Rajesh Roshan Krrushed the Music!! (Krrish 3 Music Review)



Rakesh Roshan has entered the third installment of Koi..Mil Gaya with the upcoming Krrish 3. There wasn’t any Krrish 2 though. Don’t know how he named it Krrish 3. His sweet and dear brother Rajesh Roshan seems to have the money from Filmkraft Productions as his only income. He has again forcefully dealt with the newest technology just because he is Rakesh Roshan’s brother how can he give any other composer a chance. So here’s the Music Review of which was called the Biggest film of 2013 (before its trailer came out). ūüėÄ


Music: Rajesh Roshan;  Lyrics: Sameer;  Music Label:  T Series


1. Raghupati Raghav – Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Bob, Monali Thakur

The song starts with some slow romantic lines sung by Neeraj Shridhar. Then it comes to pure techno sound. The sound which is soothing but not at all impressive. Rajesh Roshan has used some African instruments and he has tried sounding those instruments good with the hook line. It is a Nursery Rhym-ish track which does not appeal at all. It lacks freshness. Dil Na Diya of the Prequel was much better than this. Although I was excitedly waiting for a Neeraj Shridhar song but this one totally disappoints. Monali Thakur’s vocals sound irritating. There hasn’t been given any soothness to her voice. His typical habit of using a music piece as a bridge between the¬†antara¬†and the¬†mukhda.¬†He has also used¬†the refrain of the¬†mantra¬†in two different scales as musical interludes. It’s a one time listen track and one should try listening it in the movie only.


2 Krrish Krrish – Singers: Anirudh Bhola, Rajesh Roshan, Mamta Sharma

Does it haunt you? No, it must have tickled you. Oh, so sorry sir! Were you trying to haunt the listeners! Whatever you were trying, it’s good that it has been helping people laugh. A very innovative and unique style of Mamta Sharma. She is the (one of the) main reason for the laughter. When she says¬†Jjjab Jjjab¬†you can’t do anything but laugh. Haunting sounds are provided to frighten the listeners and the backing vocals just have to say Krrish Krrish. In the stanza, Anirudh has just the role of saying in a quick way¬†He is Krrish in the most stylist way. Stanza sounds like a 80s small budget horror movie. The tune is also quite stale and lacks the much needed freshness. Mamta Sharma in this avatar is a surprise laughter package. Thanks for the entertainment Rajesh Sir!


3. Dil Tu Hi Bataa – Singers: Zaubeen Garg, Alisha Chinoy

Starts with tinkling sound, this song is romantically beautiful. It’s quite an engaging composition. The recording hasn’t been done perfectly. The echo effect is so much that it sounds odd after some time. Zubeen’s vocals sound good though Alisha’s seemed to be a little tired and cut off from the melody. The antara¬†is more engaging and bound the listeners to listen. Had it been KK and Sunidhi in this track, it would have sounded much better and appealing. The combo of Zubeen and Alisha is somehow sounding a little odd. The song is on a fixed rhythm which is really nice. This is the¬†WELCOME¬†track.


4. You Are My Love – Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Alisha Chinoy

What exactly is that? Was it a romantic track? No! I guess they have tried making it a fun track. Did anyone had fun listening it? Mohit Chauhan sounded worst in this track. His career’s worst track, I guess. The same case with Alisha also. Alisha has stylized her voice so much that it was nothing but a joke. The rhythm was desi, so there wasn’t any need for techno beats. Alisha’s part has been composed horribly. Also, the arrangements are pathetic. Alisha’s vocals have been give so much variety of sounds that her words are not clear. Lyrics is also a big let down. Hope to see this song in an appropriate situation in the movie.


5. God Allah Aur Bhagwaan – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

When I had read the name of the song, I assumed it to be something weird. But this wasn’t expected. As soon as it starts, it gives the feeling of 80s sound. And then it goes on to be more and more pathetic and intolerable. Krrish 3 team aimed for the best Visual Effects. They should have first aimed for the sound effects. So damn cheap and shoddy sound is used in the soundtrack and specially in this track. Sonu’s voice sounded as if this guy is singing his first song. Shreya too sounded sleazy. The tune is Nursery Rhym-ish. Even Nursery Rhymes are more innovative and melodious. What the hell Sameer wrote! Can’t Imagine! The singers, the chorus, the tune, the interlude, the backing vocals, the lyrics, the arrangements, the recording all are damn squalid and shitty. Those who haven’t listened to it, don’t dare to attempt it. I hope this track in the movie is not lip sync. If it is so, the movie is gone for sure!


Krrish 3 was expected to deliver a magnificent soundtrack. Considering its prequels, there should have been some tremendous songs. It’s the biggest disappointment of this year in terms of music. Rajesh Roshan has made a pathetic soundtrack and lost the respect the listeners had for him. Krrish came in 2006. It has been 7 long years. He hadn’t had any work for seven years. Still he failed to compose good songs! He couldn’t compose a single beautiful song in seven years. What the hell! Today composers do seven films per year and the whole soundtrack turns out to be awesome. He couldn’t compose one good soundtrack in seven years. A high disappointment!


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Ramleela


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