It’s Ali Zafar’s Kingdom! (Total Siyapaa – Music Review)

It feels good to see a person who is talented enough to act, sing, write and compose for the same movie. If he is acting in a movie, he does almost all those four mentioned things. If he’s not the composer (e.g. Chashme Buddoor), he atleast sings a song for sure. Although I was pleased with the music of London Paris New York, I wasn’t contented with it. I had liked the arrangements and the lyrics but tunes weren’t satisfying. Hence, I wasn’t excited for this album. But as I started hearing praise as soon as it got released, my excitement increased. And when I actually heard the songs…Total_Siyappa_2014_Indian_film_poster




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Music: Ali Zafar;  Music Label: T Series


1. Total Siyapaa – Singer: Ali Zafar;  Lyrics: Ali Zafar, Kumaar

Album starts with a fun title track which is filled with the Punjabi-ness humor. The tune is quite ordinary but catchy and foot-tapping. The track has in-between dialogues that are conversationally humorous and also has a good relation with the situation of the movie. The lyrics have typical Kumaar-ness in it and he is perfect in writing these kind of songs. The tune that has been composed and the sounds in the form of dialogues which have been used, serve an exemplary situation for the song. An ordinary but a perceptual track.


2. Palat Meri Jaan – Singer: Ali Zafar;  Lyrics: Ali Zafar

Just by its name, it seems to be an ordinary song but its name works as an illusion as the track is superb. Beautiful catchy tune with cute romantic lyrics and grand arrangements make this track a must listen. Ali Zafar begins the track with Piano arrangements which support his forcefully-made breezy vocals. Those vocals then start showing some faults at regular instances. The Electric Guitars in the interlude are fantastically played to reach to the pleasant antara. The tune is so beautifully composed by him that his faulty singing is overpowered by it. It would have been great if there was any other singer.  Refreshing, Romantic and Catchy!


3. Nahin Maloom – Singers: Ali Zafar, Fariha Parvaiz;  Lyrics: Aqeel Rubi

It’s quite easily understandable that lyrics are not by Ali Zafar as some tough Urdu words have been used and it’s written in metaphorical way which is quite unlike Ali Zafar as his lyrics are more practical and conversational. Fariha who is excellent with her minor role in the song, is one of the leading female singers of Pakistan. This Spanish/Arabic song’s tune is damn sweet and catchy which has been composed in retro style. The blend of Latino-Salsa with the Middle Eastern music, is song’s another excellence apart from the basic melody. It’s very different from the typical Ali Zafar style of composition and that’s what is special in it. A Must Listen!  #WelcomeSong


4. Asha – Singer: Ali Zafar;  Lyrics: Ali Zafar

It’s has a typcial Ali Zafar composition style and lyrics and he is perfect in singing too. The song’s tune seems to be just made for his vocals. It’s a westernized track with three stanzas depicting the condition of a guy who loves his girlfriend but doesn’t want to marry her because he’s not comfortable with some of her habits. But the way he tells that to the girl, is a thing to notice. He has written the kind of lyrics which he is comfortable with. The rhythm has typical Indian touch inspite of being composed in a Western style. A Typical Ali Zafar Song! (if you know what’s his typicality is)


5. Chal Buleya – Singer: Ali Zafar;  Lyrics: Bulleh Shah

It’s one of those typical Punjabi sad songs that used to be made in late 90’s and early 2000’s. Although probably, it is the first time that Ali Zafar has touched this zone, many songs have already been composed with the same sound, rhythm, arrangements and almost the same tune. Also, Ali Zafar’s vocals are not suited at all with the type of song that it is though he seems to have tried to modify his vocals a lot and to say, that he didn’t succeed at all, wouldn’t be appropriate. Only in the end, the echoic part sounds cool and refreshing. Rest, it disappoints. A one-time listen track.


Total Siyapaa is a short but nice soundtrack with five moderate songs among which four are happy-go-lucky kind and the fifth one is the only sad song. Title track is ordinary, just the dialogue templates deserve a listen, Palat Meri Jaan is a sweet romantic track which will be liked by everyone, Nahi Maloom gives the sweet retro feel along with the Latino-Arabic arrangements and instruments, Asha is a typical Ali Zafar material with a westernized tune and conversational lyrics and Chal Buleya is a tried n tested formula which most of the times doesn’t get success. Ali Zafar, in this soundtrack, has tried things out of his zone by remaining firmed in his own zone. A nice light-heart soundtrack.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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