Sonu Nigam’s 2nd Innings! (Sooper Se Oopar – Music Review)


I was wondering why Sonu Nigam is not singing much this year. Specially in the first half of the year. Now I got the answer. He must have been busy in starting his second innings of his career i.e a career as a music composer. He is known for his stupendous singing for years. Now I wish and I hope that he may get a unique recognition as a composer too. Many few singers are there who have composed also. The most famous being the legendary Kishore Kumar. Many singers have composed non film albums like Lata Mangeshkar, Kailash Kher etc. Now the excitement to listen the songs composed by The Sonu Nigam, is obviously damn high. Not only Sonu Nigam, there’s another enormous personality Bikram Ghosh, the famous Tabla player has joined him to compose this album. It is his also first film album. He performs Indian Classical Music and Fusion Music. So, it will be great to see how this man would turn his tabla into tunes.


Music:  Sonu Nigam, Bikram Ghosh;  Music Label:  T Series Web


1. Gun Gun Gutar – Singers: Amabarish Das, Parwati Kumari;  Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari

I listened to it once and I started crooning it. Based on a traditional Rajasthani folk melody, this track has all the ability to keep you engaged. A simple melody would drive you to the small inner streets of Rajashthani villages. It has a unique kind of essence. This song has also been written quite amazingly. Listening to it, would give the exact idea of what the movie is all about. The rhythm is truly awesome. It has been sung by Amabarish and Parwati, the names which are unknown to all. They must be folk singers. Both of them sang really well and their vocals suited the song perfectly.


2. Behka Behka – Singers: Ash King, Teesha Nigam;  Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari

When it starts it sounds a good techno sound track. Mukhra sung by Ash King would only increase your expectation. As she sings her first line, yes Teesha Nigam, Sonu Nigam’s sister, you would feel like “who the hell is she!!” Now if you were thinking that it’s a new fresh composition then the tail of the mukhda and the hook line arrive and the track turns out to be none other than a good remix of the super hit Mr India song Kaate Nahi Katte. Though the song has been given a complete new gesture. The antara is totally different but the tune is quite straight and slightly off the chord. The techno tunes are used in an ineffective way that it produces 80s kind of sound. Teesha Nigam didn’t impress at all. Arrangements are below average. It’s a track that is below expectation.


3. Bajan De Dhol – Singers: Mika Singh, Soumya Rao;  Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari

A the name of the song is Baajan De Dhol, Dhol has been extensively used throughout the track. Mika and Soumya Rao, both are not perfect choices for this track. The arrangements are poor. The tune sounds stale. It doesn’t offer any attractive element for the listeners. Being a Tabla player, Bikram Ghosh has emphasized on the percussion instruments more. It’s a very ordinary and passable track. A failed attempt!


4. Intauducing Gul – Singer: Gunjan Singh;  Lyrics: Sonu Nigam, Shabbir Ahmed

There isn’t noticeable element in the track. It is a so-called item song which does not appeal at all. Although composition is better than that of the usual item songs, but the recording and arrangements are the culprits. Some good sounds are used but those sounds are not efficiently used. The vocals have a sound of 80s. The echo effect is annoying. Sonu has also opened his account as a lyricist with this song along with Shabbir Ahmed. But the things didn’t work. The lyrics are passable. Another failed attempt.


5. Whacky Zindabad – Singers: Anish, Oushnik Majumdar, Nevaan Nigam, Saloni, Rohini;  Lyrics: Sanjeev Tiwari

Starts with a comic sounded Shehnaai and enters the techno sound department. It’s a Children song with a catchy mukhda. Five small singers have sung this. The best element in the song is vocals. Damn sweet and innocent vocals of these five cute singers. Nevaan’s rap is too good. It sounds lovely. Apart from mukhda, there isn’t any specific tune that can be liked by listeners. Though it has some faults, one must listen this song for the awesome vocals.


6. Sapna Mera – Singers: Sonu Nigam;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

At the last Sonu Nigam presents himself on the mic. The song of the genre which Sonu belongs. A typical romantic melody. Sonu’s vocals are really great to listen but the composition is stodgy and doesn’t appeal to play it once more. The composition is good but offers nothing new. It has the same typical romantic sound and the lyrics are also a great let down. There’s no creativity in the composition and hence no freshness. Listen to it only for Sonu’s vocals, nothing else!


Sooper Se Oopar is a great let down in the form of composition, arrangements, lyrics and sound. I had personally expected a lot from it. But it disappointed me in each song. Except Gun Gun Gutar, no other song has any freshness or memorable element. Sonu Nigam and Bikram Ghosh must have tried their best to secure a decent place as a composer in the industry but I would only call it a Failed Attempt!


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Satya 2


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