An Experienced Music Debut by Soumik Sen! (Gulaab Gang – Music Review)

Quite surprised I was, when I watched the trailer of Gulaab Gang. Not because the movie seemed to be interesting but because of the name I saw multiple times in the trailer Soumik Sen. The last man I had seen as an allrounder was Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Soumik Sen has written and directed the movie along with the soundtrack which he has composed. Although he had written a movie Anthony Kaun Hai? starring Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsia and provided the lyrics for the songs of the movie Ru-Ba-Ru, it is his first film as a director and a music director. From the trailer, the movie looked very promising. Also, I felt, after knowing a bit about the movie, that the music should have been composed by Sneha Khanwalkar as it’s a women oriented movie and also it belongs to Sneha’s genre. But when I heard the soundtrack, I don’t feel that anymore…Gulab_Gang




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Listen to the songs here!


Music: Soumik Sen;  Music Label: T Series


1. Gulaabi – Singers: Malabika Brahma, Shilpa Rao;  Lyrics: Neha Saraf

There’s no romance, drama, sadness or groove but still sounds a lovable tune, created by Soumik Sen. Malabika Brahma, the newcomer here along with the well established Shilpa Rao sing out loud in enthusiasm where the former’s insolent vocals sound dominant and much energetic giving pleasant twitches in her singing. It’s tough to compose a good tune in this genre and Soumik has done that well by creating a likable melody that is catchy, rhythmic and well arranged. The use of mild Guitar, Sarod and Sitar has been done with utter sweetness in the first interlude. Sarod has actually captured the whole track and sounds too good. The whole song is equally divided between the two as each of the two has their own mukhda and antara. The word gang has been sounded as gun-g to make it sound pulsating which is actually the best part of the song. Lyrics are written well, according to the background of the condition in the story. Intensive Chorus in the hook line has been putted superbly. A must listen track! #WelcomeSong


2. Dheemi Dheemi Si – Singers: Kaushiki Chakrborty, Malabika Brahma;  Lyrics: Neha Saraf

Another debutante Kaushiki, joins Malabika in this inspirational track. She has a sweet voice to render perfectly the lines which she has got. The song starts with Guitar strumming and Trumpet, though the latter wasn’t needed at all. Kaushiki’s angelic vocals croon the softer part of the song melodiously. After that, the track takes a drastic turn where Malabika enters and it becomes more of a political track that is all about cursing the government. Traditional Dhol arrangements have been used to give it a rural feel. If Malabika was dominant in the title track, Kaushiki completely overpowers her in this. Percussions, Kaushiki’s vocals and lyrics are what the song is all about.


3. Sharm Laaj – Singers: Malabika Brahma, Pavni Pandey;  Lyrics: Shreya Narayan

It’s kind of a folk-ish material that introduces another debutante Pavni Pandey who was among the top 5 contestants in the first season of SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs. The hook line is catchy and gives a feeling of a folk track. The song is about women’s freedom which is well written by Shreya. The first interlude by Guitar is well played but the way which it is played, sounds totally absurd. Infact, Harmonica in the second interlude sounds quite appropriate. Though Pavni has got a very less role in comparison to Malabika, she has sung beautifully the part which was given to her. Percussive elements are nice but the arrangements could have been much better. Nice debut by Pavni and good lyrics by Sneha.


4. Aankhiyaan – Singer: Kaushiki Chakrborty;  Lyrics: Neha Saraf

It’s a mood changer of the soundtrack as it brings the slow melody with it that engages you quite well. Here, the composer has showcased Kaushiki in a solo track to present her strength fully without any disruptions. He really meant it as he used minimal instrumentation. The whole song is on the Guitar chords to make Kaushiki show her the sweet texture of her voice. By the arrival of the second interlude, Flute joins along with the Guitar. Flute has created amazing combo with Guitar that adds to the beauty of the song. Lyrics are too good. Listen to it for the flawless singing done by the newcomer.


5. Rang Se Hui – Singer: Kaushiki Chakrborty;  Lyrics: Neha Saraf

It’s a Holi song that is being composed in the typical 80’s style. Soumik has even used the instruments that used to be played in 80’s songs. The tune seems to be based on Pilu Raga, on which most of the songs used to be based on earlier. Kaushiki has again ruled the song with her sweet admirable vocals and given a promising indication for her Bollywood journey. Specially, the last part which she has sung is awesome! Though I liked the basic tune of the song but there wasn’t any need of composing it in 80’s style music. A Colorless composition on Colors.


6. Rangi Saari Gulaabi – Singers:Madhuri Dixit Nene, Snehalatha Dikshit, Anupama Raag;  Lyrics: Traditional

It starts with doddery vocals of a very old woman and that woman is none other than Madhuri Dixit’s mother Snehalatha Dikshit. I didn’t know she and Madhuri are singers. After crooning the first line, comes Madhuri behind the mic and surprisingly sings really very well. There’s also the singer Anupama Raag who has a short cameo. She too sounded nice. The tune is classically oriented and sounds melodious. The Harmonium and Tabla when starts, gives the feeling of AR Rahman’s Kun Faaya Kun (Rockstar) and also produces a good vibe. Beautiful Shehnaayi has been played at the start and at the end. Such a song and Madhuri Dixit’s vocals are in the rarest of the rare case in Bollywood.


7. Teri Jai Ho – Singer: Soumik Sen;  Lyrics: Soumik Sen

The soundtrack ends with a tribute to women. Beautifully written lyrics with a best suited composition and dazzling vocals, all by Soumik Sen. The song written, composed and sung by Soumik, has endearing Guitar chords which supports his vocals smoothly. Soumik has produced a breezy sound that conveys the idea well. All the three things by him have been done effortlessly A song perfect for End-Credits in the movie.


Gulaab Gang saw the composer Soumik Sen’s debut in the industry. Almost all the songs are women oriented like the movie is. I was thinking of Sneha Khanwalkar to do the music but after listening, I want to pat on his shoulders for delivering a well deserved thumbs up for the soundtrack. This album also showed many singers debuting like Kaushiki Chakrborty, Malabika Brahma, Pavni Pandey and Soumik himself. All the singers performed extremely well, specially Kaushiki Chakrborty. A soundtrack depicting colorfulness in its name, does not have colorful tunes but has much more than that! A remarkable debut by Soumik Sen! A debut which doesn’t seem to be a debut.


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



Next:  Total Siyapaa


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