Dilwale (Nadeem-Shravan – Sameer) – Music Remembrance

It was the mid 90’s era when the passionate love was the favorite theme of filmmakers. It was the time when a lover couldn’t think of a relationship to be casual. Seriousness always used to be there in relationships. Before coming into relationship, hero had to struggle a lot to impress his beloved. And the main issue was to convince parents. That was the serious 90’s love which also was there in this musical hit film Dilwale. Nadeem-Shravan were one of the most popular duos in the industry. They used to get serious romantic scripts that used to have passion and sadness in love.Dilwale_dvd


Music:  Nadeem-Shravan;  Lyrics: Sameer;  Music Label: Venus Records & Tapes


1. Kitna Haseen Chehra – Singer: Kumar Sanu

Back in the mid 90’s, when Kumar Sanu was at the top of his career and his songs used to be in every music chart, this song added more to everything. It has everything that a super hit 90’s track should have. The violin orchestra, Dholak and Guitar to which Santoor added more pleasure. It’s a song that is heard almost by every Indian. They mustn’t have listened consciously but it is still so famous that you can hear it anytime anywhere on any autorickshaw or bus or in any shop. I am sure all must have heard it in these places only. The lyrics is something that a mango person can connect it with himself. One of the most popular from Nadeem-Shravan.


2. Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye / Jeeta Hoon Jiske Liye / Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye (Sad) – Singers: Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik / Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik / Kumar Sanu

It’s a song even more popular and much better also. The tune is purely a 90’s melody but it sounds really good. It also has amazing arrangements. The basic mood of the song is Sad but a particular sad version is also there. In the other two so-called happy version, one has tha the other has hoon. Kumar Sanu sounds apt in all the versions. The tha version has Guitar and Violin but Shehnaayi adds the sadness that it needed. The recording work has been done amazingly in this version. The hoon version is ofcourse happier compared to other two so it has beautiful Santoor and Accordion played in the background. The sad version has Harmonica aptly increasing the sadness in the atmosphere and Kumar Sanu’s singing is a great support for changing the listeners’ mood. Dholak has been used in all the versions as without it, no Nadeem-Shravan song would have been made. Alka Yagnik, in two versions is superb. At the end of all the versions, there’s amazing work done with Piano and that is surely the best past of the song. Lyrics are written according to the different situations and it has also worked sonically well. It is still the one of the most remembered songs of 90’s. How they made all three versions differently, that’s a thing to listen for.


3. Mauka Milega Toh – Singers: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik

It starts with loudly played Violin and percussion but as it moved further, it turned out to be a Romantic-Sad song. Udit Narayan comea on the mike replacing Kumar Sanu and delivers a great track along with Alka Yagnik. Along with Guitar, Accordion is used in the first interlude and Been in the second. The tune has comparatively lower intensity as compared to the two previous tracks. It is also a less popular track but was a hit of its era. Lyrics are very ordinary and do not add any charm to the song. An ordinary track now, but one of the best of 1994. 


4. Jo Tumhein Chaahe – Singer: Kumar Sanu

Kumar Sanu returns in this title track. The tune is ordinary but somehow it sounds nice. It seemed to be a perfect ideal romantic track of 90’s. Been, Tabla and Accordion are used here also but in a better way this time. Lyrics are not all suitable for the tune composed. Many times it went out of the rhythm which sounded very odd and uncomfortable to ears. It seemed that Nadeem-Shravan didn’t work much with this track and compromised with whatever made in the first effort. A song not at all applicable in today’s musical world.


5. Saaton Janam Main Tere – Singers: Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik

                    It has a much faster rhythm and better tune compared to other songs. The rhythm and tune are catchy and have ability to hold the listener. The I love you part has slightly similar tune to the I love you part of Meri Soni from Yaadon Ki Baaraat. Violin is played beautifully. Arrangement has been done in a planned way unlike other tracks. The Kumar Sanu – Alka Yagnik jodi bounded the soundtrack well and this song is the best example for that. Nice! That’s all I can say. 


Dilwale  was a squinter among the blinds in that year. It had nothing creative or beautiful or fresh but it surely had a sound that was better than its contemporaries. Two songs Kitna Haseen Chehra and Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye were the among the best of 1994 and one of the most popular songs of 90’s which are still played in every second shop you visit or the vehicle you travel. That was also the beginning period of Kumar Sanu – Alka Yagnik jodi that later spread deep magic through every song. Dilwale was hit at the Box Office and was the 8th grossing movie of 1994, collected around 5, 00, 00, 000.

It was a Nadeem-Shravan time which, if you missed, you won’t be able to like it again. 


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