Baat Nahi Bani! (Baat Bann Gayi – Music Review)




“Baat Bann Gayi” is a romantic comedy enriched with the classical plot of ‘duals’,which depicts the comedy of errors when look alike of characters encounter each other. Although it gained less publicity and its soundtrack didn’t gain popularity among the listeners but with respect to its budget, it has quite nice and decent music by the young composer Harpreet Singh.


Music: Harpreet Singh;  Music Label: T Series


1. Naseeba – Singer: Ash King;  Lyrics: Rajeev Pal Singh Rana

Starts with a cute guitar riff, this track bounds the listeners. A small decent track with light acoustic sounds. Ash King’s vocals make even cuter. He holds the song very well and his voice is well suited for the track. Use of techno sound is very less rather the acoustic guitar and softly played drums are used very well. The arrangements are nice. Lyrics are simple and cute. In the Antara, there’s very good harmony and the echo effect. A unique kind of Antara where the first half of it is a chorus part and the end of both the Antaras are beautifully swept by Ash King.  Harpreet’s first track in this album is a worth listen! Reason is the soft guitar and Ash king.


2. Dance Karna – Singers: Sardaar Ali, Ash King;  Lyrics: Rajeev Pal Singh Rana

This one starts so abruptly that the it doesn’t make a good effect on the ears. The Nagada being the prime instrument hasn’t been played well. Though the frequency and the volume is low, but it somehow doesn’t work in the favor of the track. Lyrics are being forcefully written, one can tell easily by listening to it just once. Composer also hasn’t shown any good effort to improve the song. The arrangements are poor and so is the recording. The whole track is forcefully made. Ash King hasn’t any specific role in this and even he couldn’t save the track. The track also ends in a weird way with a sound of  some kind of a Police Jeep. A  passable track!


3. Man Tu Shudi – Singer: Sonu Nigam;  Lyrics: Ubaid Azam Azmi

First of all, the song has not been recorded well. The recording spoils an already average composition. Harpreet tried making it a typical romantic track but apart from Sonu Nigam’s vocals, there’s nothing in the track that forces you to listen. Man Tu Shudi is the only Punjabi word used in the song. Rest of the song is in pure Hindi. I guess, the lyricist must have been inspired from the latest Irshad Kamil’s Tu Mann Shudi from Raanjhana. Sonu Nigam is the only attraction to this song but since the recording hasn’t been done properly, his voice too sounds boring and dull. A thumbs down for this romance.


4. Bhago Mohan Pyare – Singers: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: A.M. Turaz

                                                 The song starts with a comic tune with a backing vocals sounding oho. A damn weird starting and it goes on to be wierd like this. The words from the hook line is inspired by the famous Hindi phrase Jaago Mohan Pyare through which they tried to give it a comic sound. They tune is flat and here the recording is even worse. The arrangements are being done carelessly. Nakash is well suited for this track but the track totally disappoints. It could have been a real comedy track but it remained situational. Not a good attempt.


5. Katto Rani – Singers: Javed Ali, Minal Jain;  Lyrics: A.M. Turaz

                                This one surprisingly impresses! By reading the name and after listening to the rest of the songs, I didn’t expect anything from it. But it’s a nice attempt of an item song. The arrangement is nice and the it’s very well recorded. Dholak is perfectly used and sounded comfortable in ears.  Because of good recording, Javed Ali’s voice sounded perfect. Lyrics are of typical item genre. Th beats have a nice rhythm and the duration of the track is decently short.


Baat Bann Gayi is overall not a good soundtrack, Though Harpreet Singh has composed nice tracks but the recording has not been done perfectly because of which some of the songs didn’t sound well including the romantic melody Mann Tu Shudi. The good thing about the soundtrack is that all the songs are having short length so that one can easily attempt to listen and give the time to the song. After Shor In The City, here Harpreet Singh disappoints a little. Expecting better from him in the future.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



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