Worthless Soundtrack! (Gang Of Ghosts – Music Review)

This Satish Kaushik presentation is a paranormal comedy thriller set in bygone (as well as present) era, boasting of an ensemble star-cast. Composer duo Dharam-Sandeep who had scored in Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakht Charitra 2 and Department, have been roped in this weird sounding album. Gang_Of_Ghosts,_Official_Poster,_2014


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Music: Dharam-Sandeep;  Music Label: Venus


1. Dasni Sharab Di – Singers: Aamir Ghulam Ali, Malkoo, A & K, Deepali Sathe;  Lyrics: Qateel Shifai  (Original Composition by Ghulam Ali)

A good Punjabi club track has been tried here. It’s an adaption of the famous Ghazal by Ghulam Ali. It is just remixed here but with a right amount of energy and rhythm. Makers have roped his son Aamir Ghulam Ali and it seemed that he must have rearranged the track. The tune of Been is likable and seemed to be inspired by some folk song. Although there’s nothing much exciting happen in the song, the beats are well deserved to get applause. An applauding attempt of converting a Ghazal to a club track.


2. Ishq Behn Ka Dinna – Singers: Vikas Kumar, Vishvesh Parmar;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik himself has penned down the (horrible) words among which half of them do not stand any meaning and the rest are anti-phonetics. It can be justified just by reading the title. Vikas Kumar is a Haryanvi singer and Vishvesh Parmar is a singer and composer who has also done sound engineering for many RGV films. The song seems to be composed as a Heavy Metal though it is a very bad attempt. Too much of guitaring creates a lot of kerfuffle and makes the listener, quite soon, loose the interest. A bad dose for Heavy Metal fans. 


3. Jaayen To Jaayen Kahan – Singer: Manoj Mishra;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Inspired from SD Burman’s classic with the same name from Taxi Driver, this song gets even more retro with Manoj Mishra’s nasal singing. The attempt is nice but it had a lot of scope of showing immense creativity which the makers didn’t. Manoj Mishra does a fab singing. The composers have done a brilliant job. The background which they created, is worth listening. Infact I think, its karaoke version would be better. Satish Kaushik’s lyrics disappoints. He could have written something much more humorous and interesting. Likable arrangements, uninteresting song.


4. Naach Madhubala – Singers: Aishwarya Nigam;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Another rubbish composition which seemed to have aimless lyrics. Satish Kaushik should leave his pen now as all the songs he wrote, didn’t have any meaning. Aishwarya Nigam sounds quite similar to Mika in this song. Composers also, seemed to have careless attitude for this composition. Not even the beats were worth listening. A song to ignore.


5. Nahin Dungi – Singer: Rupmatii Jolly;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Now this is finally a very good attempt of creating a retro track. Lyrics, thankfully, make some sense atleast. The background alongwith its arrangements has been crafted amazingly. Rupmatii Jolly sang with absolute perfection. Composers also did a good utilization of the retro instruments and also played them authentically. Its video, if shot well, can attract many listeners. A nice attempt but incomplete without the video.


6. Parody – Singers: Sudesh Bhosle, Aishwarya Nigam, Manoj Mishra, Aditi Paul;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Just lower the standard of that play which we had seen in Hum Saath Saath Hain. It’s a combining parody of some of the not-very-old songs. It implies that the composer has not much work to do in it. So, the spotlight falls on Satish Kaushik. And again, he spoiled the fun by his nonsense writing and forced humor. There are millions in India who have the ability to write superb parodies. Alas, he tried himself for that and missed a good fun song to be made. A very upsetting parody. 


7. Rimco – Singers: Malini Banerjee, Jonita Gandhi, Aishwarya Nigam, Sandeep Patil;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

How bad can a lyrics be! There’s no limit, I guess. A filmmaker should play the role of maintaining a standard in cinema but Satish Kaushik, after holding his pen, seems to have forgotten everything. It’s a same old shit item song composed in a set particular way with a set rhythm. Satish Kaushik just worsen the track by donating his shitty lyrics which doesn’t at all make any sense. We are bored of these item songs. Do you (film industry) hear that!! 


8. Sheeshe Ka Dil – Singer: Rupmatii Jolly;  Lyrics: Satish Kaushik

Finally, comes a song which gives a slight relief. After testing our tolerance limit, this album relieves us with this only nice song. It has a respectable tune and surprisingly sensible lyrics. It is again given a slight retro feel bringing Rupmatii Jolly back behind the mic with nasal singing. Again, she is perfect with her singing. Composers have done a good Violin orchestration with Sarangi and Piano supporting it quite well. The only tolerable song. #WELCOMESONG


When you compose a horrible soundtrack like this, you should not put 8 songs to it to make the listeners suffer. Many songs have been tried to make them sound retro but very few of them satisfied. The two songs sung by Rupmatii Jolly, Nahi Dungi and Sheeshe Ka Dil impressed and the rest only disappointed. Composers Dharam-Sandeep failed to impress. And wherever they scored a little well, Satish Kaushik with his nonsense lyrics, destroyed the mood.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  O Teri







8 thoughts on “Worthless Soundtrack! (Gang Of Ghosts – Music Review)

  1. I just wanted to know whether u have any info about release of Hindi album of kochadaiiyaan. And a small request. If and when it comes will u pls review it? I don’t understand Tamil but I heard the Tamil songs and the music is just great. Pls inform me if u have any info about the Hindi album release
    Thanks again
    PS , you were very much true to your word that u would start posting again today . I enjoy much more when u criticize such useless albums:-P


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