A Pleasant Surprise! (Club 60 – Music Review)




Bharat Shah is back with his self produced movie based on the life of men who are in their sixties. That’s how it is Club 60. The music composer roped here is a debutante. Pranit Gedham. Many composers made nice debut this year. Hope he also turns out to be one of them. I personally liked the trailer and I am expecting it to connect with the audience well. But let’s first deal with the Music.


Music: Pranit Gedham;  Music Album: T Series


1. Pal Pal / Pal Pal (Sad) – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Lyrics: Sanjay Tripathy; 

It’s an inspirational song based on the life of old people. It is beautifully written by Sanjay Tripathy giving the whole idea of the song through his lyrics. Arijit Singh is as good as always. Now coming to the composition, the first two lines are fab that suit Arijit very well. I don’t know what went to composer’s mind after those lines that I was unable to find out where the song was actually going. Arijit’s voice when echoed, doesn’t sound good and that has been done by Pranit. Then the antara seems to be unplanned. Abrupt starting and ending makes it sound annoying. It has three antara. The first one is kind of an experimental one. The last two are simpler and more touching. The Guitar is the prime instrument which has been changed to Piano in the other version.

The sad version is much better and soulful. It’s comparatively shorter in length but the orchestration and the arrangement make it a must listen!


2. Rooh Mein – Singer: Raju Singh;  Lyrics: Mahendra Madhukar

I didn’t know Raju Singh is a singer too. I didn’t know he could sing so damn beautiful. His voice sounds similar to Jagjit Singh. It’s a beautiful Ghazal beautifully composed by Pranit. No need to say anything about lyrics. Since it’s a Ghazal, lyrics are meant to be beautiful. It starts with a sound of Hawaiian Guitar surrounded by aptly sounding Sarangi. The typical Ghazal sound then hold the track. The orchestration of Tabla and Violin is really attractive. The first and the third antara are similar in tune and the second one is a little different. I bet you’ll love it from the first listen. The WELCOME song.


3. Mera Saaya – Singer: Nandini Shrikar;  Lyrics: Sanjay Tripathy

If that was a Ghazal, it sounds more like a  Nazm. If that started with the combo of Guitar and Sarangi, this one has been given the prelude of Piano mixed with Violin which sounds awesome. Nandini Shrikar as always completely rules the song. The punch of this track is its antara. It has been composed so well that everytime you listen, it touches your soul. The second interlude is joined by some beats as well. It only beautifies the song instead of making any harm to the melody. Lyrics also played a very prominent role in beautifying it. It’s definitely a must listen for true music lovers.


4. Wah Wah – Singer: Raghubir Yadav;  Lyrics: Najeer Akbarabadi

This one is a fun folk track which has all the typical folk-ish instruments Harmonium, Dholak, Dhol and Tabla. Kudos to this new composer for doing the justice with a folk melody. Raghubir Yadav is in his full form. His singing is exceptionally outstanding. The chorus also sounded amazing. Though it doesn’t seem to attracting wider listeners but it would surely be enjoyed by some. Arrangement is another element to be mentioned. Do listen if you have interest in folk music.


Club 60 is a complete surprise package for me and I guess it would be the same for anyone who listen to this album. It has variety and soulfulness. It has nice jugalbandi of instruments in almost all the songs. The first song disappoints a little bit but then the remaining three songs along with the sad version of the first song raised the level of the album. The newcomer Pranit Gedham has surely a long run in the industry. He seems to be very promising. I hope the songs get noticed.


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



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