The First Soundtrack Released by Viacom18 (One By Two – Music Review)

One By Two, the first film produced by Abhay Deol landed into a great controversy when India’s leading music company T Series asked the producer to make the composers and singers sign a contrack according to which : “In consideration of this Agreement, Singer further undertakes not make any performance, or allow recording of the same, of the works including any performance for a cover version under Section 31C except under this Agreement, without the express permission and licence of Producer”. It happened with their latest music release Heartless but out of nowhere, without understanding anything, Mohit Chauhan signed the contract n the music released. But when Abhay Deol opposed this contract, they didn’t even release its music. After a lot of fight, Neeraj Kalyan finally took an exit from the album: “We regret to inform you that we have decided to relinquish the music rights of ‘One By Two’. Although we had all the rights from Viacom but we are unable to release the music album in the absence of valid link agreements between Viacom and Composers of the album. We wish all the very best to Mr. Abhay Deol for his film.” And hence, Viacom18 who has produced the movie, had to take the initiative to release its music on its own and enter the music business first time.One_by_Two_(2014_Hindi_film)_Poster


Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya;  Music Label: Viacom18


1. I’m Just Pakaoed – Singer: Siddharth Mahadevan

It’s a Heavy Metal track which is the least liked genre. Siddharth’s voice suits very well to the song and he has sung exceptionally well. Heavy Guitars are laid upon scintillating Drums that help justifying the genre. Those who listen to Heavy Metal, it is strictly for them. Others, won’t attempt it after the first listen. I am one of them. Composers have done a perfect job. There’s not much scope of Heavy Metal in Indian film music. So, if they are encouraging a new genre, it is really applauding. A brilliant effort by S-E-L!


2. Kaboom – Singer: Anushka Manchanda

Can’t imagine it is made by S-E-L. There doesn’t seem to be any effort in creating it. It’s a very ordinary track with ordinary tune. It seems to be made by a newcomer and not a biggie like S-E-L. Arrangement wise, it’s not at all decent. Anushka have sung it carelessly and many times seemed losing the coordination with the music. Tune is quite staid and plain and making the listeners lose their interests very soon. Lyrics doesn’t appeal much though it’s written using some nice phrases. A Very Uninteresting Track.


3. Baat Kya Hai – Singer: Clinton Cerejo

That’s a typical S-E-L tune which is damn soothing and relaxing. It has some amazing curves drenched in the appeasing voice of Clinton Cerejo. A beautiful techno tune is used and that’s the best thing in the track. Arrangements are superb. Clinton’s voice has been given a right amount of modulation which makes it more comfortable for listening. Lyrics is nice, decent and very different from the style of Amitabh Bhattacharya.  A Soothing S-E-L-ish melody!


4. Khushfehmiyan / Khushfehmiyan (Unplugged) – Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Now, this is something interesting. A song which would impress everyone by its cute tune. Sadly, the female voice has not been credited though her part is the best. That tune is so damn cute that you can fall in love with the moment you hear it. All the backing vocals have been used perfectly along with the instruments. That’s why the arrangement is awesome. Lyrics does appeal you. Khushmehiyan, the title in itself attracts the listeners. The Unplugged version is comparatively a lot boring. Just a single Guitar sound plays on loop and no other chord has been used. Also, there’s only Shankar Mahadevan in it. There’s no backing vocals and even that female part which is the best part is absent here which makes the song completely dull and incomplete. A beautiful song that would be liked by everyone, just if you do not attempt the Unplugged version. #WelcomeSong


5. Sheher Mera – Singer: Thomson Andrews

After a pleasant track, here comes again a very uninteresting track. It’s a track which is based on English Classic music style and it doesn’t have anything attractive or decorative. If they had to create such a track, atleast they could create a good sounding tune or such instruments or arrangements that could have gone well with listeners’ choice. Thomson’s voice sounds like a male Usha Uthup and it doesn’t attract rather it deviates the listeners from the song. Lacks the entertainment factor and everything that makes a listener pay attention to it. 


6. Khuda Na Khasta – Singer: Arijit Singh

It has only Arijit Singh as the attraction. A mediocre tune with a slight Rock touch only worsen the song. Although it’s not attractive or worth listening, when you listen to it with “I-am-gonna-like-it”  attitude, you’ll surely like it and press the repeat button. After listening it, I feel that they could have done more work to improvise it a little. It could have been better by adding some decorative vocals and arrangements. The alaap by Shankar Mahadevan in the interlude is the best part of the song. It’s only for Arijit fans. 


One By Two, the soundtrack which got very delayed. Movie is releasing on 31st January and the music has just hit the market. I was expecting a lot from this album as the two latest S-E-L’s albums Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and D-Day were damn awesome. By listening to this soundtrack, it seems that they didn’t take much interesting in decorating or working the songs more. I don’t care about other tracks but I hope Khushfehmiyan gets noticed by people as it’s a beautiful tune. A soundtrack with a bad Kundli, first it got delayed too much and then we get to listen S-E-L’s disappointing music. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Next:  Highway




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