A Virus Free Soundtrack! (Mickey Virus – Music Review)




Thriller comedy film written & directed by Saurabh Varma. Mickey Virus is produced by DAR Motion Pictures in association with Trilogic Digital Media Limited & Awesome Films Pvt. Ltd. The film features Manish PaulElli Avram, Manish Choudhary, Puja Gupta, and Varun Badola as main characters. Hanif Shaikh, The Paathshala fame had been roped in for composing the soundtrack. The Title track is composed by two other young musicians. One of them was the composer of Rangini MMS, Faizan Hussain.


Music Label:  T Series Web 


1. Pyaar China Ka Maal Hai – Singer: Manish Paul;  Music: Hanif Shaikh;  Lyrics: Hanif Shaikh

A comical approach is given to the track which belongs to the Fun genre. Manish Paul who sang it, is excellent with his nasal singing. The fun element in the track is the lyrics which is written without any boundation. Some quirky/vulgar words are used which are inclined to the controversial topic. Beats are nice but very ordinary. The backing vocals are perfect. There’s not much creativity been done in the composition. It’s all the magic of the lyrics.


2. Tose Naina – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Hanif Shaikh;  Lyrics: Hanif Shaikh

It’s a soothing romantic melodious track rendered by the Romantic Prince Arijit Singh. The basic melody of the song is brilliant. The beats are good and sets a beautiful rhythm. The recording and the arrangement could have been much better and so the song would have sounded awesome. Arijit has sung this with heavy vocals that didn’t much impress in the first listening. It later improved. Hanif has composed and written it beautifully. Though the tune is flat at times but over all it’s a worth listen!


3. Sajna Ve Sajna Ve – Singers: Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi;  Music: Hanif Shaikh;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav

What a tremendous attempt of blending qawwaali sound with sufi-ish techno rock elements! hanif Shaikh has used all the elements of techno rock and given a hook of desi texture. In my view, no instruments has been used and the whole track is techno based. Bothe the brothers sang very well as they are expert in these kind of tracks. Lyrics go well with the mood of the track. Arrangements are very nice and engaging.


4. Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne (Duet) / Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne – Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Palak Muchhal / Palak Muchhal;  Music: Hanif Shaikh;  Lyrics: hanif Shaikh

A simple romantic composition with not much creativity. Hanif Shaikh has composed it with extra simplicity that the tune and the lyrics are both sounding ordinary. There’s nothing special in the track. In the duet version, Mohit’s voice is sounding very usual and non attractive. Palak has sung in her own Shreya Ghoshal style. She sounded extra sweet that doesn’t at all appeal. The track has a sound similar to Tu Hai Rab Mera from Zilla Ghaziabad. Overall the song is beautiful, no doubt but lacks creativity and adds extra simplicity and sweetness that give a very ordinary sound.


5. Mickey Virus – Singers: Nikhil Paul George, Siddhant Sharma, Angel Roman;  Music: Faizan Hussain, Angel Roman;  Lyrics: Arun Kumar

A very unique kind of composition it is. The composers have rightly chosen Nikhil as the singer. His voice sounds perfect in this track. It has a classic western sound that was used to in the big Orchestra Halls. Its Mukhra  also sounds similar to O Mr. Raja from Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge. The arrangement has been done excellently and the whole composition and lyrics are creatively made. A thumbs up for this creativity!


Mickey Virus could have been a little better. The soundtrack is good with decent songs but some or the other drawbacks in each track have let down the value of the album. Hanif Shaikh has done an impressive job by composing and writing both keeping the basic melody simple and good. The two guest composers for the title track have also embraced the soundtrack with their creativity.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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