Poora Ishq Kiya with this album! (Dedh Ishqiya – Music Review)

Dedh_Ishqiya_Teaser_PosterIn a recent award ceremony, he told us that he started directing films just because he wanted to continue composing music in films. His love for music has been seen by all. His music has always been experimental but always liked by listeners. He gained popularity and respect through his dedication. If even some of his albums go unnoticed, I have always liked them. Last year Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola was a hit but Ek Thi Daayan was a flop but I liked both and gave the verdict POSSIBLE.

Vishal Bharadwaj‘s music in Ishqiya was outstanding and so was his combo with Gulzar. The song Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji very well connected with all age people. It was the result of brilliant composition and beautiful writing. Ishqiya was a light soundtrack. Its sequel Dedh Ishqiya is a heavy soundtrack with Classical Music, Qawwali, Ghazal and a Mujra.


Music: Vishal Bharadwaj;  Lyrics: Gulzar;  Music Label: Shemaroo Music


1. Humari Atariya – Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj

The soundtrack starts with a stylish Mujra. After Dil Mera Muft Ka, here’s another Rock Mujra. Like the former, it doesn’t disappoint at all. The tune is little weak but Vishal has managed it by using the instruments in an amazing way. The song is based on the raga Bhairavi which is an adaption of Begum Akhtar‘s dadra. The Jugalbandi of Tabla and Electric Guitar is worth listening. Vishal has created the tune in semi-classical form giving a tinge of Rock. That’s what makes this song special. Rekha’s voice seems to be made for this track. The lyrics by Gulzar is fab. Listen it for the Jugalbandi. 


2. Dil Ka Mijaaz Ishqiya – Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

It starts with haunting sounds making you remember Kaali Kaali from Ek Thi Daayan. This title track has a catchy Mukhda and Rahat rules the mukhda and the whole song. The makers have tried to create another Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji but sadly they failed. Simpler the Mukhda is, complex is its antara. To fully understand the beauty of the antara, you have to listen it many times. Gulzar’s lyrics has a typical nawaabi flavor. Surprisingly Vishal didn’t sing this song though it has all the Vishal-ness in it. After a very long time Rahat has sung a class song. Don’t give a casual hearing, listen it carefully.


3. Jagaave Saari Raina – Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj

As the track starts with sargam, you would know there’s something beautiful in this. After listening to the song, you would come to know that the whole song was beautiful. Based on the raga Khamaaj, this track is exceptionally good. After such a long time a track like this has been composed in a film soundtrack. The beautiful Sitar driven tune aptly supported by Tabla is worth listening. Some parts have Violin in place of Sitar. All the instruments are played outstandingly. In some places, where the instruments take rest, a sound of Koyal is heard. The song takes us back to the era of Roshan and Nushad where there used to be heavy classically based songs. Rekha Bharadwaj has sung it even better than she did in Humari Atariya. She deserves a special mention. In the form of second interlude, there’s a taan rendered by Pt. Birju Maharaj. A Pure Classical Music after a very long time.


4. Zabaan Jale Hai – Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 

It starts with a rare instrument called Saz, also known as Baglama and it supports in the whole song. It’s wonderfully rendered by Rahat and creates a vibe better than the title track. Unlike other track which are more technical and complex, this one is a soulful melody which gets connected very well.  Apart from Saz, Guitar orchestration has been done perfectly. It has a rhythm which 1950s songs used to have. It gives a feeling of gratification. Like the title track’s antara, it has also beautiful vibe as the composition is just mind blowing. Gulzar’s lyrics has Ghazal like flavor which gives a perfect delightful experience. Na Bolun Main Toh Kaleja Phooke, Jo Bol Dun Toh Zabaan Jale Hai. 


5. Kya Hoga – Singer: Jazim Sharma, Master Saleem, Shahid Mallya 

It’s a traditional Qawwali which has typical instruments like Tabla, Harmonium etc. The strength of this song lies in the vocals of all the three singers. All of them have sung beautifully. They have done a tremendous job. The coordination among them is just amazing. This track has also introduced a new voice in the industry, Jazim Sharma. He appeared in the latest Saregamapa Challenge 2011 as a contestant and was one of the best performers in the show. Lyrics has also been written in the typical qawwali form. A Perfect Qawwali.


(Additional Track) Horn OK Please – Singers: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sukhwinder Singh

This comes as a surprise track. After all those heavy classical tracks, it’s a sudden change in the soundtrack. The makers have tried to show a glimpse of its prequel by making a track quite similar to Ibn Batuta. This track has all accurate fun elements but sadly it couldn’t make to the level of Ibn Batuta. Unlike Honey Singh’s film songs like Lungi Dance, Party All Night or the latest Sunny Sunny which are composed and written by him only, this track is composed by Vishal and written by Gulzar. The best thing in the track is its lyrics just like of Ibn Batuta. The strange thing is that Gulzar has himself made fun of his old song from Aandhi in the Rap part done by Honey Singh. In that he also mentions about Rafi and Lata. That line is seriously humorous. Honey Singh singing Vishal Bharadwaj’s tune and Gulzar’s written words, well that itself gives you a proper reason to listen it. 


Dedh Ishqiya is one of the finest soundtracks in recent times in terms of Indian Classical Music. It’s an amazing paradigm of the combination of composer, lyricist and singers. When in these days albums follow Pop Music more, albums like Dedh Ishqiya come as a trendsetter and provide a unique mental relief. If by chance, one gets bore listening to the classical genre, there’s a fun yo yo track to change your mood. It’s an album not made for the mass but would be liked by the mass. 


The Final Verdict:  AGREE



Next:  Jai Ho




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