HR’s impressive Half-Inspired Soundtrack! (The Xpose – Music Review)

Ever since the trailer of The Xpose is out, the movie and music are all over in the news. It is a type of a comeback for composer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya and also a debut for Honey Singh as an actor. The Yaariyan-type trailer was badly edited having creepy dialogues and loose samples of songs. After having a dull year, Himesh seems to have a promising comeback as the composer. The film is HR’s home production, produced by his father Vipin Reshammiya who has also been a successful musician in the industry. Also, the soundtrack amazes me because Honey Singh being one of the lead actors in the movie, does not have a single composition. That wasn’t expected and infact felt slightly good.TheXposePoster.jpg




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Music: Himesh Reshammiya;  Music Label: T Series


1. Ice Cream – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Palak Muchhal;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

What was there in Shabbir Ahmed’s mind? Ice cream khaungi, kashmir jaungi! when you ask him, “but why?” He tells the reason, because “sholo mein bhadke jiya!” What!! I mean seriously! If Irshad Kamil or Prasoon Joshi hear this song, they may left the industry. The mix of RD Burman and Shankar-Jaikishan, this song is a sheer waste of Himesh’s talent. The song starts with the ultimate YoYo hook. He tried being different here, but he can never be. When Himesh says Hota hai ho jaane do, you actually straighten your ears thinking that he would complete that line and suddenly Palak starts with the most pathetic line of the song Ice Cream Khaungi. Himesh’s ha ha is another a highly annoying element in the song. Inspired from RD Burman and 60’s music, the song makes me doubtful of whether it is a tribute to 60’s music or a plan to make fun of it. A laughable composition! Must listen, if you want to laugh.


2. Dard Dilo Ke / Dard Dilo Ke (Reprise) – Singer: Mohammed Irfan / Mohammed Irfan, Neeti Mohan; Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan

Play the song. It Starts with a Piano tune. Oh! how beautiful it is! Refreshing! Wait! You heard it somewhere. No? Wait and let it be repeated. Now Piano along with the Violin. Got it? Yes, a very famous song Adaayein Bhi Hain from Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi composed by Nadeem-Sharavan. Let’s ignore. It happens. Now, Mohammed Irfan begins and you are loving it. You start singing along. As you reach the line Kitne haseen aalam ho jaate, you find something similar again. Something is there which you are very familiar with. Oh now, you get it instantly! Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte. It’s the bloody superhit Tumhi Ho from Aashiqui 2 composed by Mithoon. How would you ignore this? You can’t! Now, when you come to the antara, finally the original song starts. It’s a very beautiful antara. Mohammed Irfan rendered it with heart and the Violin and the bass beats soothe you. Lyrics by Sameer is good though there are certain flaws which sounds odd. The antara ends with jaati which doesn’t rhyme with jaate. I wonder why didn’t he think for a good rhyme. Talking about its Reprise, It is, I think, the worst Reprise ever made. It sounds more like a remix. The techno sound is irritating and Neeti Mohan’s part is quite annoying, leading you to throw off your headphones. HR seems to be highly inspired with his seniors as well as his juniors. A good antara saves it! Beware of the Reprise version. 


3. Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan

From RD Burman to Nadeem-Sharavan to Mithoon, HR goes back again to SD Burman. This retro song is inspired by a song of the same name in the movie Solva Saal and the whistle-like tune is inspired by the song Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke from Nau Do Gyarah, both composed by SD Burman. The retro feel is superb! Honey Singh gets a small hook to sing and it suits him well. If it had been sung by some other singer than Himesh, it would have been better but still he didn’t disappoint with his singing. The way HR connected the old song to his own composition, is commendable. Highly creative, which is rare for HR.


4. Catch Me If You Can – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Mika Singh, Mohit Chauhan, Neeti Mohan, Shubhangi Tiwari, Shalmali Kholgade;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Does it really need so many singers! I don’t think so. Neeti Mohan starts the show with her lovely voice and then comes Mika with dhan tadan tadan which is all though the song and is quite annoying. Shubhangi and Shalmali seemed absent as their vocals went unheard in this highly populated track. Mohit Chauhan, in the whole song doesn’t get a solo line. Himesh and Mohit have sung their lines together in the whole song. I guess, it is a kind of experiment that HR wanted to do i.e to produce a voice by mixing Mohit Chauhan’s vocals with his own. Nice experimentation by the way. The song is nice energetic theme track that is fun to be heard. A song that could have been better but one-time enjoyable. 


5. Suroor – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Shalmali Kholgade, Yo Yo Honey Singh

Although it is Tera Suroor, do not misunderstand it to be similar with the old HR song Tera Tera Tera Suroor. It’s completely different and has no relation with the older one. Now, let me praise this song. I was not expecting that goodness from it. What a beautiful melody! Violin orchestra is so good at the starting and gets even better in the first interlude along with the small Banjo part. HR has mukhda, Shalmali has antara and Honey Singh gets nice tuneful lines to render in place of the second interlude though the lyrics of those lines are awful. The antara by Shalmali is too beautiful to find any flaw. Straight after Balam Pichkari, Shalmali gets a good song. And it is after her first song Pareshaan, that she has sung any romantic song. Superb melody! Highly recommended! 


6. Sheeshe Ka Samundar / Sheeshe Ka Samundar (Reprise): Singer: Ankit Tiwari / Rekha Bharadwaj;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan

Generally, nobody expects something like this in an HR album. It’s a semi-classical melody having two versions both equally good. HR starts the first version with Electric Guitar giving a pure Rock feel and suddenly the mood of the song changes and it changes so smoothly that you won’t be able to notice it. The Guitar-Banjo combo riff is a thing to rejoice. The way it is played, gives a feeling of a Nazam. Ankit has beautifully sung it and the alaap etc that he took in between, are thoroughly enjoyable. The Reprise version by Rekha, though equally good, but excels in some departments. Like, the catchy riff sounds quite better here. The constant rhythm with Tabla (though I doubt) delivers peace and above all, Rekha’s vocals create enchanting experience. This is something that would make HR fans proud. #WelcomeSong


By the trailer and early song promos, it seemed that again HR’s music would be disappointing but he gave some brilliant surprises like making Mohammed Irfan sing a romantic melody based on his own picturization, making another Tera Suroor with utmost brilliance by making everyone forget his old Suroor, getting highly creative in combining the old Hai Apna Dil with his catchy composition, composing a Nazam which he hasn’t done for years (last was Yahi Hota Pyaar) and above all, not giving any full song to Honey Singh. Himesh Reshammiya starts this year beautifully, hope he continues to do so. This half-inspired album has some annoyances but all are dominated by rest of the impressive melodies.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  • Sheeshe Ka Samundar, Hai Apna Dil & Dard Dilo Ke are my picks from this unnecessary huge album.  I give a thumbs down to the remixes. Be it any album. Desi one is remix of Hai Apna Dil. Out of the two reprise versions, I choose Sheeshe Ka Samundar one. Rekha Ji is outstanding in it.
  • Originals are okay. Still I m not happy with music sense of HR. Composition mein he is damn good.
  • Himesh ki voice mein hota toh Hai Aapna dil Soundtrack ka best song hota. Tune is very nice. Retro jaaz type. Sonu nigam ko yeh gana dena chaiye tha.
  • Suroor could have been better if other than HR someone else would have sung it. The tune is good, but didn’t like Himesh’s old singing style.
  • Again Himesh spoiled this album. Compositions mein toh he is faadu but music is so poor. Music is not making a nice tune up with compositions.
  • Arijit should have sung a version of Sheeshe Ka Samundar too. That wud have been better than the remix.


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4 thoughts on “HR’s impressive Half-Inspired Soundtrack! (The Xpose – Music Review)

  1. Usually I say Awesome Review but this time this is extremely funny review…especially the part that IK and PJ wud leave the industry if they hear the song…


    • haha!! I wrote it with half humor n half anger on the lyrics of this song… How talentless lyricists are there in our industry.. n infinite talented lyricists are still struggling.. Don’t know how they enter the industry.. :/


  2. Good Lyrics are now losing importance in item songs…they just want one catchy line no matter how meaningless or vulgar it may sound and the video of the song would manage the rest…..have u checked ur mail??


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