The Aslam Keyi Show! (War Chhod Na Yaar – Music Review)




The director is a student of Asian Academy of Film and TV, Noida. A renowned institute of film making. But I didn’t bother much about this movie. Infact I didn’t see the trailer. I had also decided not to review its music. But for music, there shouldn’t be any kind of limit or differentiation in any way. The small budget movies also have right to be reviewed. So here I am with this weird titled movie War Chhod Na Yaar. But I have to credit the composer Aslam Keyi for composing decent tracks with respect to such a small film.


Music: Aslam Keyi;  Music Label: T Series


1. War Chhod Na Yaar – Singers: Bappi Lahiri, Rimi Dhar, Candy Dzouza;  Lyrics: Faiz Haider, Bebak Amrohi

This song really gives a feeling of a small budget film. The hook line is so damn catchy that it becomes boring. Orchestration has been done wonderfully though. Lyrics are confusing as it has been given a satirical touch but it didn’t create any kind of satirical effect. Some serious issues have been written with a slight humor that didn’t at all impress. Vocals were perfect but sounded little irritating. The title of the movie is so damn weird, therefore the title track had to be weird. The thing I liked, is the Effortless violin played at the end.


2. Main Jaagun Aksar – Singers: Javed Ali, Ali Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal;  Lyrics: Azeem Shirazi

A perfect and beautiful romantic ballad. Rendered perfectly by the two perfect singers. It gives a traditional Punjabi feel. The tune is really melodious and simple. Arrangements are fine and subtle. Lyrics are written beautifully. Tabla, Sarangi and Piano are perfectly used. Javed Ali sounds romantic, Shreya sounds cute. A track worth listen, to those who love traditional romantic melodies.


3. Phat Gaya – Singer: Daler Mehndi;  Lyrics: Faraz Haider

After a soothing cute decent pure traditional romantic melody, this track would be disliked by the listeners as soon as it starts. Composer and the lyricist must have tried to produce a fun track. I don’t think they succeeded at that. A completely annoying track which has nothing to have fun, but has everything to make fun of it. Lyrics are meaningless and here also they tried to put some sort of satire. They only can understand. It’s above our level, I guess.


4. Mharo Desh Mahaan – Singer: Kailash Kher;  Lyricist: Bebak Amrohi

This one is should be saluted! Sweet and simple lyrics which actually make us feel of the farms in Punjab.  Beautifully composed by Aslam. Started with a softly played Esraj, and Tumbi has been used in the whole song. First time I heard it being played in a different pattern and not the typical Punjabi format. Kailash Kher, what to say, stupendous singing! Marvelous! One should have to listen it for his singing. The hook line seems to be ordinary but believe me, It stuck in my mind for hours and days. A nice Patriotic song after a long time!


5. Khwabon Si Jo / Khwabon Si Jo-1 – Singer: Naresh Iyer / Ali Azmat, Sujith Kumar;  Lyrics: Azeem Shirazi

A splendid rock track is always welcomed by the listener! Naresh Iyer has sung beautifully. He sounds too awesome. His classy and glassy vocals are ought to be listened. The composition is really very good. Lyrics are decent and are supportive to the rock genre. Classic, Mild, Bass Guitars are used really well and gives an authentic feel of pure Rock.

The next version is sung by Ali Azmat. His vocals are bounded in the Maula region of Jism 2. He sang in his own unique style. That was sounding fresh in Maula but here it sounds pathetic. There was no use of this style of vocals in the track. Also after listening to the former version, one would not like to attempt his false sounding vocals.


6. Jai Jawan – Singer: Sukhwinder Singh;  Lyrics: Faraz Haider

A good orchestration has been done in this patriotic track. Sukhwinder’s vocals did the the complete justice to the track. Lyrics are nice and situational. Dubstep music is the power of the song that yields interest to the listeners. Arrangements are really good. Composition lacks a good tune but on the whole it’s a very nice attempt by the newcomer. Even after everything got into place, this track won’t attract you for the repeat button. A one time listen track!


7. Kurban – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Javed Khan;  Lyrics: Faraz Haider

This is another patriotic track but the amazing quality about it is that its lyrics are written in such a way it sounds purely a romantic track. Replacing the word “watan” with any name could be sung by any lover to his beloved. I don’t think that would be a thought while writing the lyrics. But is surely is written in a nice way. Sonu Nigam has sung it very very well. He has added the soothness which worked in the favor of the track. This track would be repeated by few listeners and specially Sonu Nigam fans.


8. Fauji – Singers: Mika Singh, Brijesh Shandilya, Luv O Trigger, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman

A typical cool dude Mika track. It has a catchy hook though the track has been given some extra immense coolness that becomes avoidable after first few listen. Composer has tried to make a cool kind Patriotic track which the lyricist named Fauji but they have mistakenly stepped into the Singh Is King world. The groove of the song is quite similar to that. Though I would not blame the composer as he is new in town and this minor thing won’t affect the talent he has.


9. Ishq Mein – Singers: Vardan, Divya Kumar, Deepali Sathe, Tripti Sinha

Divya Kumar being the lead singer has very well taken the song in his own way. The track has a techno Punjabi flavor. It’s a catchy composition which would appeal for repetition  once you listen to it in a good mood. Tumbi has been used but in the same old manner and not like the way in which it is used in Mharo Desh Mahan. A good, time pass grooving track which just needs some publicity.


War Chhod Na Yaar is  lengthy soundtrack which has 9 songs and 13 tracks in total and also almost every songs’ duration is above 5 minutes. The drawbacks are the length of the songs, the title track and Phat Gaya. Ignoring these, the soundtrack is damn impressive regarding the film budget and production, very less publicity and above all the very new composer. The kind of film which has very less scope for music, the newcomer Aslam Keyi has done impressive job. He has touched many genres in a single soundtrack. He sounds promising and seems to deliver a good soundtrack in a big production house in the future.


                                                    The Final Verdict: OKAY



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