Sanjay Ki Leela! (Ramleela – Music Review)



It’s now more than a decade when Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam had released. It had a Rajasthani essence to the soundtrack composed by Ismail Darbaar. The songs were super hit and even today whenever they are played, we get lost in that era. After some immortal semi-classical melodies that Ismail Darbaar gave, Sanjay Leela Bhansali moved to Monty Sharma for Black and Saawaraiya and again the result was outstanding. But it was in 2010 when Hritik-Aishwarya starer Gizaarish came that Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself took the responsibility for Music Direction and he produced a nice soundtrack. He is again here as a music director in his latest Ramleela. Though he has composed nicely in Guzaarish and the track of Ramleela are also being noticed, did you miss the music of Monty Sharma in Guzaarish or do you miss the music of Ismail Drabaar in Rameela. Do You??


Music:  Sanjay Leela Bhansali;  Lyrics:  Siddharth-Garima;  Music Label:  Eros Music – S 


1. Ang Laga De – Singers: Aditi Paul, Shail Hada

Starting with a simple synthesizer, this track is an intense sad melody which is a semi classical one. It has a slight inclination to Pratdeep Raag. Though the string and percussion in the first half of the song is typically Indian, the second half is laden with jazzing sound. Aditi Paul, the Indian Idol Season One contestant, (Top Six) sang effortlessly and truly showed her immense dedication and practice these years in her singing. Shail Hada has rendered amazing backing vocals that beautifies the song. This song is a must listen!


2. Dhoop – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

A typical SLB film song. A typical Ismail Darbaar song. A typical Shreya Ghoshal song. Whatever you call, all are apt for this track. Though Ismai Darbaar has nothing to do with this, but almost all the music lovers would try connecting it with Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka from Devdas. The same sound of pain for love in both the tracks. Though in older one, the pain sounds more serious and intense. Shreya totally rules this semi-classical melody dealing with the incredible ups and downs in the composition. It starts with a painful alaap and the flute has been played gently with the so called hook line. The first and the only interlude has Been and after it, Esraj and Sarangi. The percussion instruments used here are noticeable. Instruments like Tabla, Ghatam / Matka, and Mridangam are beautifully arranged and sounded.


3. Ishqyaun Dhishqyaun – Singer: Aditya Narayan

The sexy sound of Flute is the intro of the song. Aditya Narayan after a very long time has done playback. The use of Flute with beats is a nice attempt. The techno beats and the sound of a toy gun is great. Blending Sarangi with Dhol surrounded by the techno beats is quite creative and applauding. Aditya whose voice sounds partially Shaan’s and partially Udit Narayan’s has done a nice attempt. His romantic giddy voice gives a naughty sound that really goes well with the song.


4. Laal Ishq – Singer: Arijit Singh

It starts with some devotional sounds like bell in a temple and very smoothly turns into a romantic track. With Arijit’s beautifully rendered alaap, this track comes into its full form and creates magic among the listeners. As Arijit takes the alaap, Mridangam has been played enormously and supports him throughout. The composition is a semi-classical rendition based on raag Yaman (Kalyani). The first interlude is piano driven whereas the second one is supported by Shehnaai. The tune of both the antara is totally different. The first ends on the hook line, the second ends in the starting part of mukhda. Tabla in both the antara us played very well. Although Tabla is generally the main instrument in these kind of songs, Bhansali has used Mridangam in a more efficient way and had made it more powerful and improtant. The song also ends in the same way it started with the sounds of temple. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has totally impressed his listeners here. The lyrics are very well written. I should definitely mention this beautifully written line Tujh Sang Bair Lagaya Aisa, Raha Na Main Phir Apne Jaisa. The deep emotions are filled in it. It is Arijit’s best performance undoubtedly. The Lukka Chhupi kind of Guitar in the Tera Naam Ishq doesn’t sound necessary though it doesn’t affect much either. A lovable, memorable immortal melody! The WELCOME song.


5. Lahu Munh Lag Gaya – Singer: Shail Hada

Bhansali’s pet singer Shail Hada presents a solo number here which has a brilliant movable rhythm. The beats are really good and inclined to Garba form.  Sarangi and Been are the prime instruments used. The typical Rajasthani sound has been created by having intelligent arrangements. Shail Hada’s vocals suit very well to the song. Lyrics does not have any prominent role here. The chorus part is done wonderfully. A track with a very short life.


6. Man Mor bani Thangat Kare – Singers: Aditi Paul, Osman Mir

This is a very very well presented song which starts with awesome echo effects and with a supportive Manjeera. It’s a traditional Gujarati folk based track. The lyrics is in pure Gujarati. The vocals of Osman Mir sounded purely traditional and Aditi sang perfectly. The perfect use of Veena has been done in the second interlude. It starts from there and supports the whole antara followed by the interlude. The percussion sound has been kept low to feel the folk-ish atmosphere. Not a song of mass but of class! A must listen for Gujaratis.!


7. Nagada Sang Dhol Baaje – Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Osman Mir

It is something from which many composers can learn about the presentation of a dance track. It starts in a traditional way with a Shankh. The Been follows faithfully. Shreya Ghoshal enters lavishly with Nagada all around. Bhansali has set an enormously beautiful atmosphere with amazing arrangements and powerful setup of coordination of different instruments. Yes, it sounds a lot similar to the memorable Dhol Baaje of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I would even call it a recreation of that track. But just listen to that once and you would feel that besides recreating, he has done a lot of hard work with this one. The composition of antara is fabulous. Much stronger than that of mukhda. Shreya sounds awesome in antara but has a little tiresome attitude after the end of second antara and didn’t sound fresh. It ends in the similar manner as Dhol Baaje ends, though the ending of the older one was more effective. It’s a perfect Garba track which is quite enjoyable too apart from being traditional.


8. Poore Chand – Singer: Shail Hada

Listening to the vocals of Shail Hada here would make you remember of Yun shabnami from Saawariya. The rhythm and the arrangements are highly similar to Jab Se Tere Naina. That rhythm is so good that it sounds awesome in this track too. Shail Hada didn’t sound much impressive here as compared to Yun Shabnami. But again the presentation has been so well done that these faults seem to be quite minor. The best part is when he is unable to complete the line Poore Chand ki ye… and the Shehnaai with brilliant rhythm starts. It happens in the whole track and that’s the only beauty of this track. Do listen it for this beauty. The beautiful tune which Shehnaai says, would definitely make everyone smile.


9. Ram Chahe Leela – Singer: Bhoomi Trivedi

Another Indian Idol contestant in the same soundtrack, this time Bhoomi Trivedi, the top three finalist of season five. It starts with some dialogues as if some orchestra function is going on. It has been given a rock feel but it failed to impress. The tune fells flat and so is the lyrics. A satirical humor has been tried but it leaves no imapact on the listener. Bhoomi who used to sing soft songs in Indian Idol didn’t impress at all. Her vocals sound straight and boring. Sadly, her first song didn’t live up to the expectation.


10. Tattad Tattad – Singer: Aditya Narayan

Coincidentally, both the disappointing tracks have been given to Aditya Narayan. Though I personally liked this one. Not the whole song but just the Tattad Tattad part. That part is so so so aptly supported by flute that it you would just wonder how it would have been created. Because of that flute, this hard hitting word sounds cute. Variety of instruments are used. Guitar, Harmonium, Dhol, Mridangam along with Flute being the prime instrument and all of them are rightly placed and arranged. The tune was below average abut again the presentation did the work!


Ramleela is a typical SLB soundtrack. It has a high inspiration of Gujarati folk music. Laal Ishq and Dhoop are undoubtedly the best of the soundtrack. Nagada Sang Dhol, Poore Chand and Ang Laga De also leave a great impression. Rest of the tracks have lack of good tune. The tune is flat and dull. But this whole album has been presented very well. The presentation and decoration of each song make each of them a must listen. Neither it brought the immortality of Ismail Darbar’s tunes nor it created the vibe of Monty Sharma’s music but when compared to SLB’s music, it’s a much better soundtrack than Guzaarish.


The Final Verdict:  AGREE



Next:  Rajjo




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