A decade-old Soundtrack! (Dee Saturday Night – Music Review)

When I came across this album, I hadn’t had any plan to show any interest towards it. But then Aashiqui 2 fame Ankit Tiwari attracted my eyes and I had to bound myself to listen to the album. Also, his lyrics partner of Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, Sandeep Nath has penned the lyrics of all the six songs. The movie has a weird name and it looks ridiculous by the poster. It has six tracks among which Ankit Tiwari has composed four and the remaining two have been composed by Sameer Tandon. I know only one Sameer Tandon who was a contestant in the first season of SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs. Unfortunately I have no idea whether he is that Sameer. d443ee43-b093-4feb-9e27-0629555bd3a8_original_image_500_500


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Lyrics: Sandeep Nath;  Music Label: SRK Media Entertainment


1. Jhatak Ke Nacho – Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Akriti Kakkar, Suzzanne D’Mello, Shivi Singh;  Music: Sameer Tandon

It’s a nice catchy title track which has right amount of grooving beats and an innovative hook line. It’s a disco track with awful lyrics destroying the mood of every bit of the tune. Antara is weaker compared to the mukhda. The track is quite ordinary but the best part lies in the catchy hook line. The way they have molded the two parts of the same song, hare rama hare krishna and dum maaro dum – tera – mit jaaye gham, sounds perfect. If it was included in a big film, it would have attracted many listeners. 


2. Falsafa Mera Falsafa – Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Debolina Bose;  Music: Ankit Tiwari

With this song, Ankit has relived his Aashiqui 2 moments as the song has the similar sound of sadness which appeals the listeners musically as well as lyrically. The song has beautiful instrumentation with the percussion being Tabla and Dholak mixed amazingly. Flute has been played wonderfully in between the antaras. Debolina Bose who appeared in the last season of Coke Studio with AR Rahman, has presented her vocals smartly according to the song’s requirement. The recording and the arrangement could have been better. Not of Sun Raha Hai level but could have gained decent popularity if had been promoted well. #WelcomeSong


3. Ishq Ki Aag – Singer: Kailash Kher;  Music: Sameer Tandon

It’s a kind of sad song that used to be made in early and mid 90’s. Kailash Kher’s voice doesn’t suit the track much. Every part of the song is filled with boredom and dullness. Lyrics also doesn’t contribute much and remains hopeless. If you loved those sad songs of 90’s, you may attempt it but then if you can listen to those songs, why to go for this boring track! Avoidable. 


4. Nasha Sar Pe Chadhke Bole – Singers: Debolina Bose, Suzzane D’Mello, Rana Majumdar;  Music: Ankit Tiwari

Surprisingly, it’s a very decent item song. The lyrics are clean and have ordinary words and phrases. Music by Ankit is catchy and also quite innovative at some places. Beats are cool but the arrangements are not at all bearable. Debolina and Rana have done an impressive job. Ankit has created a nice tune but I guess the song as a whole could have been a lot better. If it has been made in a planned way, it could be a superb track. Lack of appeal inspite of the groove. 


5. Dagabaaz Hai Ye Waqt – Singer: Vipin Aneja;  Music: Ankit Tiwari

Now what the hell Ankit has done to this track. The track has the singer Vipin Aneja who had debuted through a song Saheb Bada Hathila in Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster. Though he had created waves in his debut song, here he has performed badly. The song has a Rock feel though it doesn’t give you any kind of feel. It seems to be a randomly composed track without any planning. The recording has been done in a way as if the scratch version was finalized for the final recording. A track, quite easy to forget.


6. Saturday Night – Singers: Shaan;  Music: Ankit Tiwari

I didn’t feel any need for this awfully made track. When a title track is already there which is well composed, why the hell they demanded another! It’s a track which Shaan should have had rejected. Tuneless composition with baseless lyrics. Strictly Prohibited!


Dee Saturday Night was a soundtrack for which hardly anybody had waited. Ankit Tiwari, the name made me hear the album. After listening, I somehow felt that this album seemed as if it was made long back before Aashiqui 2 and got released later because there are almost all the songs that has staleness in their structure as in their recording. Jhatak Ke Nacho is easily listenable and Falsafa Mera Falsafa gives Sun Raha Hai kind of feeling which works in its favor. Rest all of them are trash!! A soundtrack which has a glimpse of negative sound of 90’s. Ankit Tiwari disappoints. Sameer Tandon started with an hopeless graph.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Bewakoofiyaan 






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