A Pritam-ish Diwali Cracker!! (R.. Rajkumar – Music Review)




After a lot of efforts, lot of requests and lot of wishes, finally Pritam agreed to compose for a Prabhu Deva film. Due to lack of time, due to his busy schedule, he hadn’t been able to sign his movies. But the time has come now. What’s better than to start with a film which has Shahid Kapoor in the lead who always signs his movies on a condition that composer should be Pritam. After the super hit music of Phata Poster Nikla Hero, here’s another Shahid-Pritam combo just after a month. So let’s find out whether the music offers Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar or Maar Maar Maar.


Music:  Pritam;   Music Label:  Eros Music


1. Gandi Baat / Gandi Baat (Film Version) – Singers: Mika Singh, Kalpana Patowary / Nakash Aziz, Ritu Pathak;  Lyrics: Anupam Amod

If you consider and observe the rhythm carefully, you’ll be completely blown by the track. Such an awesome energetic rhythm it has. It has everything that a perfect Kuthu track needs. The problem is that it sounds very similar to Dhating Naach which just has become a super hit. The antara is quite weak as compared to the stronger mukhda. The same goes for the lyrics. It is weaker in antara but strong in mukhda. The song has a refreshing rhythm and that’s its strength. Somehow, in the other version that is the film version, even this rhythm power doesn’t work. The singers Nakash and Ritu, the recording and the arrangements,everything is weak. I personally didn’t like both the female singers. They both sounded annoying. In the original version, everything falls perfect and makes it an enjoyable track.


2. Saree Ke Fall Sa – Singers: Nakash Aziz, Antara Mitra;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri

                     If Nakash had a weaker version in Gandi Baat, well in this one he totally rules. He has done awesome singing. Fantastic vocals aptly supported the genre of the track as well as Shahid. This song will gonna hold you right from the beginning. It starts with some beautiful intelligent tune which has got classic arrangements. It’s a damn catchy melodious slow desi dance track which will shake you from inside. It will force you to dance like Govinda. The rhythmic style is south indian. The composition style is typical  90s. Mukhda has more inclination to 90s music but the antara is typical Pritam-ish. Antara is sung by Antara very well. She sounded totally different from her  previous performances. Her vocals have a bold sound that suits the song very well. The tune of the antara is so damn catchy that it will be on your repeat mode. The first interlude has wind instrument sound, the second is dominated by string. The line touch karke has amazing echo sound that sounds fresh to ears. The lyrics by Mayur Puri need special mention. This track is not only an instant hit but it also has a very long life. Deserves WELCOME.


3. Dhoka Dhadi – Singers: Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal;  Lyrics: Nilesh Mishra

It starts with Guitar as a rhythm in Rabba (Mausam) style. A beautiful melodic piece of Violin enters. There starts a typical Pritam-ish romantic melody. Vocals of Arijit Singh beautifies the song. The mukhda line ends just like that of Kabira. The line Ud Gaye Tote Re is damn cute which forces you to sing along. The rhythm is not typcial Pritam-ish. Unlike the basic bass sound, he used a nice percussion instrument to give it a different touch. Palak is nice and sounded cute. Each and every element is catchy just like every Pritam romantic song. Lyrics is typically cute depicting the condition of heart – the main element in Nilesh Mishra’s lyrics. It’s a must listen track!


4. Mat Maari – Singers: Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan;  Lyrics: Ashish Pandit

It starts with a weird accordion sound along with Sunidhi’s dialoguebaazi. Kunal tried being humorous but he failed to do so. Besides that, both the singers sang really well in full form. The track is mainly on lyrics. Music has a less scope. Ashish Pandit has written humorous lyrics. The beats and the arrangements are not at all good. In the hook line, unlike Gandi Baat, there’s no grooving beat which can attract the listeners. Sunidhi deserves a special mention for not just singing but acting in the song as well. She has provided just what the song required. Do listen it for Sunidhi.


5. Kaddu Katega – Singer: Antara Mitra;  Lyrics: Ashish Pandit

Here’s again Antara Mitra with her different sounding vocals. She sang according to the style of song. She has done nasal singing which is apt for this song. It’s a folk-ish track with amazing chorus. Lyrics are good. Arrangements are nice and decent. For a moment it sounds like a typcial item track but the chorus part creates amazing rural folk essence. It seems to be in the situation of item song but it’s great that Pritam didn’t compose like that and gave it a folk touch.


R.. Rajkumar – It’s a desi masala album just like all the albums of Prabhu Deva films. If you consider a single view that it’s just a Hindi film album, it’s nice normal and has nothing that can be regarded as excellent but if you consider all the soundtracks of previous Prabhu Deva films or you consider any desi masala album, it’s something awesome. The work which Pritam has done in this genre, generally composers never do. There’s high grooving rhythm in Gandi Baat, amazing vocals and arrangements and catch antara in Saree Ke Fall Sa, beautiful romantic melody in Dhokha Dhadi, amazing dialoguebaazi of Sunidhi in Mat Maari and a good nice gesture of folk given to an item track Kaddu Katega. 


The Final Verdict:  AGREE


*Note: The next album for the review is not announced due to lack of information of upcoming albums.


3 thoughts on “A Pritam-ish Diwali Cracker!! (R.. Rajkumar – Music Review)

  1. Gandi Baat is INSANE! What a track man!
    Saare Ka Faal has such a Govinda kinda track!! Sooper sooper groovy! Dhoka Dhadi is very very sweet and hummable!
    Matt Mari will look good on screen, not the kinda song I’ll tune in and listen whenever I want, kinda drab 🙂
    Kaddu Katega didn’t work for me.
    3 sooper songs for me in this! Fun album!


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