Party Saved by Ram Sampath! (Bhoothnath Returns – Music Review)

The musical score that Vishal-Shekhar had in the prequel was nice but it hadn’t had much scope for music. The case doesn’t seem to be any different here. Bhoothnath which had ended in “To Be Continued” form, had promised a sequel right then. Now since it’s a sequel, everything has to be grand but I fail to understand how does roping four composers make an album Grand!! It has T Series’ favorite Yo Yo, one track jointly composed by Palash Muchhal and Meet Bros. Anjjan and the rest of the album is by Ram Sampath.Bhoothnath_returns




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Music Label: T Series


1. Party To Banti Hai – Singer: Mika Singh, Meet Bros. Anjjan;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan, Palash Muchhal;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Harmeet, Manmeet, Anjjan and Palash, four young composers created a party track sung by Mika and yet it is not energetic and does not have any traits of a party song. That’s quite rare to be witnessed. Meet Bros. Anjjan, the trio, fresh from the success of Baby Doll, completely disappoint here. Brass in the hook line and even Dholak in the line isi baat pe fails to create any impact. The rhythm is decent and allows the foot tapping gesture but soon felt to be boring. One of the antaras could have been avoided to reduce the dullness that acts as a harmful factor for the song. Party for what? For making a boring track? This party is best to be shelved.


2. Har Har Gange – Singer: Aman Trikha;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Kunwar Juneja

It’s a satirically written song that talks about the corrupt citizens of the corrupt nation which goes as Ae duniya paave pange, phir bole har har gange. The lyrics by Kunwar Juneja, who has earlier worked in some small films, are interesting. It’s factual and poetic both. The genre in which this song belongs could not have a better composition than this. Ram Sampath has kept the rhythm grooving and foot tapping. It sounds quite like a folk track. Aman Trikha has taken this average track to a level higher. The throw of his voice is something to listen for. He is damn perfect. Much credit to Aman Trikha and Kunwar Juneja for making this already nice song better. 


3. Party With the Bhootnath – Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Lyrics: Yo Yo Honey Singh

The bell sound which begins the song and is almost present in the whole song, is quite unlike Honey Singh. The nursery rhym-ish composition style of Honey Singh is finally used here in an effective way. It’s a children song so the tune is quite desirable. Lyrics are much better compared to his latest Chaar Botal Vodka. Also, it’s the first time that his lyrics has worked according to a particular situation. The tune is as usual catchy and the beats have the usual groove in them. That ye ye ye part is quite annoying in the audio though tolerable in video. No matter how differently he writes, he cant live without “club” and “daaru“. But anyway, ateast he tried something slightly different from his comfort zone. And the last techno beats are so annoyingly long that when I was listening to it for the first time, I literally checked my ipod thinking the file would have some error and therefore got hanged. Don’t waste your time on this track.


4. Sahib – Singer: Rituraj;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Munna Dhiman

The only serious non-party track in the album. Rituraj who recently sang for Ram Sampath in the season 2 of Satyamev Jayate, has again done an impressive work. Sahib is a kind of devotional track. It’s a prayer song beautifully composed and written. Munna Dhiman had also worked with Ram Sampath in Fukrey. The lyrics are thoughtful, full of pity and emotions that goes well with the theme of the track. Ram Sampath has kept the arrangements very simple and focused much on Piano and Flute. Piano gives a supportive base and the Flute overlays on it as a prelude and ends the song too. The only song with a long life. #WelcomeSong


5. Dharavi Rap – Singers: Parth S. Bhalerao, Anish;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Nitesh Tiwari

It’s a fun filled track sung by a child singer Parth. Nice catchy and authentic tune by Ram Sampath keeping  the beats as good as it could be. The fun credit goes to Nitesh Tiwari, the director of the movie. As in the song, it has been described as Bollywood dhamaka, he has intelligently compiled some famous Bollywood songs or dialogues and connected them very well. The lyrics makes sense after fusing the already written songs. It will be fun to watch in the movie though, give it a listen!


Bhoothnath Returns is a dull and colorless soundtrack without Ram Sampath. Ram Sampath turns out to be a winner with three likable compositions. Har Har Gange is a good satire, Dharavi Rap is funny and Sahib is a serious didactic composition sung and written beautifully. Honey Singh does an average affair. He used some elements differently but some ususal nuances are there. The collaboration of Meet Bros. Anjjan and Palash Muchhal has turned out to be a failure as the track is very average and hardly urges you to listen more than once. Also, I had expected one track in Big B’s voice which the prequel had. Ram Sampath leading with three compositions, saved this otherwise below average soundtrack.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  •  I liked all songs a lot except har har gange , the pick of the lot is sahib, a very soulful song sung beautifully by Rituraj.
  • Sahib from Bhootnath Returns is a beautiful song, Ram Sampath’s soulful composition!
  •  For me Sahib is the best song of the album.
  • Sahib is a very soulful composition.
  • Bekaar songs.


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