Valentine’s Day Special: Tum Mile (Pritam – Sayeed Quadri & Kumaar) – Music Remembrance

Valentine’s Day has always been one of the most special days in a year when, leaving all the important work, we spend time with people whom we actually love and care. Love is an eternal bliss which emerges from within. Love is the only thing that has freedom of our will. Nobody has ever loved anyone forcefully. Because it is simply impossible. It’s a feeling that evolves when you actually want it to. Five years back, in 2009, when music director Pritam had just become the top most and busiest composer of Bollywood, Tum Mile was one of those albums that made him what he is. After the successful collaboration with one of the most talented directors of Vishesh Films, Kunal Deshmukh in Jannat, Pritam teamed up again with him in Tum Mile, a love story set against the backdrop of the infamous July 2005 Mumbai Floods. Sadly the film sank badly at the box office as it was not well directed but its soundtrack became one of the most memorable romantic albums ever!Tum-mile-poster


Music: Pritam;  Music Label: Sony Music


1. Tum Mile / Tum Mile (Love Reprise) / Tum Mile (Rock) – Singer: Neeraj Shridhar / Javed Ali / Shafqat Amanat Ali;  Lyrics: Kumaar

It was the time when Neeraj Shridhar was Pritam’s favorite singer. There used to be hardly any of his albums in which Neeraj Shridhar wasn’t featured. It was because of his velvety vocals that can be fitted anywhere in any situation. He has led the song and also given the backing vocals so there’s no need to hire a voice for the chorus or backing vocals. Neeraj Shridhar is a complete voice. The first version is an upbeat foot tapping track which defines love in a happy-go-lucky way. It’s actually a romantic song in which you can easily show some moves. The tune has a wave-like structure. Simple beats are used with some undertones that makes it more interesting. A very sweet techno tune is played in the part come around. It doesn’t have the Vishesh Films sound which gives a very fresh and warm feeling. Only Piano has a prominent role and the rest of the song has techno sounds. It doesn’t have the antara-mukhda scenario, instead it has three stanzas, like Western songs have, first two having the same notes, the third one having different.

The second version i.e the Love Reprise which is sung by Javed Ali. This version has a more relaxing and nonchalant melody compared to the former. Beautiful Saxophone has been played at the starting and in-between the song. That Saxophone is adorable which makes the mood more romantic. Sitar also shows its little presence after the Saxophone. Javed Ali’s vocals is so damn soothing that it’s hard to stop listening in a loop. Beats are even more soothing than that of Neeraj’s version. Unlike, the former version, it does have the antara-mukhda structure. The romantic breezy melody turns to the Rock side in the second interlude with Guitar being played at its best. Along with the tune, the lyrics also have a softer version and quite appropriate to sing while proposing your beloved.

The third version is titled as the Rock version. Shafqat Amanat Ali’s classical vocals blend quite amazingly with the Rock-ish feel of the song. The version is similar to Javed Ali’s Reprise version with Rock Guitar arrangements in the background quite firmly placed. I didn’t feel the need for this version as the tune of the song is melodious and doesn’t suit Rock music but Pritam has managed it so well that it’s hard to say anything bad about it. The Guitars have been played in “Life In A Metro” style and the sound which Pritam has produced with the Guitar at the starting and the end of the song is something extraordinary! Three completely different but beautiful flavors of a single tune and Kumaar’s romantically aligned lyrics. Tasty!


2. Dil Ibaadat / Dil Ibaadat (Rock) – Singer: KK;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

A love ballad with a rhythmic tune perfectly written by Sayeed Quadri. It’s all about the Piano. The way it starts, it keeps you engage till it finishes off. KK’s engaging vocals won’t allow you to concentrate on the beautiful background. Pritam has used some of the finest backgrounds sounds here. In the first interlude, there comes a vocal sound which is undefinable. It has a kind of sound played with the Violin that only Pritam can produce and I miss that sound in his melodies now. The antara is sweet and superb where KK rocks. The second interlude has Suzanne giving the backing vocals which takes the song to another level and also helps to connect well with the second antara which is superbly written. Melody is damn catchy and breathtaking. It ends quite smoothly with the part which I like the most i.e the vocals of Suzanne crooning the same tune that is played with Piano in the intro.

The Rock version starts with a bang that has again Piano but with a different tune. It sounds good too but soon emerges to be a duller version. Pritam has perfectly used all the Rock elements and given it a completely different sound. To be precise, the Rock version is awesome but compared to its counterpart, it is dull and boring not because it has any drawback but because the former version is something out-of-the-world. You tasted it? Then don’t just stick to KK. Make your ear familiar with awesome backgrounds that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere in Bollywood.


3. Tu Hi Haqeeqat – Singer: Javed Ali;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

That Guitar strums, and then that steam-engine-like sound and then comes one of the most addictive sounds/tunes I have ever heard in my life. This melody leaves a deep impact to its listeners. Pritam has crossed the limit of addiction in this song. Again, a wave-like tune which produces great emotions and also a foot to tap rhythmically. Beats have been arranged in a particular one-two-one-two manner which beautifies the song. Pritam has helped him showcase his versatility by making Javed sing in a totally different pitch and voice tenor, as opposed to what is normally associated with him. It also has a Sufi touch beautifully blended in it by featuring Ashraf and Shadab accompanying Javed in the chorus line. That haunting flute deserves a special mention which is rightly should be called as totally Nasheela. The backing vocals taking an alaap just before the second antara is outstanding! I guess, it’s Javed only doing that. It’s hard to imagine how Pritam must have had told Javed to do that. An Immortal Melody. A Bliss!


4. Is Jahaan Mein – Singer: Mohit Chauhan;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

A breathy delightful melody which provides the mood for a road trip. It has a little different gesture compared to other songs of the album. It’s lively and westernized. Melody is beautiful again, but that level which other songs offered was absent. It starts with a Mandolin giving a fine intro to the song. In the interlude, the breezy Saxophone makes things better. Pritam has made Mohit Chauhan do the Kishore Kumar – like “yodling” in the end which gives the feeling that we have heard something really good. Mohit Chauhan has helped a lot in taking the song to another level with upbeat rhythm and classy backing vocals. In this genre, what I like the most about Pritam that he always ends the antara in a rhythmic format by creating a nice bridge that leaves the antara safely to the mukhda. Other composers never follow this and leaves off the antara blatantly. A journey song that feels fresh because of Mohit Chauhan.


5. O Meri Jaan – Singer: KK;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

Starts with KK’s impressive vocals and Sayeed Quadri’s rhythmic lyrics and as KK goes high-pitched, you can’t think of any other thing in your life apart from this track. It’s a gem of a tune! It’s amazing how Pritam has managed the sound so well that the part which has a dull tune i.e o meri jaan, he has used a haunting Piano piece that surely vainsh the dullness and you would be lost in its beauty. The antara is also catchy and extremely melodious. Beats are passionately romantic. Though Sayeed Quadri has written perfect lyrics as it’s a sad separation song but the beauty with which Pritam has made it, you would keep on adoring it and forget it to be a sad song. The second interlude is filled with all the haunting vocals that is a typical Vishesh Films sound and the way KK ends that antara, tanha teri tarah, haan main bhi hoon, that’s something what listeners look for. Not only a heart-touching but a heart-wrenching melody that would keep you mesmerized with its music and emotionally moaned with its lyrics.


6. Soul Of Tum Mile – Instrumental

This instrumental track has some beautiful haunting sound. Saz supports the Violin aptly to help it perform being the lead instrument. Endearing!


Tum Mile wasn’t a soundtrack that contained variety as most of the Pritam albums do these days. But it surely is the most melodious album in Pritam’s career which displays its simplicity in the best way. 3 versions of the title track, passionate melody Dil Ibaadat, addictive Sufi melody Tu Hi Haqeeqat, sweet and simple road trip track Is Jahaan Mein and the gem O Meri Jaan. It got huge praise from critics as well as the listeners. Pritam also got nomination for Best Music in Star Screen Awards along with two other nominations Love Aaj Kal and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani. 2009 was the year when Pritam showed the higher level of his presence in Bollywood and started getting the much deserved respect along with the praise that he always used to get. But sadly, this album didn’t get the respect it needed. One of the Best Romantic albums ever! But the Most Underrated album ever! Because there’s a thick line between the amount of praise it deserved and the amount of praise it actually got. The album which gave birth to some immortal tunes! Vishesh Films’ Best Soundtrack till date!


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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Special: Tum Mile (Pritam – Sayeed Quadri & Kumaar) – Music Remembrance

  1. a fantastic album, dis is my favorite sblum till date……n very well reviewed as well…..ur description made me felt as if i was listening 2 dat particular song….grt job Prakhar bro…n all d very best….!!!


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