Babloo made me happy too! (Babloo Happy Hai – Music Review)

Nila Madhab Panda, the man who had directed a critically acclaimed movie I Am Kalam, is back with his new project. Though he had directed brilliantly, this movie, by its trailer, doesn’t promise any interesting element in it. The director has this time given a little focus on the music unlike he did in his first project. He has welcomed a new duo in the industry, Bisakh-Kanish. The composers have tried different genres in this album and left no stone unturned to get appreciation. Hard Kaur has also got the title track as single composition in her bucket. The last big album I had heard of Junglee Music was Singh Is King. I was wondering where this company had gone. Finally it’s back. Let’s see if they really made Babloo Happy.


babloo-happy-hai-movie-2014 (1)

Music Label: Junglee Music


1. Babloo Happy Hai – Singer: Hard Kaur;  Music: Hard Kaur;  Lyrics: Hard Kaur

Mostly these type of songs are ineffective and inadequate. This is not the case with this song. She has done the work which she is capable of. The tune is catchy and isn’t irritating at all. Although the song should be termed as passable, I didn’t find any difficulty or irritation while listening. Infact, I enjoyed a little on the hook line. No doubt about Hard Kaur’s singing. If she has composed a very ordinary track, she has improvised it by her vocals. If you are in a good mood, you can attempt it.


2. Nachtey Raho – Singers: Kanish SharmaTanya Gupta;  Music: Bishakh – Kanish ;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

You’ll get the Laapataa (Ek Tha Tiger) feeling while listening to it. A Latin-o-Salsa track which has some really good music in background. It starts with wonderfully played Banjo followed by Violin and then Trumpet takes over the responsibility. Also some of the work has been done using Harmonica. It’s a track that should have featured in a big film because it has grand arrangements and sound. The work done with all the instruments is seriously applauding. The first and second interlude both have small roles of Guitar. Tanya Gupta, the new singer has got sweet and refreshing vocals. Kanish Sharma’s vocals are also nice. Only the lyrics are the disappointing factor in the song. The song has a refreshing melodious tune which keeps you engaged until it finishes off. A feel-good song.


3. Banjaran – Singers: Sonu Kakkar, Rahul Ram;  Music:  Bishakh – Kanish;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

It’s a song based on the middle-eastern music. Arabic instruments are used by the composers. Oud has been used as the string instrument and riq  as the percussion which has provided a constant feel of an Arabic song. Sonu Kakkad has first time sung a song of this kind. She used her vocals brilliantly. There wasn’t any important role of Rahul Ram. Lyrics are nice. Composers have created good tune. It’s not that catchy or commercial but purer than Mashallah which is of the same genre. Like Arabic music in Bollywood? Do listen it.


4. Popcorn: Singers: Aditi Singh Sharma, Protique Mojoomdar;  Music: Bishakh-Kanish;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

Till now, the songs were good and if not, atleast listenable. This one is a terrible weapon. It cannot be called a song. It’s simply a DJ track. There didn’t seem to have any proper lyrics. The whole track was filled with popcorn. There wasn’t anything else in the track. Only a single techno tune is good. Rest, the whole track is annoying. Beats are quite ordinary. In the ending part, dubstep sound has been tried to create but failed miserably. You won’t listen to it, you won’t dance it, it’s vague.


5. Jimmy Bhand – Singers: Mika Singh, Payal Singh Dev;   Music: Bishakh-Kanish;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

It’s a typical Punjabi track which has grooving beats to Nagada to Mika’s vocals, everything which an Ideal Punjabi Bollywood song should have. But in tune, it got failed. A very stale and stodgy tune which has nothing new in it. Even the arrangements like the beats blended with Nagada and Tumbi played slowly in the background, are just like an ordinary Punjabi song. Payal is the girl who made her debut last year with a song in Satya 2 which she had sung very well. She had no role in this song. Mika is all over the song. Tolerable but too stale to try.


6. Uhe Baatiyan – Singer: Shankar Mahadevan;  Music: Bishakh-Kanish;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

This song is a sure short winner among all the tracks. It’s based on a classical raga (unable to identify). It comes under the genre of Sugam Sangeet. It has quite a different background. You edit the vocals and it wouldn’t at all sound as a Classical song. Providing such background in a raga based song, is quite an intelligent effort the duo has done. In that techno background, a Sarangi is played very slowly and Tabla also joins in each antara. Surprisingly the lyrics are also beautiful here unlike Protique had written for the rest of the soundtrack. After the end of both the antara, there’s a beautiful and unusual jugalbandi between Piano and Tabla. Shankar Mahadevan has sung a raga based song, do I need to say more! #WelcomeSong


7. Bade Bade Akshar – Singer: Bishakh Jyoti;   Music: Bishakh-Kanish;  Lyrics: Protique Mojoomdar

It starts with a heavy Rock sound and moves forward and turns out to be an inspirational song. The tune is amazing. It’s catchy and also sounds beautiful. The rhythm, the arrangements of Electric Guitar and Drums have been done with an absolute correctness. Though the first interlude continues the Rock sound, the second adopts Arabic sound and the third is filled with Acoustic Guitar riff. Yes, third. It’s a three-antara long track. That’s the only drawback of it. Otherwise it has been made with perfectionism as composing inspirational songs which can attract mass, is really difficult. Besides getting two new composers, we also have got two new good singers. Their voice are awesome. Bishakh’s voice sounds slightly similar to that of Shaan. An inspirational track with not a single boring moment and with a very nice tune.


Babloo Happy Hai is a soundtrack that provided us two talented composers Bishakh and Kanish. They have done amazing work in their debut. Each song seems to be according to the exact situation in the film. There’s a title track, the only song composed by Hard Kaur which is quite enjoyable though being ordinary. There’s also a Salsa track, a track on Middle-Eastern music, a Sugam Sangeet, based on a Classical raga and an inspirational track with Rock background and a simple sweet tune. The two remaining tracks disappoint. They have led the album a level down with their annoying kerfuffle.

The year has started on a promising note by delivering two promising composers in its very first month.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Next:  One By Two



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