Uttam isn’t ati uttam this time! (Rajjo – Music Review)



When its trailer had released, it was full of advertisements. Award winning director, lyricist, writer etc etc. The name is Rajjo. Makers have tagged it as a musical. Well, after reading Uttam Singh‘s name as a composer, one can easily believe in what they are saying. Uttam Singh, who composes once in a blue moon, always leaves a great impact to the listeners. Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Gadar are the prime examples. Does this soundtrack also maintain his level?

Music:  Uttam Singh;  Music Label:  Times Music


1. Mere Dil Ki Train – Singer: Shaan

It has an incredibly poor sounds. It starts with a sound of train which doesn’t at all sound like a train. The Mukhda is a silly Nursery rhym-ish tune. Shaan’s voice does give some relief. The arrangements are very ordinary. The composition in the antara is much better than that in mukhda. The old song Aaj Bhi Hai Aur Kal Bhi Rahega from the movie Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai has been used in the interlude in the form chorus which is done quite well. Though having some qualities, it doesn’t impress at all.


2. Jhulmi Re Jhulmi – Singer: Bela Shende

It’s a typical mujra style song which doesn’t appeal at all. It sounds as if we are sitting in a small theater watching a low budget Bhojpuri movie. Well, I guess, the situation in the movie would be something like this only as the protagonist is suited in the song with respect to her role. Tabla at times, becomes irritating. That’s what happened in this track. It is played in the same rhythm continuously which gives a very boring feel. Tabla in the second interlude is quite nice.


3. Kaise Milu Mein Piyaa – Singers: Javed Ali, Bela Shende

It’s a semi-classical melody based on pure Classical Music. Harmonium has played a very prominent role and the Piano is the base which mildly maintains the rhythm of the song. There’s not a single use of percussion instrument. That’s really good to listen because percussion is highly created these days in almost all the songs. Tabla is also not played which is quite unlike filmy semi-classical track. There are three antara. The third interlude has amazing flute which paves the way for Javed Ali. His vocals give this track some freshness that it needed. Bela’s vocals failed to do that. Nice orchestration has also been done in the third antara. A must listen for Classical Music lovers.


4. Kaleja Hai Hazir – Singer: Bela Shende

It’s another pure classical based melody with a good and efficient use of Tabla. Unlike the previous track, it has high use of percussion but only as a form of Tabla. It is more classically based as it has only Harmonium and Tabla throughout the song and not a single use of any other instrument. The problem is again the vocals of Bela Shende which takes off the interest from the song after some time. It’s highly recommended for daily listeners of classical music and strictly prohibited for the rest.


5. Mere Ghoongru – Singers: Javed Ali, Bela Shende

Though it is also a bit inclined to semi classical, it’s not appealing in anyway. The composition sounds quite stale and the recording has been poorly done. The track moves from string instruments to percussion instruments. In the starting, only string instruments are used and we can observe that as the song proceeds, percussion starts dominating the string instruments. It’s quite a long track having four stanzas. Beautiful use of instruments but a very bad tune.


6. Ye Kothe  Ye Ghoongru – Singer: Shubha Joshi

This one 1 minute 21 seconds short track has nothing but a depressing line which is repeated twice. You can all listen to it. No time waste!


7. Bille Ke Jabede Mein – Singers: Mumbai Voices

Again a very short track with many intolerable voices. The track sounds like as if it is filmed on a group of hinjda. It has nothing to describe. You can attempt if you want.


Rajjo is a soundtrack which exceeds the limit of simplicity. It has no mass appealing element. Most of the tracks lack a good tune. The ones which have, they are not decorated and presented well. The classical melodies are really awesome but they don’t have the ability to attract the listeners. They are eligible for very limited listeners. Uttam Singh could have increased its listeners by adding atleast some small decorative elements. The album could have been much better and attractive too.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY


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