Maintains the Prequel Level… (Satya 2 – Music Review)



It’s more than a decade now when Satya had released. It was declared as super hit. Its soundtrack was also quite happening and enjoyable. The song Sapno Mein Milti Hai became an immortal track. Even today in the weddings it’s a must play. Another track that became a huge hit was Kallu Maama. Now the question arises that is the soundtrack of Satya 2 maintains the same level of its prequel! Let’s check it out!


Music Label:  T Series Web


1. Tu Nahi – Singers: Leonard Victor, Shweta Pandit;  Music: Nitin Raikwar;  Lyrics: Nitin Raikwar

It’s a beautiful romantic track which sets the mood right from the start. It’s a damn soothing melody. It has a mild guitar played in typical Vishesh Films style. The Guitar is aptly supported by Piano and Violin in correct places. The arrangement is good. The lyrics are nice. Shweta Pandit has done awesome singing. Leorand though didn’t impress much. For a song like this, Wajhi Farooki, the voice behind Lamha Tera Mera from Zanjeer, would be the right choice. A must listen track! Don Not Miss it!


2. Special – Singer: Payel Aditiya Dev;  Music: Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rathod;  Lyrics: Kumaar

You would not recognize that it’s an item song till you reach the hook line. It has a good sound and arrangement. The composition is also nice. Lyrics is what makes this song special. Very well written lyrics by kumaar. Not very sensible but would definitely make you smile. Unlike other item songs, that have cheap words and double meanings, it’s a song that maintains its dignity. It also hasn’t anything like a female name followed by an inappropriate adjective.


3. Maagne Se – Singers: Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rathod, Aragh Banerjee;  Music: Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rathod;  Lyrics: Kumaar

It’s a song that comes from nowhere. It’s a song that seems to be going nowhere. It hasn’t any attractive element that could please the listeners. The arrangements are very poor. Lyrics is average. The S-S-S-Satya thing annoys a lot. It seems to have forcefully been put in the track to call it as the title track. A Passable track.


4. Palkon Se – Singers: Rishi Singh, Trishika Jain;  Music: Nitin Raikwar;  Lyrics: Kumaar

It’s a pathetically composed romantic track. It sounds stale. A sound from early 90s. Lyrics is also below average. Trishika sounded similar to Chitra Singh. Rishi Singh’s vocals are annoying. When he tries to make his voice romantic, it worsens the situation. Miss this one! Definitely!


5. Saathi Re – Singers: Rishi Singh, Trishika Jain;  Music: Nitin Raikwar;  Lyrics: Nitin Raikwar

Nitin composed the first song so well. Don’t know what happened to him afterwards. It is again a pathetic sounding melody. It has nothing new. It’s too dull and boring. Again he opted for this jodi. Rishi again disappointed. It’s kind of a repeat mode. Everything happens again. So, if haven’t attempted the previous one, don’t go for this one too. In case you have attempted the previous one, then definitely don’t listen to this.


6. Taaqat – Singers: Hricha Narayan, Jolly Mukherjee, Sanjeev Rathod;  Music: Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rahod;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Another forceful track. The composers and the lyricist are not seemed to be interested to make anything like this. Kumaar has written one of the worst songs of his career. What they are trying to say, is above our head and out of our mind. So it’s better to let them bark and move on!


7. Control – Singers: Sonny Ravan, Shree D;  Music: Shree D;  Lyrics: Sonny Ravan Shree D

It’s nothing but a compilation of some sounds that are available on all free software. He just added a voice which after a certain duration barks “Control!!” No hardwork for lyrics. Baseless rhythm. It’s a pointless track.


8. Veerani – Singers: Payel Aditiya Dev, Mohd Irfan;  Music: Sanjeev Rathod, Darshan Rathod;  Lyrics: Kumaar

After some pointless baseless track, here comes an exceptionally well sounded track. It has great arrangements and the sound used is truly amazing. It’s a haunting melody in which Violin and Flute has been used very well. Mohd Irfan’s vocals beautify the song more. Payel also sounded nice. Lyrics are well written and are meaningful. I would recommend the true music lovers to listen to it. It’s not the composition but the sound than impresses.


9. Satya Is Back Again – Singers: Arsalaan Akhoon, Kary Arora;  Music: Kary Arora;  Lyrics: Kary Arora

It’s not a song. Basically it’s a track which has a set rhythm which is quite nice and on that rhythm there are dialogues describing the protagonist. There’s no singing, no lyrics and no specific tune. Just a set rhythm and a set sound which is played on the loop.


Satya 2 is a soundtrack that could have been made well but due to lack of efforts and casualness, it couldn’t be possible. Tu Nahi and Veerani are quite well composed and arranged. But other tracks only disappointed. Satya 2 in terms of music is nothing in front of Satya. RGV had a good album this year The Attacks Of 26/11. I had expected this to have a good soundtrack but sadly it didn’t satisfy.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Musical Sameekshaa Awards October 2013


Singer of the Month (Female):  Shreya Ghoshal – Main Jaagu Aksar (War Chhod Na Yaar)

Singer of the  Month (Male):  Arijit Singh – Aye Dil Bata (Ishk Actually)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Arijit Singh & Neeti Mohan – Har Kisi Ko (Boss)

Composer of the Month:  Chirantan Bhatt – Aye Dil Bata (Ishk Actually) & Aslam Keyi – Mharo Desh Mahaan (War Chhod Na Yaar)

Lyrics of the Month:  Bebak Amrohi – Mharo Desh Mahaan (War Chhod Na Yaar)

Song of the Month:  Har Kisi Ko – Boss  (Chirantan Bhatt, Manoj Yadav)

Album of the Month:  Boss  (T Series)


Next:  Krrish 3


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