Dramatic T Series Soundtrack! (Yaariyan – Music Review)

A_Yaariyan_Poster So, we all are moving to next year and a big album is waiting for us. After the huge success that Aashiqui 2 soundtrack got, Bhushan Kumar has again come up with his new album which has five big composers in total. Mithoon has one song and two tracks, Pritam got two songs and four tracks, Honey Singh has one and Arko Pravo Mukherjee has two tracks. Regarding one song, Love Me Thoda Aur, T Series got completely confused related to credits. They gave Pritam the credit in their You Tube channel but they credited Anupam Amod as the composer in CDs. To get rid of this confusion, I am crediting both in my review.


Music Label:  T Series


1. ABCD – Singers: Benny Dayal, Shefali Alvares;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya;  (Rap Composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh)


Did you listen to Hey Mr Dj? Just modify a little bit and it becomes this track. The same kind of vocals of Benny Dayal and Shefali that we have heard few times before. Honey Singh though sounded nice, his rap was lyrically stale and hadn’t had any freshness in it. Pritam composed the track well but firstly there was no addictive tune that his club songs always have as the prelude and secondly the track lacked creativeness. It has been made just for the sake of demand of a party song. There seems to be no serious work related to the track. The song is a sure hit but sadly has a very less life. Lyrics by Amitabh is also a big let down. There’s nothing sensible and has everything that has been written before. Although it’s a big hit, didn’t work for me. Instant Hit but Below Expectaion. 


2. Baarish – Singers:  Mohammed Irfan, Gajendra Verma;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

Mithoon is back again with his romance after making the best song of the year Tumhi Ho. It has been made on the same principles of hard hitting words and a passionate romantic tune. Its comparison with Tumhi Ho is obvious but the fact is that in some matters Baarish is better but in some matters it also lacks something that Tumhi Ho had. Former one had a very simple tune and also penned with simplicity, the latter one has been composed in a more complex way with lyrics having a comparatively long and complicated sentences and feelings are comparatively inclined to hollowness. If you look at the positive side, it’s a great melody. Mithoon has again worked perfectly. He again has made such a melody that has all the qualities to get connected well with the mass amount of listeners. Besides Guitarhe also used Sarangi in both the interludes as a prime instrument. Gajendra Verma has given the backing vocals by singing an alaap at the starting and in the rest Mohammed Irfan ruled. He has done complete justice with the melody. It’s another Mithoon Magic#WELCOMESONG


3. Sunny Sunny – Singers: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar;  Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Lyrics: Yo Yo Honey Singh                              

Being a composer like Honey Singh is so damn easy. You just have to create a simple tune and keep on repeating it till the song ends. The track starts with a tune that is seriously catchy and has something better than his previous songs. That tune faithfully supports the listeners till the end. Neha Kakkar is well suited for this song. She has done a wonderful singing. The beats sound awesome inspite of getting repetitive. Lyrics also has some freshness compared to his previous songs. Surprisingly, there’s no silly rap in this and that itself makes it unique. Listen it for Neha’s sexy singing. 


4. Allah Waariyan – Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali;  Music: Aarko Pravo Mukherjee;  Lyrics: Aarko Pravo Mukherjee

It is set on the typical Indian rhythm. The composition is really beautiful. Shafqat Amanat Ali has beautified it more with his amazing vocals. The idea of choosing him, was brilliant as his vocals are perfect for this track. There’s a wonderful use of Flute in the second interlude. The composer has also written the lyrics and it quite spontaneously reveals the situation of the movie. After Jism 2, Aarko Pravo Mukherjee has again proved that he has immense talent to sustain himself in the industry. Predictable though Nice. 


 5. Love Me Thoda Aur – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Pritam / Anupam Amod;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Now this one is a typical Pritam-ish melody. It’s nice to hear such a track from him after a long time. He has been composing romantic tracks these days with the same sweetness but not using this sound of perfectly beautiful full of bass rhythm which takes us back to his 2009/10 days. He has used that familiar sound and small English hooks which he is a master of. Arijit is damn perfect and so is the backing vocals by Nikhil D’Souza. Though the song has been credited to Anupam Amod, we are not fools to recognize it as the typical Pritam sound. It has all the perfectionism that a love song should have. An Ideal Romantic Song.


4. Meri Maa (Verison 1) / Meri Maa (Version 2) / Meri Maa (Reprise):  Singer: KK / Anupam Amod / KK;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

I would like to blame T Series for demanding a song on mother in Rock form. A song like Meri Maa should be overfilled with emotions like Maa (Taare Zameen Par) or Janam Janam (Phata Poster Nikla Hero) were. Endearing lyrics by Irshad Kamil and beautiful composition by Pritam has been used in a wrong way here. The background of the song should have been mild, subtle and with absolute simplicity.

The next version by Anupam Amod is even worse as his vocals seemed as if a very aged person is singing for his mother. It has the same background setup which is Rock and not at all depicting any kind of emotions while listening. Although Pritam is famous for choosing the right singers, this one is not so perfect. I don’t understand what the hell happens in T Series office.

The third version is the reprise again by KK. This is much better than the previous ones. It has soft Guitars and light background which helps Irshad Kamil’s lyrics to show real emotions. If T Series had released only this version in the soundtrack, it would have been much better. Listen to Meri Maa (Reprise) only, if you want to get connected with the song. 


5. Zor Lagaake Haishaa – Singer: Vishal Dadlani;  Music: Aarko Pravo Mukherjee;  Lyrics:  Irshad Kamil

It’s situation oriented track. It’s a nice composition and lyrics is good too. The track sounds a bit old and doesn’t seem to have a fresh sound. Vishal has done amazing singing. He has maintained the energy level of the track with his awesome vocals. Unlike other track in the album, this won’t attract the listeners as it has nothing to sit and hear. It’s a track to be watched in the movie only. Listen, only if you have a free time.

6. Mujhe Ishq Se – Singers: Tulsi Kumar, Gajendra Verma;  Music: Mithoon; Lyrics: Mithoon              

The same Aashiqui 2 effect has been tried to create here. If Meri Aashiqui was there for Tumhi Ho, here’s Mujhe Ishq Se for  Baarish. First of all, that was a duet and duet has its own charm. Secondly there was Palak Muchhal who sounded perfect with Arijit. Her voice is over dramatic but ear friendly. Here is the T Series queen Tulsi Kumar, who is a specialist in spoiling any good melody. Well, she spoiled this one too. This version of Baarish stands nowhere. It’s a complete boring stuff and there seems to be no reason to create this version except to give Tulsi Kumar a song. It’s like ‘you buy a T Series album and you get Tulsi Kumar free’. Loved Baarish? Then don’t dare to attempt this!


Yaariyan is a typical T Series soundtrack that is full of melodrama just as the film seems to be. If Bhushan Kumar is opting for this multi composer thing, he should also give them their much needed space and freedom. Like Aashiqui 2, no experimentation has been done. The creativity seems to be nowhere. All the composers and lyricists have done the work what was demanded. Yaariyan seems to be a soundtrack where all the four composers faced external pressure of creating good melodies. 


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



Next: Mr. Joe B Carvalho                                


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