that the tune is seemed to be heard before in some of their old melodies. Shreya and Sonu both are just perfect for these kind of melodies. First version has a rhythm which doesn’t move well with the song. But the sweeping ending is just awesome where Sonu has done excellent singing.

The other version is the unplugged version. Here, the female voice is not of Shreya but everywhere it is wrongly credit as Shreya Ghoshal. There is some other singer in this version which I am unable to recognize. She has sung beautifully. The rhythm here is of tabla based and that is going very well with the track. Inspite of having Shreya in the former version, this one is more beautiful and melodious. A soundtrack supporter I would say!


6. Aa Re Aa Re – Singers: Mika Singh, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Rajeev Barnwal

Calling this track a forceful track would be apt. Listening to it does make feel that the singers, the composer and the lyricist have done a forceful attempt. A below ordinary composition having flat arrangements and the nagada has been played abruptly without any specific rhythm. Mika and Shreya didn’t impress at all. They sound exhausted. The lyrics are baseless, have no meaning at all. The starting and the ending is all same and it could give you a feeling of time wastage. Shreya’s “Ho Ho Ho Ho” in the background in the ending is the LOL part of the track.


7. Chal Hand Uthake Nachche – Singers: Daler Mehndi, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Kumaar

It starts like a Bappi Lahiri template. As soon it grabs the beats, it belongs to the Anand Raj Anand category of music. Whenever Anand Raj Anand looses his mind, he composes something like this. Was Lalit’s mind also not in control while making it? Well, we can’t say we can guess atleast. Kumaar, when is forcefully made to write something, he writes these kind of time pass phrases “Chal hand uthake nachche”. In a complete desi lyrics, some nursery-like English words peep out. I feel pity on the three awesome singers who sang this. How have they brought a silly enthusiasm? Kudos to them! A brave attempt for all of them!


Besharam. Be for Be-imaani. Lalit used some old tunes of different songs and made a new one. Shai for Shaitaani. Lalit used some rhythms and flavors of the melodies which he himself created with Jatin in late 90s. Ram pe jeete hum. Yes, listening to the two tracks Aa Re Aa Re and Chal Hand Uthake Nachche, one would really think that Lalit must have drunk a lot of Rum and partially lost his mind. See, that’s the complete definition of Besharam. I guess it would be the first movie to justify its title in the soundtrack only. Happy Listening! 😛


The Final Verdict: OKAY



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