Shreya Ghoshal’s Charm and Sharmishtha’s Haunting Debut saved the album! (Darr @ The Mall – Music Review)

Not much happy with what Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy did in One By Two, I somehow made myself excited for their next album. It’s a low budget horror flick that has Jimmy Shergill and Nushrat Barucha and directed by Rangini MMS director Pavan Kripalani. It’s quite strange and unlucky that the trio’s previous film One By Two faced lot of controversies and the music of the film released just some days before the movie’s release date. Now the same has happened with Darr @ The Mall as its music released quite lately as the movie’s release date is 21st February 2014. Besides the trio, there’s a song composed by Agnel Roman and  Faizan Hussain, among them, the latter was also the music director of Ragini MMS. Being the background scorer of the film, Ranjit Barot has one theme track in the soundtrack.Darr@TheMallFirstTeaserPoster




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Music Label: MSM Motion Picture


1. Chaahatein – Singer: Sharmishtha Chatterjee;  Music: Agnel Roman, Faizan Hussain;  Lyrics: Agnel Roman, Faizan Hussain

It’s a typical horror film song having some weird haunting sounds that doesn’t sound weird now as we all know that the Hindi horror movie songs have same kind of sound which try their best to frighten you but always fail. Composition is very ordinary but not at all annoying. You can easily listen to it multiple times inspite of having a stodgy sound. The credit goes to the debutante Sharmishtha Chatterjee who has lend her voice in many famous ad jingles of Bharati Axa, Sunfeast Marie Light, Fem and also the title track of a currently running show Main Na Bhoolungi on Sony Entertainment Television. Her vocals have provided the right amount of haunt. The song has Piano and Violin arrangements which has been blended in a way to make it sound authentically horror. Although the composers have done a decent job, they could have worked more on the sound. Likable, just because of the dubtante Sharmishta’s singing.


2. Tera Reham – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

When you have Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals rendering S-E-L’s tune in a small album, it’s an unexpected big treat for the listeners. Unsurprisingly, the song turns out to be very beautiful having a sweet and slow catchy tune and meaningful lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. It seems that it has been sung by a female ghost and if that is the case, the ghost is quite lucky to get damn melodious vocals. The haunting gesture has been given by the trio using Xylophone sound and made melodious by using Matka in the interlude as well as in the antara. The hook tera reham is quite dull and could have been better. Except that, it’s a wonderful listen. S-E-L quite steadily are coming into the much required mood in the industry. Shreya Ghoshal, Xylophone and the line kirno mein dhal ke.. are the elements to listen for. #WelcomeSong


3. Pinacolada – Singers: Aditi Singh Sharma, Neeti Mohan;  Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

If you listen to the song, it sounds like a composition that must have been composed by the trio long back. It sounds like a pick from S-E-L’s bank of old compositions. Lyrics by Amitabh is not at all cool. Pinacolada is a Spanish name of a sweet, rum-based cocktail though after listening to the song, you won’t get high as this cocktail is vague and will have zero effect on you. It’s a below average composition as we don’t expect S-E-L to compose such ordinary tracks. Catchy but lack of freshness in composition and lyrics.


4. Darr Theme – Instrumental;  Music: Ranjit Barot

Generally a theme track has been kept in the soundtrack, if it has a definite particular tune which is the soul of the movie. But here, the track has not a single tune that could go well with the listener. At the start, it sounds very ordinary but on moving further, it has some great haunting sounds that would surely give u nice experience listening at night when all the lights are off. But its real potential will be witnessed by the viewers after the movie gets released. A one time listen as it won’t haunt you after that!


Darr @ The Mall is a very short album with just three songs and a theme track. Nobody was expecting anything from its music but the two songs turned out quite well. The debutante Sharmishtha gave a promising signal with Chaahatein, and Tera Reham sounded beautiful in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal which is the best track of the album. Pinacolada though having Aditi Singh Sharma and Neeti Mohan behind the mic, failed to attract the listeners as it sounds too old and stale, musically as well as lyrically. The theme track by Ranjit Barot is a decent affair making the listeners enjoy atleast in the first attempt. Being a soundtrack of a small budget movie and with only 3 songs in the soundtrack, it has quite easily secured a decent place among all the big albums that released this month. After listening to a song like Tera Reham, I won’t expect S-E-L to sign such small albums that degrade their capability. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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