Among the Blind, the Squinter Rules!! (Boss – Music Review)



The Film is directed by Anthony D’Souza. By seeing the trailer, one can easily recognize it as a typical masala entertainer. The music for this action masala movie is surprisingly being given to Chirantan Bhatt who is know for his romantic tracks. Along with Chirantan Bhatt, there is Meet Bros., P.A. Deepak and ofcourse the multi talented Yo Yo Honey Singh. ­čśŤ


Music Label:  T Series


1. Boss – Singer: Meet Bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh; ┬áMusic: Meet Bros Anjjan; ┬áLyrics: Kumaar

Often these kind of songs have the same kind of music, same rhythm, same texture of singing, same kind of lyrics but here I have to say “It’s Different”. Yes it is. It has good techno tune and a sexy flute at the starting and swinging beats in the whole song. The groove is main attraction. It has been created very well. I don’t know why only Kumaar has been given these kind of songs to write. Though having a lack of scope of lyrics, it is brilliantly written. The rap by Honey Singh is awesome and damn catchy. I was imagining Mika singing this song but Meet Bros sang it really well. After Dabangg title track, here’s another nice song in this genre.


2. Hum Na Tode – Singer: Vishal Dadlani; ┬áMusic: P.A. Deepak; ┬áLyrics: Kumaar

A ravishing track with mind blowing vocals of Vishal. It’s the remake of the popular Tamil track Appdi Podu from Ghilli. P.A. Deepak, a Grammy Award winner who has worked with A.R. Rahman till Jhoota Hi Sahi is Mix Engineer. He has won many awards for his sound mixing. It is his first track as a composer. Being an excellent engineer, he has worked a lot in this track and improvise it in his own way. Vishal is absolutely the right choice by him. The arrangements are too perfect. The track has high frequency beats with Nagada which is often difficult to arrange but he had done perfectly due to which it is quite soothing in the ears. The ┬ábest part of the track is when Akshay Kumar orders to play Guitar, then Been and then the whole orchestra. This unique concept is humorous and unique in its own way. We can only say after listening to it that Remakes are not always bad.


3. Pitaah Se Hai Naam Tera – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Meet Bros Anjjan; ┬áMusic: Meet Bros Anjjan; ┬áLyrics: Kumaar

There’s an overdose of melodrama in this track. The track has been well composed. Lyrics are little melodramatic. Sonu Nigam sounded too filmy and one can’t imagine he is the same who sang Taakeedein last month. Although he sang very well but there was immense melodrama that didn’t appeal. It’s even more melodramatic than┬áMujhe Maaf Karna┬á of Biwi No. 1. The orchestration has been done in early 90s way. The song gets a little improvised after the first┬áantara┬ábut soon again looses its strength. At the end, it sounded like a remake of an 80s track which has been recorded with new machines. I guess, Arrangement is the main fault.


4. Party All Night – Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh; ┬áMusic: Yo Yo Honey Singh; ┬áLyrics: Sahil Kaushal – Lill Golu

A typical Yo Yo track! Based on a single tune, it gets repeated repeated and repeated and it goes on. Just a mild gap of his raps come and then again the same loop continues. Don’t know till when his set formula will stop working. It’s a Dhamki┬áfilled party song which gets clarified in the line when he says that no one has the guts to stop this party (though he says it in a controversial language). The same old kind of techno beats are used. Lack of creativity and lack of instruments. A part “Bajaate Raho” seems to sound as a new slogan line of Red FM. Well, I cant’s criticize much as it has already risen all the charts and I have no dum in my ***** to stop this party. So, Party Yun Hi Chalegi. Let’s see┬áKab Tak.┬á


5. Har Kisi Ko / Har Kisi Ko-1 – Singers: Nikhil D’Souza / Arijit Singh, Neeti Mohan; ┬áMusic: Chirantan Bhatt; ┬áLyrics: Manoj Yadav

I personally like these kind of compilations very much. Chirantan Bhatt’s puffed melody combined with the old super hit song that is still a rage. In the version sung by Nikhil D’Souza, he has made it purely rock sounding fresh and perfect for this generation. He has arranged the song very well and has made the basic melody as such that it got blended perfectly with the old melody. As a personal view I like this new track much more than the older one. Generally, when the two versions are there, I compare and declare one of them the better one. In this case, I am unable to declare the better one. Both the versions are equally good and satisfying. I think the duet version would be liked by more number of people. Arijit is superb. In the duet version, some extra lovely features are added which has made its sound more beautiful. A highly innovative track by Chirantan Bhatt! The Best of the Soundtrack!


Boss is a nice soundtrack with different kind of songs and sounds. Boss title track is a typical grooving Dabangg-ish track but has a unique kind of fun. Hum Na Tode is an exact remake of Tamil song but it has a damn energetic arrangements. Pitaah Se Hai Naam Tera is highly melodramatic but has a sweet sound attached to it. Party All Night is a typical Yo Yo track but its lyrics are humorous. Har Kisi Ko has been combined with the new melody created by Chirantan Bhatt but it’s highly creative and addictive.


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE


Next:  Ishq Actually


6 thoughts on “Among the Blind, the Squinter Rules!! (Boss – Music Review)

  1. hmm…gr kisi ko nhi milta toh awesome hai..schchi arijit aur neeti ki jodi best hai…. hmm also song of d month…and nice yar


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