Album hai Peetal ka but Baby Doll Sone ki… (Ragini MMS 2 – Music Review)

Ragini MMS, due to its name, had caught attention of many. Sadly, the movie hadn’t had done well. So, obviously making its sequel could have been a foolish step. But Ekta Kapoor, then showed us her smartness by casting Sunny Leone in the sequel. The lady who has become the queen of commercialism these days, has already indicated much in the trailer. Ragini MMS had just four tracks among which two were original and the other two were just the same old songs. Among the originals, one was composed by Shamir Tandon and the other was by Faizan Hussain and Agnel Roman, who had a song in the latest Darr @ The Mall. Since it is the sequel, everything should be bigger and more commercialized. So, here are Meet Bros., Yo Yo, Chirantan Bhatt and Pranay Rijia.Ragini_MMS_2_Poster



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Music Label:  T Series


1. Baby Doll – Singers: Meet Brothers Anjjan, Kanika Kapoor;  Music: Meet Brothers Anjjan;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Aah! It’s amazing! No, not because of Sunny Leone’s appearance on screen but because of Kanika Kapoor’s vocals featured in the song. When I heard its name, I ignored it thinking of it as a crap. But I must say Anjjan Brothers impress me everytime they come with a song. The same happened with Boss title track from which I had zero expectation but turned out fairly well. They have aptly used Tumbi sounds and done a correct utilization of Kanika’s voice making it sound sexy. There’s also a short rap by the composers but doesn’t stand anywhere in front of the cute-sexy catchy hook line. Reference of industry’s favorite product jhandu baam is also there which doesn’t at all add any meaning and seemed to be forcefully choked into the song. Do whistle for this doll as it would surely make you smile.


2. Chaar Botal Vodka – Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Lyrics: Ustad Bhagdarh Ali Khan

It’s quite strange to see a different name apart from Honey Singh in the lyrics department. And that name sounds like that of some great classical singer. He is some Ustad who has written shit lyrics. He didn’t know what he was writing. Honey Singh can write better. Na koi mujhko roke, na kisi ne roka. What the hell he was trying to write. His name also sounds comedy, Bhagdarh. Rap is as usual written by Honey Singh himself. His every rap has the same stale daaru related lines. Mere saath kabhi koi club nahi aata. Don’t know why he loves club so much. In almost every song he talks about the club, someone to pick up, to drop off or to invite. There’s always a single tune in his songs that keeps on repeating till the song ends. Here, there’s not even a single particular tune. Even the hook line is in the rap format. Besides all these stale flaws, it has a cute nursery rhymish hook line that would make you hum all over the day. No matter how bad a song is, beats of his song is always applauding. I don’t know who mixes his songs to create such awesome sounds. Potential to rule over your mind but just for one day.


3. Maine Khud Ko / Maine Khud Ko (Reprise) – Singer: Mustafa Zahid / Kshitij Tarey;  Music: Pranay Rijia;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Good arrangements of Piano and Guitar, nicely played Flute, likable tune, perfect singing but the song doesn’t impress. What does it lack? I guess, that’s because it sounds the same old stodgy melody that is consciously made to bring a pressured romance. Lyrics do a very ordinary job which make it boring. The notes are quite flat and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of feelings in it. Two versions were not at all needed as both sounds quite similar. Mustafa and Kshitij both sang nicely. I personally found Kshitij’s singing more curvy and melodious. An ordinary romantic song that you must have heard before.


4. Lori Of Death – Singer: Arpita Chakraborty;  Music: Chirantan Bhatt; Lyrics: Manoj Yadav

It starts with a weird chudail sound that does its best to haunt you. It feels good to see Chirantan Bhatt now trying different kind of songs rather composing typical romantic tracks. Last year’s Har Kisi Ko was a big hit and was one of the best songs of 2013. Again, he has done an impressionable job. It’s a fab composition, finely tuned and arranged. His usual partner Manoj Yadav has also impressed with his lyrics. He has written the antara very well. Arpita Chakraborty who has sung in films like Satyagraha, Go Goa Gone etc sounds promising. The weird voice which she consciously made for this song, is applauding. Her singing gave me goosebumps. A very well done job by the singer, composer and lyricist! #WelcomeSong


Ragini MMS 2, unlike its prequel, is more colorful and happening. All the four young composers represented a nice soundtrack. Maine Khud Ko is the weakest among all, inspite of being a romantic track. Baby Doll is superbly catchy and Lori Of Death excels in all the departments be it singing, composing, writing, arranging or recording. Chaar Botal Vodka is a kind of song that would travel in your mind for a day or two and then vanishes completely. Baby Doll and Lori Of Death excel the soundtrack, Maine Khud Ko does an average job and Chaar Botal Vodka ko na koi roke na kisi ne roka.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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11 thoughts on “Album hai Peetal ka but Baby Doll Sone ki… (Ragini MMS 2 – Music Review)

  1. The baby doll song has the tune of another song. I just can’t get the name of the other song. Can anyone help me please.


  2. Hi, I enjoy reading your posts. You have an immense knowledge of music. I’m wondering why you’ve not posted for over a week and I hope its for exams. I don’t know which blog I would read if you stopped posting. Please continue as soon as you can. I’m waiting to read your music reviews:-)


    • Oh thank you so much for such a lovely comment… Yes, it’s definitely bcoz of exams.. no other reason can ever stop me from writing reviews… But don’t worry, I m continuing it from today… There’s a lot to review.. you’ll get to read many reviews very soon…
      #HappyReading 🙂 n thanks again!


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