The Class is Pure, but the Mass isn’t Cured! (Hasee Toh Phasee – Music Review)

Its name is sounding like a typical Bollywood Rom-Com. Since it’s of Dharma Productions, so shall we assume it to be something like another Gori Tere Pyaar Mein? Well, we can’t because the production house which is currently the most promising and dedicated production house, Phantom Productions is producing it. It’s a production team of four excellent filmmakers who have promised to touch the unknown areas of Cinema. Also, a new fresh jodi of Siddharth and Parineeti will be seen for the first time. Dharma effect is there as their favorite composers Vishal-Shekhar has provided the soundtrack. After not-so-good performance last year, it’s their first album in this year to make everybody feel their effective presence.Haseetohphasee_poster


Music: Vishal-Shekhar;  Music Label: Sony Music


1. Punjabi Wedding Song – Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

It starts with lots of Dholaks, the most appropriate Indian wedding instrument. The horns are used very well. The starting phrase I like Dandia… is actually the most attractive part of the song and the lyrics are also written in a decent and interesting way. Sunidhi sounds as if she is the perfect choice for this. Yes, she really is. It is clearly known in both the antara. Mukhda starts nicely but seems to be ended in a hurry to reach the hook line. These type of songs should have everything as catchy as possible. That doesn’t seem to be present here. The antara is completely in different scale and the bridge connecting to the mukhda has also a weird sound. They have continuously changed the notes in the whole song which hasn’t sounded good. It has made the song little uninteresting, specially for a lame listener. Though the second antara featuring Benny Dayal, starts well but loses its charm in the end. The hook line is damn addictive but the whole song should have been like this. A very unplanned track.


2. Shake It Like Shammi – Singer: Benny Dayal;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Starts with 60s style drum beats, this song is a musical tribute to Shammi Kapoor. I can’t imagine anyone better that Benny Dayal rendering it beautifully. His vocals have given what the song required. The song required 60s style Indian Jazz music mixed with today’s Pop music which Vishal-Shekhar have done perfectly. They have made a track which has all the elements to be received crazily among youths without losing its Shammi Kapoor essence. Here also, the antara went a little away from the basic notes of the track but didn’t sound odd at all. That’s a well planned and good finishing touch. If the movie is a hit, this song will be the biggest hit of the album.


3. Drama Queen – Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

It starts with the signature Vishal-Shekhar style which sounds awesome. As Shreya starts, it gets to become more awesome and then just before the hook line, those plain vague beats spoil everything. Yes, I have only one problem with this track i.e its recording and arrangement. The tune is nice and full of fun and specially the hook line is damn addictive. AB has written interesting colorful lyrics which makes the song comfortable for lip sync. Vishal’s line which connects the song to the hook line, sounds incomplete and should have repeated twice with different words to make it sound better. Shreya and Vishal have sung this catchy song with full energy. The technical part is a let down, rest is pure energetic Nautanki. 


4. Manchala – Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali, Nupur Pant;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

The prelude that has been played using Harmonica sounds a bit similar to the tune of backing vocals done by Nikhil D’Souza in the song Love Me Thoda Aur from Yaariyan. But it’s just a matter of 2-3 seconds and then it’s a complete fresh song rendered beautifully by Shafqat Amanat Ali. Vishal-Shekhar introduces a new singer Nupur Pant who sounds very promising from his vocals. She enters in the antara. But the main thing is what happens before the antara. Harmonica leaves the stage just when the mukhda ends. Violin takes over and I am unable to describe in words, what happens after that. They played violin so beautifully in the interlude that it takes the song to another level. It actually changes the whole linearity of the song. Nupur enters with a beautiful line and Harmonica joins that line to the next line in a way that is indescribable. I don’t how they did this awesomeness. All I know that this bridge by Harmonica in the antara surely does something deep in the heart. As the antara ends, the song returns to the same level and Shafqat continues. Listen to the antara to get a Heaven-like feeling. 


5. Zehnaseeb – Singers: Shekhar Ravjiani, Chinmayi;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Quiet in the same way like Naina (Gori Tere Pyaar Mein), Violin is played here. Starts wonderfully churning out a tune which can please anybody. Chinmayi, when starts, sounds similar to Tulsi Kumar but returns to her original form later. Its sound is a bit similar to Shekhar’s non-film single Butterfly which also had Chinmayi as the female voice. Violin, being the leading instrument here, has captured the whole track with its amazing vibe aptly supported by Sitar at appropriate places. The percussion has a Titli-like sound but the rhythm is comparatively faster here. The arrangements are superb. Shekhar’s vocals sound so beautiful that it makes us think why this man doesn’t sing on a regular basis. After listening to it, I feel that Titli should have been sung by Shekhar only. A Peaceful Melody! #WelcomeSong


6. Ishq Bulaava – Singers: Sanam Puri, Shipra Goyal;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Sanam Puri (Dhat Teri Ki fame) finally got a slow song to sing and he did an amazing work. He did the complete justification with this complex and unusual tune. It seems that Vishal-Shekhar has made this track for themselves only. It is so damn complex that one can not understand even after listening to 3-4 times. Tune continuously changes and to understand the beauty of every tune, one has to sit and listen with concentration. Every tune is catchy but when you combine them as one song, it’s not at all catchy. To like it, one has to give time to it. The backing vocals by Vishal is one of the best elements in the track. The newcomer Shipra Goyal’s voice has a bit 90’s texture or she may have knowingly delivered that way according to the need of the song. The only song written by Kumaar has cute lyrics which is easy to connect with. The arrangements are just amazing. Technically, Awesome! But Height of Complexity!


Hasee Toh Phasee seems to be a pure Dharma soundtrack which has a wedding song, a classy, a desi dance track, and two romantic tracks. Ishq Bulaava seems to be an exception here. Vishal-Shekhar had never composed such a track. It’s basically not for fans but for their own growth. It feels glad to hear that they tried something different and that also turned out so well. Two fast songs seemed to be work of hurry. They made those tracks without working and improvising it more. Shake It Like Shammi is a winner among dance songs. All three slow songs are gem. Manchala’s antara, Zehnaseeb’s mukhda, vocals & lyrics and Ishq Bulaava’s different complex sound. So, the three songs have a class which is pure and the other three mass appealing songs are not well planned, recorded, arranged and improvised. A quite Well Balanced Rom-Com Album!


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



Next:  Gunday




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