Some, by mistake, become a Composer! (Mr. Joe B Carvalho – Music Review)

Thank God that I first reviewed Yaariyan which is a healthy soundtrack and has its own way of welcoming the new year. Thank God I didn’t start with this album. This weird titled movie  starring Arshad Warsi has a composer whom we have heard before. Yes, we heard his music in Aurangzeb. Not liked much, yet it was a decent performance. Now, when moves towards his next project, see what he gave to his listeners. MrJoeB.Carvalhoposter


Music: Amartya Rahut;  Music Label: T Series


1. Chumma Chaati – Singers: Shefali Alvares, Amartya Rahut, Pinky Maidasani;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Just a tune by an accordion-like sound is addictive and nice. Rest the whole song has nothing much to offer. Shefali’s singing is just awesome. She deserves a special mention because of being a kind of savior of the song. When I heard the lyrics, I didn’t care much about it. But when I came to know that it’s by Amitabh Bhattacharya, I was completely shocked as I hadn’t had expected that he could write that bad. I Love Saiyaanji ki late night party, but late night party mein I hate Chumma Chaati. I bet after reading this line, no body would try to attempt this. Enjoy it on DJ only!


2. Mindblastic – Singer: Neeraj Shridhar;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

Starts with a single Electric Guitar, this track is even worse than the previous one. When I heard its lyrics, I applaud AB for writing Chumma Chaati. The lyrics make no sense describing how Arshad’s character is, in an awful way with adjectives like Plastic, Mindblastic bla bla bla. Neeraj Shridhar’s vocals have different kind of texture. If he is made to sing such awful songs, his vocals make it even more awful unlike Tumhi Ho Bandhu kind of tracks which depicts the classy texture in his vocals. I bet you all have heard it on TV, and I am sure you wise enough to Leave it. 


3. Ring Ring – Singer: Subhajit Mukherjee;  Lyrics: Virag Mishra

The track sounds like an advertisement jingle with its Nursery-rhymish tune and lyrics. All thanks to its duration which is at all long and one can easily tolerate it, only in the first listening. Subhajit, the singer has done a decent job though it didn’t have much scope for singing. The track is not at all attractive but has a little better tune and lyrics. I would be glad if its mukhda had been used in an advertisement. If you like jingles, you can attempt it. 


4. Ae Ji Suniye – Singers: Hamsika Iyer, Amartya Rahut;  Lyrics: Virag Mishra

This is something much better compared to other tracks. It has atleast a nice tune and rhythm. Hamsika Iyer’s part is really nice but Amartya Rahut’s part is annoying. Amartya Rahut has tried to create something similar to Golmaal song Kyun Aagey Peeche Dolte Ho. That song was something epic. This track is not even close that but it’s a track which I could atleast allow you to try. It’s not THAT bad.


5. Carlos – Singer: Jaaved Jaaferi;  Lyrics: Jaaved Jaaferi

Again thanks to makers for making a short track. It’s a rap-ish track. Jaaved Jaaferi is perfect for these kind of tracks. But he has written completely non-sense lyrics. Track starts quite loudly that itself is damn annoying. Nothing to listen.


Mr. Joe B Carvalho is a rubbish soundtrack. Amartya Rahut disappoints again. He gets opportunities and he never utilize it. It proves that he is an untalented musician. The album has full ability to be the worst soundtrack of 2014. Sorry to those who have already listened before my review. Those who haven’t Please Do Not Listen. 


The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE



Next:  Karle Pyaar Karle


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