No Pyaar for this Album! (Karle Pyaar Karle – Music Review)

After that disastrous soundtrack, this is another small album which has some weird sounds. The tracklist is obviously attractive as it has Arijit Singh, the branded voice these days. You seem to feel that you are wrong only when you peep inside the album and find that you are not in a condition

Karle_Pyaar_Karle_Movie_Posterto recognize Arijit’s voice and feel ashamed of calling yourself his biggest fan. That’s the beauty of this album. 



Music Label: Sony Music




1. Karle Pyaar Karle – Singers: Benny Dayal, Palak Muchhal, Monali Thakur;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan, Suneel Darshan;  Lyrics: Kumaar, Suneel Darshan

The soundtrack starts with title track. It’s a regular Club track having the usual fast beats and nice techno tunes. It doesn’t have anything new or fresh. The basic tune is also a below average composition. Benny Dayal is being repetitive by getting same genre of songs. It’s good to hear the mixture of two different type of voices Palak Muchhal and Monali Thakur. Their vocals blended perfectly. This can be applied in future also. This track Could have been much better.


2. Teri Saason Mein – Singers: Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal;  Music: Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan;  Lyrics: Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan

The song starts with Arabic sound which seems to be quite similar to the intro of Pyaar Mein from Thank You. The composition is quite confusing. The rhythm is fast from the rhythm of usual romantic tracks. The hook tune is the sound of Flute which helps in attracting the listeners. The hook line is damn addictive. Arijit’s vocals sound weird and one cannot recognize his voice very easily. Nice Romantic Track. #WELCOMESONG


3. O Darling – Singers: Amit Mishra, Sasha Tirupati;  Music: Prashant Singh;  Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi, Suneel Darshan

It’s a damn damn annoying track. Lyrics are cheap and there’s no specific tune in the whole track. I don’t even understand what instruments are used. Is it Nagada or something? The track is so stale, straight and a kind of bad oppressor for our ears. Singers did their job well but the composition and lyrics play an awful role. Dangerous for ears. 


4. Mutasir – Singer: Javed Ali;  Music: Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan;  Lyrics: Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan

It has been composed with an utter sweetness with Javed Ali’s vocals contributing more to the sweetness. The line Is Qadar sounds too beautiful but after that song leaves its attraction and comes down to the ordinary level. That ordinary thing makes it a one time listen track. It could retain its charm in the antara but unable to do it. The lyrics has the same scenario. The words sound good in that line but become very ordinary in rest of the song.


5. Tanhaai – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Rayyan Ameen;  Lyrics: Arafat Mahmood, Rashid Khan, Suneel Darshan

Some songs belong to the genre Sad. This song belongs to a genre called Depression. It’s a damn weird track. The weirdness is felt just as the song starts. Arijit’s voice is a big LOL. It must be the worst singing of his career. Though he sang perfectly, his voice sounds like a partially damaged robot. Although there’s nothing to listen in this, I applaud the composer for making a different kind of track atleast. Better if you don’t listen.


6. Kurbaan – Singers: Natasha Tah, Mumzy Stranger;  Music: Mumzy Stranger;  Lyrics: Suneel Darshan, Mumzy Stranger

Another weird track which is not a proper song but seems to be just a compilation of different types of techno sounds. The sounds which are available on every free sound software. The beats are good but not creative. The singer Natasha’s vocals accurately fitted into place and blended with track perfectly. Her vocals and the techno tunes sounded quite similar. It’s could have been better by composing a proper song along with the techno track. A DJ-ish track. 


7. Soni Soni Akkha Nu – Singers: Tamara, Rayyan Ameen;  Music: Rayyan Ameen;  Lyrics: Yusuf Khan, Suneel Darshan

Another title track which is even worse than the former. It’s a very ordinary dance track having not a single interesting element to hear. The singer and composer Rayyan has annoying vocals which make the track totally avoidable. Tamara has very less role though her voice sounded ear friendly and also promising. She should have got more lines to sing. Lyrics is passable and so is the composition. It has full ability to make the DJ floor vacant. 


Karle Pyaar Karle is a below average soundtrack. It has some different kinds of tracks and some simple ordinary tracks too. The sound is the main problem in the album. Arijit’s vocals have been misused as recording is awfully done. Some tracks like Teri Saason Mein, Mutasir and Karle Pyaar Karle could have been much better and interesting if more work would be done on them.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Dedh Ishqiya 






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