Surprising Actually (Ishk Actually – Music Review)




Did I underestimate the power of a small album? Did I? I did, actually. Then came Ishk Actually. Tired of reviewing small albums all this October, when I listened to the songs of Ishk Actually, I was amazed at the unexpected sound and creativity in the album and felt relieved to finally review some good music. The two big albums in this month Besharam and Boss had nothing new which usually excites a music lover. Only a song from Boss Har Kisi Ko had a beautiful vibe with the help of which the whole album got a very positive review. After composing that melody, Chirantan Bhatt is here again with his new album.


Music Label:  T Series Web


1. Lucky Tonight – Singers: Ann Mithchai, Sanam Puri;  Music: Chirantan Bhatt;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav

It’s a damn well organised n presented club song. The intro beats tell that very well. The way it starts is tremendous. It goes in the electronica mode after the intro beats. Both the singers have done their work very well. Chirantan Bhatt, this time, has composed something which is out of his comfort zone. And he excelled here too. The rhythm is quite similar to Party On My Mind. It sounds purely as a western pop track. The sounds are damn crazy. The arrangements and the recording has been done excellently. It’s a must listen for everyone. The western music lovers would also find it damn interesting.


2. Aye Dil Bata – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Chirantan Bhatt;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav

This one is a typical Chirantan Bhatt track. It would make you remember that melodious Uksa Hi Banana from 1920 Evil Returns. Though that was a gem, this one is minor part of the former. The sound used here is again excellent. Arrangements are simple and subtle. In some parts, he has tried giving a rock touch to it but soon he drives it to the Indian rhythm. Arijit Singh is just superb. His vocals sound enormously brilliant. Lyrics are typically romantic but meaningful. The song does have a very high scale range that could be difficult to croon by the listeners. But then, who cares to sing it in the original scale. Everyone has got his own comfortable range. Hope this song gets noticed because it is a kind of song that once noticed, would be loved by all.


3. Injar Pinjar – Singers: Tinku Gill, Megha;  Music: Chirantan Bhatt;  Lyrics: Kunwar Juneja

A track which is so appropriate for a Pre-wedding ceremony. It starts with a typical Gharelu way of of playing Dholakthen it chooses Tumbi along with Drums (which is a rare combo) as a medium to move into the techno Punjabi groove. The singers Tinku Gill and Megha have done a tremendous job. They are new and their vocals sound fresh specially for a song like this. Often when the composers are told to compose a track like Injar Pinjar, they don’t care much. But in this case, Chirantan Bhatt has developed a beautiful sound which produces immense interest in the track. The beats in his romantic songs have always been the attraction to the listeners but this track has also that power of beats. The sound of beats in the hook line would force you to start tapping your feet.


4. Tum Jo Mile Ishq Me – Singers: Mohammed Irfan, Chandreyee Bhattacharya;  Music: Shahdaab Bhartiya;  Lyrics: Sanjay Mishra

It starts with a sweet flute  supported with mild alaap by Chandreyee. It’s a quite decent romantic melody which has very simple arrangements and lyrics. There’s no creativity in the track but it’s so damn soothing that it can’t be criticized. In the antara there’s beautiful way of playing rhythmic beats after the first line is sung. Some would be confused whether it is also composed by Chirantan Bhatt. But there’s one way of finding that. The sound of beats which is not similar to the sound of Chirantan’s beats. The two young singers Chandreyee and Mohammed Irfan did an excellent job. The composer Shahdaab is brilliant. The true music lovers would definitely wait for his next track to release.


5. Forever More – Singers: Ann Mithchai;  Music: Eddie Avil, Adam Avil;  Lyrics: Niket Pandey, Eddie Avil

It’s the kind of the song that belongs to the category which doesn’t appeal me. Some elements are quite noticeable. Like the guitar riff which is attached to the basic rhythm. But not much has been offered in the track. There’s no appeal or attraction for the listeners. The track is well arranged but somehow the things are not well set in place. We can say it’s a kind of bad luck. A passable track!


From Ishk Actually I hadn’t expected anything from it. I had expected some romantic tracks to be melodious as it’s Chirantan Bhatt’s specialty. Much to my surprise, there’s one awesome club track having an essence of Western Pop track (close to Enrique’s music), the other is a wedding related song which has techno Punjabi beats with a basic Household melody. The guest composer Shahdaab also presented his first composition and that is very well composed melody. It’s an album of surprises. The only concern for me is about the popularity of the album. I hope this album gets noticed properly so that their tunes won’t get wasted.


The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE



Next:  Sooper Se Oopar



4 thoughts on “Surprising Actually (Ishk Actually – Music Review)

  1. love the music, review is bang on.
    good to hear some soulful tunes, movie promo looks promising.
    lets hope audience gets to enjoy the music and videos.


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