They Hit the Right Chord! (Huff! – It’s Too Much – Music Review)



Never heard about the director, the actors, never even heard about the composer. Just the tracklist attracted me and I am here to review this small album. It always feels good to analyse a newcomer’s compositions. I enjoyed this feeling many times this year as many composers came with their debut albums. Let’s see what this jodi has for us.


Music:  Sai-Piyush;  Lyrics:  Sarim Momin & Pushkar Jogi;  Music Label:  Goosebumps Music

1. It’s Too Much – Singer: Adnan Sami

I loved the beats and the sound. The composition is not lovable at all. Adnan Sami is back after a long time but sadly in a song in which he as no scope to show his talent. The track is not at all meant for Adnan Sami. The antara is catchy and is much better made compared to mukhda. The tack also sounds like as if a new composer has struck the chord. The composition tells that. But sound doesn’t. The beats are very well made. They are foot tapping. If you have time, go for it!


2. Yeh Lamhe – Singer: Lucky Ali

This one would really make you remember Hairat of Anjaana Anjaani. The style of composition is quite similar. Specially when the hook line is about to come, there it just seems that he would say Hairat Hai . I would not discriminate the duo from Vishal Shkehar but it’s true that Hairat had a much better sound quality and arrangements. This one has also got some really interesting elements. The Flute in the first interlude and the Electric Guitar in the second interlude is worth mentioning. Lucky Ali, here seems to be in a less attractive form, though in Hairat, he sounded exceptional. The background and the vocals are somehow not matching perfectly. Must be some defect in the recording. But really a great attempt from the composers. A very nice composition!


3. Sooni Sooni (RnB) / Sooni Sooni – Singer: Salim Merchant

Starting with a mesmerizing Piano, the first version is in RnB form. The composers produced a wonderful sound and did complete justice to RnB. It has some awesome sounds which definitely would make you surprise for the talent these composers got. The sound variation with Salim’s voice is outstanding. According to me, his voice is made for the experimentation in sound. guitar also has played a very prominent role in making the track mesmerizing.

The other version is a simpler one having arrangements of Indian sound. The intro is same but the background of the whole track is beautifully changed. It has Flute blended with Guitar and Piano. In the ending part, I don’t what they were trying to do. If they have done it intentionally, I would say over experimentation has been done. It’s completely out of rhythm and to me, it sounded uncomfortable to ears. Rest is all great. A very innovative composition. The WELCOME song.


4. Soniyo – Singer: Clinton Cerejo

First of all, sorry for not crediting the female voice. Her name is no where to written. It’s a track with complete English lyrics. Clinton has sung it brilliantly. He suits this track so much that no one could have suited this perfectly. Amazing sound and arrangements. The melody i.e the composition is also lovable. It has everything that a romantic track needs. The girl which has not been credited, is also superb. It makes me remember of O Sajna from Table No. 21. It’s again a remarkable attempt from the composers. A must listen!


5. Kyun Aise – Singer: Kunal Ganjawala 

It’s a very short song and quite experimental too. Kunal has done complete justice to the composition. The basic tune of the song which is played on Piano is damn catchy and beautiful. The composition is less melodious though overall, it sounded perfect. It is just somewhat less interesting and appealing than the previous songs of the soundtrack. It’s a nice end to the album.


Huff – It’s too Much is an awesome soundtrack. I had never expected this much from it. Not a single song is there to disappoint. Each and every song has its unique quality. All the tracks have been well experimented yet they didn’t loose their sweetness. The composer duo Sai-Piyush seem to have a great future. They hit the right chord in the very first attempt. I hope this album gets noticed and the composers get their credit of their hardwork and talent.


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



Next:  Bullet Raja



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