Too Lengthy to Digest! (Revolver Rani – Music Review)

After Queen’s immense praise, Kangana Ranaut has come up with another women oriented film, Revolver Rani. After Bullet Raja, comes the Revolver Rani. This masala action flick has not 7, 8, 9, 10 but 15 tracks in the soundtrack. Sanjeev Srivastava who debuted with an unnoticed film Men Not Allowed in 2006, was nowhere to be seen after that till Revolver Rani landed in his bucket. Since with a sheer difficulty he has got a soundtrack, he seems to have put everything he knows about music in this album. The problem is that he has put too much to digest.Revolver_Rani_First_Look_Poster




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Music: Sanjeev Srivastava;  Music Label: T Series 


1. Revolver Rani / Revolver Rani (Reprise) – Singer: Usha Uthup;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

The moment it starts, it impresses you. It has been made with the dashing 70’s style, using the same kind of arrangements that we used to hear in Big B’s movies of that time. The only known face here is of Usha Uthup since the composer and lyricist are unknown. She has quite well produced a base for the song. It’s her voice that attracts the listeners to listen this composition. Although Usha Uthup is herself a reason to attempt this song, I would applaud the composer and lyricist too. Lyrics is hilariously woven into a kind of story. The song is a character sketch of Revolver Rani i.e Alka. The punch line of the song is “Sir hum Alka ko nahi pakad paaye” and a quavering voice says “Mujhe pata tha”. The Reprise version is a big let down. The 70’s feel, the exhilarating rhythm and some hilarious dialogues in between are all absent here. There’s just Usha Uthup’s vocals which have been dominated by the techno beats. It’s a duller version of an enthusiastic song. It is a composition that can be enjoyed everywhere, whether in TV, ipod or in front of the cinema screen. #WelcomeSong


2. Thaayein Kare Katta – Singer: Piyush Mishra;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

It will take you to the Gangs of Wasseypur zone. A very strong tune with equally strong vocals of Piyush Mishra. The tune is quite catchy and flowing. The composer has used some apt sounds to make the song fall into that specific genre. The sound of the helicopter and all those things which helps in visualizing the listeners that it must be a chasing action scene. Puneet Sharma again impresses with his authentic lyrics. His words are easy on the tune and also well suited for the mood of the song. Hummable tune, creative lyrics and powerful singing. 


3. Kaafi Nahi Chaand – Singer: Asha Bhosle;  Lyrics: Shaheen Iqbal

             The composition falls into the Vishal Bharadwaj category quite easily. Lyrics too seem to be inspired by Gulzar’s writing. And hence, it’s a beautiful composition-lyrics combo. A Nazm wonderfully crooned by Asha Bhosle. The song has been given a good retro feel, specially using a certain kind of rhythm in the antara. Asha Bhosle have shown all kinds of her adaayein making it worth listen. The lyrics depicts its women oriented gesture beautifully. Harmonica in the first interlude and Flute in the second, pleases in the the first play itself. The song is a must listen for Asha Bhosle and equally for the composition and the lyrics.


4. Chal Lade Re Bhaiya – Singers: Piyush Mishra, Abhishek Mukherjee, Mayur Vyas;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

              Sadly, the lyrics as well as the music is not up to the mark. The song has a slight touch of RGV films songs. Barring the constant rhythm, all the elements in the song fail to impress the listeners. Three singers together didn’t able to save this song. Puneet Sharma who impressed with his lyrics in the two songs, has written humorless lyrics here. The song is tolerable till the normal length but when it exceeds to the third antara it becomes highly intolerable. The length of the song is a great issue, and also if it’s not, this is totally avoidable.


5. Sulgi Hui Hai Raakh – Singers: Sanjeev Srivastava, Gorisha;  Lyrics: Shaheen Iqbal

               It’s a pure Rock composition where the composer comes behind the mic. He sings really well. His heavy vocals justifies its genre very well. The tune is entirely rock-ish and the instruments are the typical ones in the form of Piano, Electric Guitar and Drums. Shaheen Iqbal’s lyrics is again a beautiful melancholy. There’s nothing new in the song as these kind of compositions are quite regular these days but the commendable singing of Sanjeev Srivastava is a thing to listen. The composition goes quite well but in the third stanza, it sucks! It seems that the composer has experimented more than enough with the tune. The same old sad Rock composition with a brilliant singing by the composer.


6. Banna Banni – Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

Chaak dhoom dhoom chaak dhoom dhoom chaak dhoom dhoom chaak! (Dil Toh Pagal Hai). I started singing that song when this song started with that same rhythm. Yes, it’s exactly the same rhythm. Rekha Bharadwaj is perfect for these kind of household compositions. The tune is typically cute and perfect for wedding sangeet. He has used Violin orchestra in the 90’s style but not at all sounds odd. It’s a cute and delightful composition, not anytime listenable, though likable. 


7. I Am Brutal – Singer: Sanjeev Srivastava;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

Thank God it’s not so long! Sanjeev Srivastava’s heavy vocals get a Heavy Metal experience in this song. It’s a dull and a bogus composition with lyrics contributing towards more intolerance. The song has a slight resemblance to the style of Ja Chudail (Delhi Belly). I liked the Guitars in the hook but here Sanjeev and Puneet Sharma have screwed things which are not repairable. An ignoring composition with pointless lyrics and inexperienced vocals.


8. Saawan Ki Aye Hawa – Singers: Garima Aneja, Rahul Gandhi;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

Again a beautiful work by Sanjeev in the composition. The newcomer Garima rules the composition. She has a delightful voice and her vocals go well with the awesome rhythms. Yes, what I like the most in this song is its rhythmic beats. That makes it a little different from other songs. Puneet Sharma impresses again after disappointing in the previous track. The cameo vocals by Rahul Gandhi disturbs in between the beautiful composition and creates hindrance for the listener. Impressive debut by Garima Aneja.


9. Bol Rahi Hai Payal – Singers: Avi Dutta, Anwessha;  Lyrics: Shaheen Iqbal

Those who miss Nadeem-Shravan or Anu Malik of early 90’s, it’s a beautiful treat from them! Yes, a wonderful gift to all the early 90’s lovers from Sanjeev Srivastava. This man Avi Dutta, I don’t know whether his voice is actually similar to that of Kumar Sanu or he has imitated it. He sounds exactly similar to Kumar Sanu. There must be a situation in the movie and that’s why they have made a song like this. Generally, when there are compositions inspired from 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, it is just a particular style and arrangement that they adopt, but here it’s like a full-fledged early 90’s composition. It seems as if it was an unreleased song of that era which has been released now. So, I have to applaud Sanjeev Srivastava for the effort of making a full 90’s song instead of taking bits as inspiration from different songs. Anwessha is a very correct choice. She sounds beautiful. A gift for the early 90’s lovers. To all the Kumar Sanu fans, take it as a tribute to Kumar Sanu and not as an imitation of his singing.


10. Chanda Ki Katori Hai (Lorie) [Female Version] / Chanda Ki Katori Hai (Lorie) [Male Version] – Singer: Garima Aneja / Piyush Mishra;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

For a change, a very short track it is. It’s a lullaby with two versions. Garima impresses in this song too. Piyush Mishra, though sang well, didn’t suit in this song. The base is Violin and the supporter is Piano. The composition sounds quite odd in the line angdaayi leke. It’s a very different kind of Violin arrangement. The lyrics is precise and decent. Not a great lullaby but still pretty good.


11. Pehle Lohe Ki Chingaari – Singers: Sameera, Keka, Manjeera, Gorisha;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

It starts with that same dramatic sound that we used to hear in the 80’s and 90’s typical Bollywood family drama films in a dramatic scene like “some family member leaving the house” or “a fight between two family members”. Now when the vocals start, they seem to be scolding the listeners “why did you play this song!” It must have been composed of thinking of a particular situation but it’s awful in the audio. Stay away from it!


12. We Mix You Micheal Jackson – Singer: Saleemjaved;  Lyrics: Puneet Sharma

This is a kind of weird tribute to Micheal Jackson. Sanjeev has adopted 80’s disco sound and it’s fun to hear the way it has been composed and sung. The name of the singer is Saleemjaved. I doubt it is his real name. He sang with the correct imitation of the singers of 80’s dance tracks. Although his name is Saleemjaved, his Tallafuz are not clear. I hardly understood anything he said about Micheal Jackson. It’s still a fun to hear, specially for MJ fans.


13. Zardozi Lamhe – Singer: Moin Sabri;  Lyrics: Shaheen Iqbal

A soundtrack with ups and downs thankfully ends with a good song. It has a likable tune which has soulful touch. The only line which makes it dull is Naya nahi lekin, naya lage ye din. It is quite staid compared to whole song. The song starts with heavy Sarangi sound and continues in the first interlude. Shehnaayi overlays the second interlude beautifully. But since there’s a third interlude, the song becomes a little boring. The length of the song is a major problem. Moin Sabri’s vocals have a soothing effect and harmonizes well with the beats and the melody. Nice lyrics by Shaheen Iqbal once again! Boring because of the length, soothing because of the melody. 


Revolver Rani is a lengthy soundtrack with 13 songs. Sanjeev Srivastava after poor debut and a long gap, has scored decently. There’s a nice variety of songs from fun numbers to the soulful one. Lyricists Puneet Sharma and Shaheen Iqbal have made an interesting debut. Also, singers like Moin Sabri, Garima Aneja, Avi Dutta along with the composer himself have given a promising debut. The legendary singers Asha Bhosle, Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj are a treat to listen. The only drawback of this soundtrack is its length. 15 long tracks give the listeners a prominent reason to avoid the album. Barring the length, it’s a pretty decent score by Sanjeev Srivastava. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  • The album is full of songs which will remind you of the past of Bollywood. Leaving a couple of songs, all of the songs are surprisingly good. I was not expecting much from this album, but it took me by surprise. The newcomer Sanjeev Srivastava has given commendable music which will not leave your head for a couple of weeks or so. The tracks Kaafi Nahi Chaand and Banna Banni will surely stay with you longer while the others, you might find yourself humming them once in a while. Kangana is getting very good music for her movies this year! Queen and now Revolver Rani.
  • Terrific work by composer Sandeep Srivastava & lyricist Puneet Sharma on ‘RevolverRani‘. Poori album mein shabd sunaayi de rahe hain!
  • The album seems to be inspired from Gangs Of Wasseypur
  • I miss Sneha Khanwalkar’s sound in this album


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5 thoughts on “Too Lengthy to Digest! (Revolver Rani – Music Review)

  1. Puneet penned the lyrics for Barbaadiyan (Aurangzeb) and Mindblastic (Mr Joe B karwalho) for Amartya Rahut. Shaheen Iqbal has also written some songs in early 2000s and was also involved with Sanjeev in his debut Men Not Allowed….


  2. mistakes happen……and Avi Dutta indeed sounded similar to Kumar Sanu. I read ur review and then realised this…
    Awesome Reviews As Always…


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