Simple yet Refreshing!! (Purani Jeans – Music Review)

Time is different now and Ram Sampath is now doing multiple projects leaving behind the time when he hadn’t had much work. The soulfulness and earthiness of the songs in Satyamev Jayate helped him big to renovate himself in the midst of the highlighted composers like Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar or Amit Trivedi. In the film area, Aamir Khan’s Talaash worked a lot in favor of him, gaining him his first Filmfare nomination. After getting success quite lately, he doesn’t seem to be resting anymore and trying to bag each and every project that comes in his way. Purani Jeans is a film based on friendship starring newcomers, written and directed by a newcomer. It is good to see that Eros is encouraging new talents in the industry.Purani_Jeans_—_poster




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Music: Ram Sampath;  Music Label: Eros Music


1. Yaari Yaari – Singer: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Ashish Pandit

The pure Westernized template has been efficaciously poured in this song on friendship. The typically played Guitars with drumming rhythm help in engaging the listeners for a while. But the lines without Drums quite effortlessly work as an incentive to extricate the made interest of the listeners. Ram Sampath’s husky vocals always work and work here too. It is because, his choice of selecting the song for his voice from the album is perfect. Ashish Pandit has defined what’s yaari and made the song sound trendy with his lyrics. Affable for musically Western affiliated listeners. 


2. Dil Aaj Kal / Dil Aaj Kal (Acoustic Version) – Singer: KK / Sona Mohapatra;  Lyrics: Prashant Ingole

I had heard the lyrics of Prashant Ingole first time last year in the song Party On My Mind from Race 2. I was not at all impressed with him. Right after that I am seeing his name in this song. It’s a typical cute romantic melody in which you find traces of every composer but Ram Sampath. It has no Ram-Sampath-ness in the mukhda atleast. The antara is though spoored with his sound. KK’s version is more tempting for the conventional listeners. It is quite a time now when we hear KK singing a simple heart-warming melody.

When it’s a Ram Sampath album, it is quite usual to have a song by Sona. Although it’s an acoustic version, Ram Sampath didn’t eliminate the bass beats from it which works in the favor of this version, otherwise it could have been quite unappealing. The use of Guitar is stupendous in the the second interlude. The rhythm gets a bit slower but the dynamism remains the same and that is mostly because of her vocals. Endearing. Alluring. Delicious. Both the versions. #WelcomeSong


3. Out Of Control – Singer: Mika Singh, Suzanne D’Mello, Deane Sequeira  Lyrics: Kunwar Juneja

What shall I say about it! When you take 5 partially damaged speakers and turn them on, I doubt if they still would sound that awful. It’s so disturbing to get acquainted  with such a track in a lovable album. The song has been recorded with so much of loudness that it becomes hard to hear the full song. The arrangements have been done in an uproar. It seems that Ram Sampath was fully out of control while composing this song. Too loud to attempt.


4. Yeh Beetey Din / Yeh Beetey Din (Acoustic Version) – Singer: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Munna Dhiman

Ram Sampath teams up with his regular partner Munna Dhiman for the lyrics and just like their previous collaborations, this too turns out to be a pleasurable one. Ram Sampath again uses his vocals for the right song. If that Guitar hook wasn’t there, there wouldn’t have had much to listen in this track. The Guitar hook is a center of attraction here. How flamboyantly it is played! That very hook is missing in the Acoustic version in which it is replaced by Harmonica. The antara sounds better in the Acoustic version because of the clearance of arrangements it has. I think I heard Santoor in the first interlude of the Acoustic version but I am not quite sure about it. A song which talks about the olden days of life and hence it does create emotions along with that lovely Guitar hook.


5. Jind Meriye – Singer: Navraj Hans;  Lyrics: Munna Dhiman

The sound of the beats resembles Jee Le Zara (Talaash) a bit. It’s a partial Punjabi sad song that is well composed. This melancholy delivers the right amount of soulfulness and mainly because of the singing done by Navraj Hans. Munna Dhiman’s lyrics is Punjabi in the mukhda and unknowingly turns into Hindi in the antara. That is quite odd and unimpressive. Ram Sampath’s backing vocals in the place of interludes are something to notice. A favorable sad melody trapped in Hindi-Punjabi oddness.


Ram Sampath could have done his usual experiments but he remained simple and that worked in the favor of this album. Yaari Yaari is a Westernized friendship track not appealing for everybody, while Dil Aaj Kal is made for all kinds of listeners as KK and Sona Mohapatra both impressed in their own way. The two teamed up tracks with the lyricist Munna Dhiman Yeh Beetey Din and Jind Meriye turn out to be nostalgic and soulful respectively. So, the only avoiding track in this album is Out Of Control which, if you listen, might not be in your control.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  •  Last 15 days or so I am listening Dil Aaj Kal. Every time I listen, it makes me very happy at the same time lovable too. HAT’S OFF K.K. Sir you are a true legend.
  • Dil Aaj Kal is a mind refreshing song.
  • Hooked to Dil Aaj Kal. Sona Mohapatra got me again!
  • Dil Aaj Kal (Acoustic Version) is the best version, quite different from the real one! Sona at her best. Actually Ram’s album is incomplete without Sona.
  • Both the versions of Dil Aaj Kal are Fabulous. Both are Unique. I hope both get popular soon.
  •  Dil Aaj Kal is the best but Yaari Yaari and Yeh Beetey Din is also very good. I liked Yeh Beetey Din very much.


Next:  Heropanti





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